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Post your IP if you are hosting followed by world location (with continent and area is ok, I.E Western europe) and your own tier if you feel like to.

About the game:

(shamelessly copied from the wiki)

Touhou Hisoutensoku is the third fighting game in the Touhou Project and like its predecessors, Immaterial and Missing Power and Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Touhou Hisoutensoku is a collaboration between ZUN and Twilight Frontier. Due to that collaboration, its art was drawn by Alphes and the music was composed by U2 Akiyama, both from Twilight Frontier.

Download link:

Hisoutensoku + 1.10 patch + english patch:


For playing online it's recommended to have the latest version, 1.10a which you can find the patches for here:


SWR + English patch:


Before playing online please close any process that uses bandwith to avoid lag, also try to play with people close to your area if possible.

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Old thread hit the bump limit.
East Coast tier.

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Beginners please

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sorry my controls were acting up. mind hosting again?

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east cost usa
ready to get reamed tier

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connection failed

>> No.10037414 Easy Coast

P.S. Easy coast does not mean easy tier.

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Thank you for playing, Crime.
This is a Hamachi address. It's not your IP.

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tell me seriously, Is Alice slow in her attack?

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Alice's melee isn't particularly slow
they have wonky hitboxes but they're really about average speed in the grand scheme of frames

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GGs woof. Thanks for taking it easy with me.

hosting again for a little.

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thanks for the game. I don't know if you felt it, but my keyboard is low on batteries and some keys weren't even being recognized

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Alice is not really on the slow side, no.

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i see a bunch of ips. which should i be using in the properties for my ethernet connection. which should i be using?

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why cant i hod all these guard crushes

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GGs Tiniest, thanks for taking it easy with me. That confirm you did into your 4 card was awesome! Sorry bout that one back out, my kitten walked on esc key.

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its been i while since ive gotten my ass so thoroughly kicked. I love to see good meiling. Kudos

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Morning games bump.

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ive got an hour. lets go east coast

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Doesn't work.

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well could you host then?

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Hosting for a short window and playing for a medium amount of time.

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Is it possible to be really good with Cirno? I always wondered since she seems so underpowered. What other characters are low on the balancing scale?

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You can be good with anyone and should ignore the tier list. Nobody really reached the level of skill where tiers matter.

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Dat Meiling.

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GGs Justice, wish you could stay longer. Delay does suck though.

>>10037414 Rehosting for a bit.

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It's just that I find it much tougher with her, and all she can do other characters seem to do better.

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>Nobody really reached the level of skill where tiers matter.

Well...yes and no.
On one hand, yeah, there's very few players good enough for tiers to matter out there.
However, there is a reason some characters are top tier. Sometimes, it's hard to figure out and hard to apply, but some are just good. Straight up amazing. Their moves are good, their options are good, their bullets are good, everything about them is solid, and you don't need to be a top player to take advantage of that.

For example, Nu and Rachel in Blazblue: Calamity Trigger. Rachel was the best character in the game, but it was hard to see why at lower levels of play. She was awkward, didn't seem to hit very hard, required heavy exec even to do regular pressure with, etc. Once you did get the hang of her though, she was stupidly strong.

Nu, on the other hand, any player could see why she was top tier. It was obvious, and only got more obvious as you learned more about her.

For soku, honestly, you shouldn't care about tiers. Cirno has some good stuff going her way. she's plenty viable.

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<hisouten> Player Sanaeisterrible is hosting at (US PST)

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Thank you for playing Qwilfish.

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GGs qwilfish

>> No.10043415 East/Central US
Too terrible for tiers tier

>> No.10043424

GGs Crime. It's nice that you tried to j5a me after you saw it worked, but you got to do more with it to really make it effective.

I haven't played against an Alice in a while.

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thanks for the game

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Good games. That was more than I was ready for.


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u.s. west

I can use all the moves on one character at least tier.

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someone what?

>> No.10044297

Someone to play?

>> No.10044301

Thanks for the games.

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Good games. I don't think I snagged even one round.

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SEA player.
Toilet scrubber tier

>> No.10045157

>>10045154 *

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Ouch, that was some pretty bad lag, gg though.

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I knew it was going to be laggy. Thanks for the game too.

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thanks for the games anon

>> No.10045439

gg. thx for game. too bad lag.

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Anyone hosting?

