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Your favored Touhou is told a nuclear missile will strike her person in 30 seconds. Given this amount of prep time, what is the result?

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Remilia will be absolutely fine.

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They all can fly, turbonerd.

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Stop using that meme, nerboturd.

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Fight fire with fire, perhaps? Or maybe it wouldn't even be able to hurt her.

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Youmu's top speed is 1/4th of the speed of light

She's fine.

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no big deal

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She wouldn't even have to bother flying away when she can stop time.

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She can break a nuke.

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Stopping time makes it easy to avoid most things turns out.

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She'll absorb it and wind up going critical like in Godzilla vs Destroyah.

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It's a good day to be immortal

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There are insects that can survive a nuclear explosion, right?

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but they can survive massive amounts of radiation
the explosion itself would disintegrate them

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>going critical

What does that even mean? Serious question.

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Similar to going into maximum overdrive.

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Shit's gonna blow up.

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Welp, Satori had a good run.

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Fusion reaction doesn't work like that though.

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Be jealous of it and cause others to be jealous of not being the individual target of a nuclear missile.

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She'll blow up real good.

She'll get better, though.

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The nuke stops before it hits her, doesn't explode, and instead a skeleton pops out!
OoooOOooooOOooo.... what a supernatural phenomena!

Alternatively, she catches it and throws it back to where it came from.

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She blows up in power ups, duh.

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I was told that atomic bombs do not detonate right away, but they take a few minutes to blow. Is it true?

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They detonate when they are set to detonate. That can be as soon as they reach a minimum safe distance from the launch site, or when they hit the ground a world away.

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The missile is sent to hell for eternal punishment. Everyone around is also sent to hell. Whole world is going to hell.

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She's superhuman. She's invincible.

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yuuka was fine

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Fallout 3 was a shit game.

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They all have some kind of magic. They magic the problem away.

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Better than UFO or Ten Desires.

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Outrun it or blow it back.

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With magic.

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Who put the Flower in the "President's" room?

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Immortality has it's perks.

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That's the point of magic. You can't explain it like science.

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Parsee can't really escape from something like this....

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Okuu's power to create a purely fusion reaction based mass of energy would be far stronger than a regular fission/fusion based nuclear missile.

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But she lacks a basic understanding of nuclear deployment theory and likely incapable of the calculations necessary to intercept a missile in flight, so she'll probably botch the fratricide and get a missile to the face.

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A massive electrical discharge fries the nuke's detonator and associated circuits, leaving it as a dud. Shame about the impact force, really.

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She'd just send it somewhere else.
I hope she nukes Israel

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We all do, anon. We all do.

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