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What is that, two Intolerant Avicis, and dolls and potions for Reisen?

>> No.10046824

I am

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>> No.10046898

Connection failed.

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then post your IP

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Mine never works either.

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then how can we play?

>> No.10047013

I just let others host.

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Fuck. How did you avoid that last 39 damage?

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It's not that hard to forward your ports. At least give it a try.

>> No.10047408

But I don't have a router.

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North South america
May get lag,delay, etc.

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like mexico or ecuator? im from argentina, so we could fight

>> No.10050441


Also, I'm really sorry for the lag, I have to leave because family being a bother.

>> No.10050450

prepare yourself for a fight then

>> No.10050455

Oh I see. That was a bad delay indeed. Thanks for the game anyway. (Juliette)

>> No.10050488

Was sacrificial doll leveled up to 1?

>> No.10050521

Well, it was leveled to MAX.

>> No.10050541

Stop talking and host a game! (Pretty please?)

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Waiting dor a deal on south south america, give me tour IP anon!

>> No.10050598

Can't forward the port so it won't help much. Goodness I hate all those kind of technical stuff...

>> No.10051106

I'm teaching someone a bit of remilia, I will host when I'm done ;_;

>> No.10051129

farewell, hisoutensoku http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbFyYb6y9PU

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>only air battle
>time limit

It's shit

>> No.10051223

If you notice there's a "ground" plane of sorts, and a buoyancy force that pulls you to that. So it's kinda like fighting on the ground, but you can go down as well as up into the air.

and one would imagine you can turn off the time limit

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Still shit I say

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but the music

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Same faggot, hosting until PSO2 is up again. Lag/Delay/etc drop if you want, not too good at the game.

>> No.10051331

oh that
the music is fine
I want to if gonna be a different of Sakuya's flowering night

>> No.10051434

Good games, family being a pain in the ass again ;_;

>> No.10051451

GG's. Gotta buy a new pad, playing with half a pad is hilarious in a way, but it's getting bothersome.

>> No.10051507

Um.. anyone hosting?

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How do you guardcrush someone as alice?

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what up my weeaboos

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You don't, you lose instead.

>> No.10052228


Everything here is done in a real match.
Learn setups, use spellcards and know the limits of your own blockstrings.

>> No.10052244

>combo movie

>> No.10052263

If you'd care to watch it, there's a pretty good number of blockstrings in there too.

>> No.10052326

Does anyone here play IaMP?

>> No.10052389

Pretty sure I'm the only one who does.

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West Coast US

>> No.10052488

Maxed Sacrificial Doll
Lvl 3 Grand Patriot's Elixir.
Lvl 1 grab.

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<hisouten> Player beatsstayflowin is hosting at (US PST)

>> No.10052524

These are some nice setups, but holy fuck is that over-the-top editing unnecessary and obnoxious.

>> No.10052530

But that's what I had...

What was the combo, then?

>> No.10052594

grab grab 66a obsessor.

>> No.10052642

GGs Da Tiniest. That was a stange suwako spellcard you did at the end. I wonder what it does.

You gotta block on wakeup more. If you're getting up from the ground, I can start my attack before you. As long as I time it right, I will always hit first.

>> No.10052657

its supposed to rain down watter dropplets but i ate fist before they showed up on screen.

I'll keep that in mind. I've always had trouble timing my blocks.

>> No.10052676

You can combo two grabs like that? The only way I could do it was grab 66a grab obsessor.

>> No.10052723

You can combo three grabs and limit for 0 damage. Just gotta bounce off the wall at the right spacing.

>> No.10052737

We must play sometime

>> No.10052805

Would you like to? I'm free atm.

>> No.10052815

You host. Post IP when you are ready.

>> No.10052829

Also do you use cowcaster, or rollcaster?

>> No.10052841


>> No.10052854

One second. Add me on steam btw

>> No.10052882

>Iamp loads


>> No.10052978

Thank you for playing, squidward.

>> No.10052979

Roommate is trying to sleep. Add me on steam and we can continue tomorrow. Hopefully I will be playing less like ass than I was tonight. GG's btw. Still better than Hisoutensoku

>> No.10052984

Oh btw. My friend wants to play against you if you will rehost.

>> No.10053003

How do I get my numpad to work with the game?
I suck at combos, and I might be better if I can use 3 for down+right and 1 for down+left, etc.

I'm just button mashing and spamming x and c like a noob. Trying to combo. Any tips?

>> No.10053006

>better than Hisoutensoku
While I agree, let's not start this shit again.
>Add me on steam
I don't use steam. I mean I have it, as a necessity to play certain games, but I don't actively make use of it.

I'm here pretty often though, shouldn't be too hard to get more games going later if you want to.

>> No.10053008

Sure thing. Rehosting.

>> No.10053218

Thank you for the good IaMP matches

>> No.10053229

Don't use numpad, learn how to properly execute specials using arrow keys. Also, you should learn proper numpad notation.

"X" refers to weak projectile, known as B - Bullet.
"C" refers to strong projectile, known as C - Bullet.

It's okay to mash, just stop doing it once you realize it doesn't work. Keep practicing the inputs and you will start to get the feel of it.
Once you feel like you can execute them consistently, you should practice basic combos that uses them.

>> No.10053256

Thank you for playing.

>> No.10055852

Anyone hosting?

>> No.10057061

Juliette wants to play !

>> No.10057108

>> No.10057125

Juliette thinks that it's not working.

>> No.10057134

could try once more

>> No.10057310

Juliette had fun, thanks. (Quit?)

>> No.10057499

Juliette still wants to play !

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phantasm tier

>> No.10057573

Sorry, that's way too laggy for me. I should have put my location.

Rehosting, West Coast US.

>> No.10057575

Ah, Juliette knows you! Bad delay, unfortunately..

>> No.10058303

Is there someone hosting?

>> No.10058328

GGs. You are kind of 95% offense and 5% defense. It's kind of hard to read at times, and so it's really rough knowing what you'll do, but chickenblocking on wakeup and out of blockstrings generally isn't a good idea...

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<hisouten> Player beatsstayflowin is hosting at (US PST)

>> No.10058893

Doesn't work.

>> No.10059004

Someone else hosted so I joined their game instead. Sorry

>> No.10059161

I'm suprised to see this kind of thread nowadays

>> No.10059262

Beautiful, well-written and productive post.

>> No.10060832

Early us host?

>> No.10061103

(max damage midscreen, no alt cards)
Meiling : AAAA, 623B/C
Reimu : AAA, 2B, 623B/C
Utsuho : AA, 6A, 5C/6C
Komachi : AAA, 236B, hj6A
Yukari : AAA, 5B, hj5B-6C
Yuyuko : AAA (none, using techs will make damage lower)
Youmu : AAAA, 214C, 214B, 214B
Patchouli : AA(wait 4hits), 5C, 236B
Alice1 : AAAA, 5A, 6A, 6B (easier, 6B may miss)
Alice2 : AAAA, 6A, 6B (harder, 6B always hits)
Sakuya1 : AAA, 2B, hj2B, D3, AAA, 2B, 236B/C (no timing required)
Sakuya2 : AAA, 2B, 5C, 236B (timing required)
Cirno : AAA(wait 4hits), 5C, 236B
Suwako : AA(wait 5hits), 5B, 66A, 5B, 6C, 66A, 5B
Aya : AAA, 5B, 6B, 236B/C
Iku : AAA, 5C, hj6C, 66, 6A
Tenshi : AA, 2B, 5C, 623C
Sanae : AAAA
Reisen : AAA 5B, hj9A-6A, j5B
Marisa : AAA, 5B, hj9A-2A, 2C

>> No.10061816

Juliette wants to play !

>> No.10061862

post IP

>> No.10061903

Juliette cannot host, Juliette isn't very good when it comes to technical things..

>> No.10061905

Who the FUGG is Juliette?

>> No.10061917

Where is Juliette from, and why does she insist on speaking in the third person?

>> No.10061920

Yes, people. Give attention to Juliette, that's what (s)he wants.

>> No.10061923

At least half of those are not max damage. Try again.

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I'm going to assume a lot of these are wrong since the combos for both the characters I care about are wrong, but:

Komachi: 5AAAA -> f.5A/6A/3A(character specific, but one of these will hit all characters, you just need to know which one) does 100 more damage than that combo for less orbs.

Yukari: If you're going to list 5AAA 5B -> N, which only works against about half the cast, she should do 5AAA 5B 2C j.5B 6D j.5A (land) 5AAAA instead. Otherwise, 5AAAA or 5AAA 236B(bound for aoyama) is the best she's going to get.

Rehosting, West Coast US

>> No.10061934

Please let us not derail this thread and just host a game if you want to play with Juliette, okay? Everything else is irrelevant.

>> No.10061947

What's the best combo for Reimu?

>> No.10062003

2A 5B j2B 66 j5A 5AAAA. 2A is the superior poke and Reimu doesn't have much choice without alt skills.

>Reimu : AAA, 2B, 623B/C
Sucks hard because the opponent can recover before you do.
Use something like 5AAA 5B j6A 214B/C barrier instead. You get more out of it.

>> No.10062017

It's actually 2A 5B j2B 66 j5A j2B 66 j5A 5AAAA. My bad.

>> No.10062037

GGs, rehosting.

>> No.10062039

Thanks for the game!

>> No.10062060

2A 5B j2B j5C 66 j5A j2B 66 j5A 5AAAA is even better. Damn.

Even works on Youmu for about 2800 damage. I better stop trying now.

>> No.10062072

How do I know which port to use?

>> No.10062076

You can use any port but most commonly used are 7500 and 10800.

>> No.10062077

just use 10800

>> No.10062118
File: 173 KB, 500x500, getoutofjp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

China has a lot much better than that.
Reimu has 5aaa 5b hj9 j2b D3 j5a 5aaa 2b 623B/236B
I barely play okuu so dunno.
Komachi can 5aaaa f5a/6a/3a depending of the character, at least one of those is gonna hit.
Yukari has 5aaa 5b hj9 j2b 66 j5a 5aaaa which is character specific and if around half screen or closer to corner she has 5aaaa hj9 j5a j6a 5b for 400 damage less which hits on all characters even if crouching.
Suika has j2a j5b 66 j2a j6c
Yuyuko can j2a j5aaa j6c hj9 j5a j6a from midscreen
Youmu is right
Patchy has 5aa 4b 6c 236c and 5aa 2b hj9 j2b 66 j5a 5aa 6c 236c
Alice has 5aaaa f5a 6b 236c hj9 j5a j6a
Sakuya has 5aaa 2b 5c 236B
Cirno is probably right
lol playing Suwako
Aya has j5a 5aaa 5b hj9 j5b 66 j5a 66 j5b 66 j5a 5aaa 5b 6C tk j6a
Iku has j5a 5aaa 5c hj9 j5c 66 j5a j6a
Tenshi is right and it's quite reliable too
Sanae has 5aaaa 623C from midscreen and 5aaaa 623B from close to corner
Reisen has 5aaa 6b hj9 j5a j5b 66 j5a j8a j5c
Marisa has 5aaaa 66a 214b
and you are missing Remilia with 2a 2c hj9 j5a j2c 66 j5a j8a or if you ever manage to pull it out 2c hj9 j5a j2c 66 j2c 66 j5a j8a

Now kindly kill yourself out of /jp/

>> No.10062130

How's Suwako in this game, power-wise

>> No.10062137

Alice is f5a 6a
Aya is j5a 5aaa 5b hj9 j5b 66 j5a j5b 66 j5a 5aaa 5b 6c tk j6a
my bad.
also add j5a at the start to komachi, yukari, yuyuko, patchi, sakuya and reisen

>> No.10062140

worst chaaracter in the game. Don't even try playing her.

>> No.10062190

>Reimu has 5aaa 5b hj9 j2b
>Yukari has 5aaa 5b hj9 j2b
>Yuyuko can j2a j5aaa j6c
>Patchy has 5aa 2b hj9 j2b
>Alice has 5aaaa f5a 6b
>Aya has j5a 5aaa 5b hj9 j5b

dude what.

>starting your combos with a jump attack

>> No.10062209

Most annoying character ever.

>> No.10062293

Biggest dick move I've seen:

Using Sanae's 5 cost Esoterica card (the one with the lasers) just as you beat your opponent and the round ends.
That way she continues drawing the lines even between the rounds, so you can't hit her and the spellcard activates just as the next round starts.
The only weak point of this card is its extremely long startup but that way it gets completely negated.
The round hasn't even started yet and you can already lose half of your hp, this is bullshit.

>> No.10062314

Anyone hosting? Juliette still wants to play.

>> No.10062448

I'm really not sure why you just give up and stop pressing buttons in half the matches or if I play the characters I actually know, but that's really rude.

>> No.10062459

Changing to characters you don't know because you're tired of winning is rude.

>> No.10062467

I didn't start doing that until you began dropping everything on purpose in the matches where I was playing seriously. You stopped taking me seriously, and I did the same. I didn't change until you just flat out started throwing rounds away.

>> No.10062478

>i'm winning he must be giving up
If you're going to troll, at least pick a character with better crossups than Sakuya and Marisa if your entire game is based on them.

>> No.10062490

There were rounds were you literally stopped pressing buttons and stood there, occasionally tapping A once or twice if I let up. Regardless of how I play, you were absolutely throwing away matches.

>> No.10062501 [DELETED] 

>Take a generic casual game
>Put anime characters in it


>> No.10062507

But this isn't BlazBlue

>> No.10062524

>starting combos with j.5a
Might as well add CH to them.

Utsuho - 5AA 6A 623C j.8A ~ 3184 damage
She has a 3.8K combo running alts, mid screen. 4.3K if corner.

Patchouli - 5AA 6C j.5A j.4B j.6D j.5A 5AA 2B 6C 236C ~ 3365 damage

Aya combo does not work.
it becomes invalid at >66 j5a 5aaa 5b 6c tk j6a
Instead she has 5AAA 5B j.5A j.2B D3 j.5A 5AAA 2B 6C 236C 2.8K damage

Tenshi - 5AA 2B j.2B j.3D j.5A 5AA 2B 623C - 3470 damage
I can only do this one consistently, but there are probably more damaging variations.

Sanae - f.5A 3A 4C j.D9 j.2C - 2564 damage

>> No.10062547

lol typical sperglord hisouten response

muh gaem is so hardcorey that anyone who has a problem with it is instantly a cod casual scrub!!!

>> No.10062573

Now you're just deluding yourself

>> No.10062759 [DELETED] 

For Okuu atleast both AA 6A 623C hj8A and AA 6A 2C hj9 j5a are better. The firs one is really easy.

With Yuyuko point blankA 2B 236B/C deals more than just AAA and is pretty easy to do.

Sanae has atleast 2A 3A 6B 623B/C and 2A 3A 6B 4C D9 j8A.

>> No.10062786 [DELETED] 
File: 6 KB, 372x314, 1352967296543.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>play hisoutensoku instead of sf/marvel/kof



>> No.10062797

For Okuu atleast both AA 6A 623C hj8A and AA 6A 2C hj9 j5a are better. The first one is really easy.

With Yuyuko point blankA 2B 236B/C deals more than just AAA and is pretty easy to do.

Sanae has atleast 2A 3A 6B 623B/C and 2A 3A 6B 4C D9 j8A.

>> No.10062800

So Wallabe hows TS?
and I don't play Hisoutensoku

>> No.10063425

Anyone around for this?

>> No.10063546

Can you host?

>> No.10063721

I can host Canada west

>> No.10063768
I'll try hosting. US West, CA

>> No.10063771

10800 port, my bad.

>> No.10063794

Didn't work
Canada West

>> No.10064054

Ah I don't know then.
Was fun, I gotta go now. Cya.

>> No.10064070

Good games Imidgit!
It might take some getting used to, but you can use a dash button to get through projectile spam.

>> No.10064093

Darn, I ended early. Looks like I have ~10 more minutes. I guess I'll read or something.

That was my first time playing against someone. Today is my 2nd day in general playing 12.3, and I didn't play much yesterday. I need much more practice, and the game vs you was huge practice. Thanks for that.

>> No.10064117

No problem, it was fun. I've been playing this game for a long time but I still have a lot to learn. Another tip is that most characters have a Dial-A-Combo where you just mash your physical attack button 5 times in a row when the first hit connects and you'll get a lot more damage out of it.

>> No.10064735
File: 139 KB, 1000x700, Nendoroid_Sanae_Kochiya_5-778613.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

<hisouten> Player beatsstayflowin is hosting at (US PST)

someone fucking play me before I talk about why kanako ram needs to do 7k

>> No.10064833

Where do you get your pictures from?

>> No.10064952

GGs Ranmilia. My oki is too weak. I'm falling for your wake up dps and wake up grazes too much. I wish I had reactions to chase down your ground techs.

>> No.10064956

Someone want to play?

>> No.10064962

Google, no joke, lol

>> No.10064971
North EU host
Super Morning tier

>> No.10065035

Why is running so slow? Or is only in my side? The game I mean.

>> No.10065041


Distance and not the best connection, it won't get better

>> No.10065062


Though, it was pretty bad slowdown for a mere 8-9 delay, it usually doesn't get that bad unless I play against Australia or something

>> No.10065069
File: 107 KB, 597x633, 4375039475.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Still the same speed. well, Thanks!

>> No.10065088


I told you it won't get better no matter how much you rejoin, though your loadtimes were a bit longer than normal too so I'm inclined to assume you are playing on an old laptop or something too that makes it a bit worse than it normally would be, but ggs for the few we had


hosting more if someone else happens to be awake

>> No.10065134

Crime, you should just jump on IRC. We're more active there.

>> No.10065459


>> No.10065463


ggs, that felt awfully familiar

>> No.10066193 [DELETED] 
File: 46 KB, 397x388, Obviously it's cirno.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and it's also my fault for not saying as it's a substitute for your mashing A's

and please *kill yourself* and get out of /jp/ not *kill yourself out of /jp/*

>> No.10066217
File: 46 KB, 397x388, Obviously it's cirno.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and it's also my fault for not saying as it's a substitute for your mashing 5AAAA's

and please *kill yourself* and get out of /jp/ not *kill yourself out of /jp/*

>> No.10066262

you forgot "point blank range" and "starts with 5A" too

>> No.10067065
File: 90 KB, 638x960, 578437_394317027308187_1205309094_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]
10067065 NA EST

Unrelated picture

>> No.10067105


>> No.10067220

But those are midscreen without alt cards. Not his fault you don't actually know any good combos.

>> No.10068017

Juliette wants to play ! Anyone hosting?

>> No.10069086


Not gunna lie. That guy is everything I want to be. His mastery of Alice is superb

Kind of want to watch some of his actual replays

Really obnoxious editing though. He gets points for Plastic Mind instead of Grimore or one of her other windows themes, though

>> No.10069452

>Yuyuko can j2a j5aaa j6c hj9 j5a j6a from midscreen


Also even if that combo was properly written, starting stuff with j.2a/j.5a is kind of pointless. The subject at hand was useable, reliable midscreen bnb's. Starting with a j.2a/j.5a makes them situational. Including wallslam hits makes them not midscreen, but near corner (Alice 5aaaa f.5a etc)

>> No.10069525

>Including wallslam hits makes them not midscreen, but near corner
Except different characters have different blowbacks from dial A. Reimu and Yukari can wallslam a character from 3/4ths of the screen, while Komachi and Alice cannot. Yuyuko, likewise, can do similar wallslam combos.

>> No.10069539

Hey, since the Endless Masquerade started mentioning Soku tiers (someone claimed Suwako was bottom tier), what's a tier list for Soku?

>> No.10069548


>> No.10069565

>Also even if that combo was properly written, starting stuff with j.2a/j.5a is kind of pointless. The subject at hand was useable, reliable midscreen bnb's. Starting with a j.2a/j.5a makes them situational.
>yuyuko j2a is situational
that's like saying remi j2a Ch comboes are situational. over 805 of yuyuko approaches are j2a.

>> No.10069608


Psh, getting hits with aerials midscreen is common and even more common on some characters that have extremely good ones, like Yuyu j.2A
And especially with Yuyu since her j.2A combos are not really even spacing dependant, as long as she's moving downwards when she starts j.2A, she'll most likely connect the rest of the combo too

>> No.10069673 [DELETED] 

Right. Some characters have it easier. But when you include a f5a followup to Alice's Dial-A, that implies close proximity to the corner, that's not really useful as a "midscreen" combo.
Yeah, Remilia gets 2a CHs. Yuyuko gets j.2a hits. Those happen a lot.

Those are still not midscreen bnb's. If you're playing against Youmu/Marisa and you bait a DP, they whiff and they're wide open, you're not going to go for j.2a on Yuyuko or Remilia.

Marisa gets a fuckton of j.b loops in iamp. It's her most damaging and most commonly seen combo, and works off many situational hits. It's still not a midscreen bnb. Her midscreen bnb is 5b 6b 22a.

All true, but still irrelevant. Slapping on j.2a on Yuyuko's bnb is like saying Suika's best midscreen bnb isn't 5aaaa...it's j.5a 5aaaa!

>> No.10069716

Less theory more practice

>> No.10069718 [DELETED] 

I fucked up on the Alice part. I was thinking of another move. Nevermind me, I'm retarded.

If it wallslams from midscreen, sure thing.

Yeah, they happen a lot, but they're still situational, not midscreen bnb's.

Remilia's j.b loop and Marisa's j.b loop are both their most commonly seen combos in IaMP. They're reliable and extremely damaging, and work off a ton of different situations.
It's still not their midscreen bnb's. Those are 5a(a) 6a 236a 22c j.b for Remilia, and 5b 6b 22a for Marisa.

If you're playing against someone with move that's punishable on block, you're not going to go for j.2a. You go for 5a.

>> No.10069727

I fucked up on the Alice part. I was thinking of another move. Nevermind me, I'm retarded.

If it wallslams from midscreen, sure thing.

Yeah, they happen a lot, but they're still situational, not midscreen bnb's.

Remilia's j.b loop and Marisa's j.b loop are both their most commonly seen combos in IaMP. They're reliable and extremely damaging, and work off a ton of different situations.
It's still not their midscreen bnb's. Those are 5a(a) 6a 236a 22c j.b for Remilia, and 5b 6b 22a for Marisa.

If you're playing against someone with a move that's punishable on block and you block it, you're not going to go for j.2a. You go for 5a.

>> No.10069751

If you're playing against someone with a move that's punishable on block and you block it, you're not going to go for j.2a. You go for 5a

depends of how punishable it is you can go for 2a with remilia that leads to more damage than dial A

>> No.10069869

someone hosting?

>> No.10069899

try this

>> No.10069997

It isn´t working.

>> No.10070035


>> No.10070115
File: 89 KB, 400x300, MOE_001788.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

US west/central, continental divide.

>> No.10070136

Isn't that a male wolf?

>> No.10070282

thanks for the game! Also, Cirno get Owned that time, seeig to the other side!

>> No.10070284
File: 176 KB, 1000x1000, 20026362.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for the games.

Rehosting: >>10070115

>> No.10070299

What tipped you off? The pecs?

>> No.10070474

Never really looked at it until now. Thumbnail looked like tits.

>> No.10070578


dear hoster

fuck you and your faggotty mash disrespect but good at pressure meirin






that aside, GGs, One of the best Meirin's I've ever played, thats for sure.

>> No.10070604
File: 100 KB, 482x434, laughing yuugi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

First time I got those
> your faggotty mash disrespect
Huh so how can I fix that?
>good at pressure meirin
>One of the best Meirin's I've ever played, thats for sure.
Now those are false in my opinion

>> No.10070639

>Huh so how can I fix that?

You don't need to fix what works.

every time I'd normally reset into movement for better spacing. NOPE 5A TOO STROOONG.

and then theres the fact my stagger is really bad so I'd get hit anyway when I tried that too.

although it did get you into trouble a few times when I was blatantly meaty-ing shit on your wake-up.

>> No.10070705

I want to host. How?
I gave my IP last time and it didn't work apparently.

>> No.10070719


>> No.10070720

Port forward.

>> No.10070728

US West. Newbie. If you're pro and are fine with playing against a newbie, I'm fine with playing against a pro. Practice is practice.

>> No.10070741

doesn't work.

>> No.10070807

Bump for players

>> No.10070839
Hostan Canadia
All players welcome

>> No.10070865
File: 168 KB, 550x400, 35e28779ed416b3d24627b2e22c275d6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

May crash sometimes due to Wine issues.

>> No.10070894

GG's sorry about all the lag.

>> No.10070899

GGs! Yeah a disconnect, I'm on wireless so it happens. I'm still hosting.

>> No.10071017

Spectating this match, that Yuyuko looks very seasoned. Hows he's playing her I'd guess ghost of swr past is a High tier IRC player.
We played a those 2nd time ever games yesterday iMiDGiT, but this guy looks like he could beat me no problem. Good luck!

>> No.10071039

Oh you were spectating? Haha. I played every character once, and I lost all. Wasn't even able to kill him once. Got him super super low on Patchy, but he still won.

I couldn't do much. I was cornered a lot of times and I couldn't even try to escape. Only thing I was able to do was block.

Well that was fun.

>> No.10071049

Last call for players, bump.

>> No.10071142

GGs. It's rare to fight someone so patient on /jp/...I don't think I've ever had so much trouble getting someone to block Yukari's 5B, but still wasn't running into pinwheels.

>> No.10071153

Thanks for the games, Maggie. I had fun panicking in the corner.

>> No.10071154

T's willingness to wait for you to fuck up is legendary

>> No.10071179

Good games Crime! Cirno is a really hard character to learn IMHO. The way she moves is pretty weird.

>> No.10071185

Thanks! But tell me something. Why some attacks can cancel others? Like those Yukari´s "arrows" against Cirno´s ice.

>> No.10071195

Bullets have different densities. With enough force you can cancel out most projectiles, and some are just stronger than others. By playing against a lot of the characters you can get a feel for them.

>> No.10071199

Sorry, so far away to work properly. Thanks!

>> No.10071206

That was quite slow indeed. Where are you from?

>> No.10071241

South America

>> No.10071253

You should download Soku Lobby, there are a few South American players there.

>> No.10071255


>> No.10071273

Yeah, that explains a lot. I'd actually expect a lot worse considering the distance.

Hosting some more in case someone from Europe is up for some morning fights.

>> No.10071710

GGs Idler. It's been a long while since I last played, but I couldn't resist when I saw you hosting. Your oki is so much stronger than before, really nice anti-DP setups you have, timing and spacing f.5A like you do.
Also, some really silly moments... fun games!

>> No.10071716
File: 409 KB, 1000x562, 4038753f2d7d6ce89d9be8a7cefea5a9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Phew. GGs. I certainly didn't expect you to show up, but that was a pleasant surprise. I'd play longer but my hunger is starting to eat away my concentration, gotta catch something to eat.

>Your oki is so much stronger than before, really nice anti-DP setups you have, timing and spacing f.5A like you do.
You think so? I have so few chances to play these days, I don't even remember how I used to play. I feel quite rusty, though it might have done me some good too, helping me kick some stupid habits and such.

>Also, some really silly moments... fun games!
I'll blame some of those on the delay of 7 frames. But yeah, it was plenty of fun.

>> No.10071889

Wow, we played a lot longer than I thought.

GGs, Firefly.

>> No.10071906

>You think so? I have so few chances to play these days, I don't even remember how I used to play.
Last time we played was almost exactly one year ago, according to my replay folder. At that time, your options weren't exactly as good, and you did tons of [1] oki. You're waaay more threatening now, especially since your neutral game is eons above mine. Thus, my gameplan consists in hitting my head as hard as I can in all the ice cubes you throw at me and hope to get in at some point. I'm such a solid player.

>delay 7
It's not like I would know how to play delay1 soku, silly!

>> No.10071909

Yeah, it was a while. My wrists ache now. GGs.

>> No.10072325

SEA player
Pillow-hugging-while-crying tier
Nullified deck.

>> No.10073044

Anyone hosting? Juliette wants to play!

>> No.10073050

No one is going to host until you tell your location. Unless you don't mind playing Australia.

>> No.10073061

Juliette is in Europe but doesn't mind if the delay is average.

>> No.10073121

Only one or two euros host here. Everyone plays on irc, and they play pretty much constantly.

>> No.10073134

>Everyone plays on irc, and they play pretty much constantly.
People keep saying that but Juliette always saw the irc being awfully quiet...

>> No.10073431

Are you on the correct IRC? Maybe you signed on at an unusual time?

#hisouten @ irc.rizon.net

>> No.10074817

Someone hosting again?

>> No.10074864

I'll host if you don't mind the tier gap

>> No.10074879

what´s that?

>> No.10074890 [DELETED] 

He's saying you're shit.

>> No.10074891

We played a few games yesterday already >>10074879

>> No.10074899

I don´t mind. Because is fun. And maybe I can learn something.

>> No.10074909

Rehosting then!

>> No.10074949

hey wanna try to play?

>> No.10074995

meh changed my mind

>> No.10074996

Already playing crime at the moment

>> No.10075022

Anyone hosting?

>> No.10075103
US West
Newbie practicing.

>> No.10075137

Good games Crime! I noticed you picked up on my habit jumping at the start of the round, I ate a few good kicks that way.

>> No.10075147

Thanks! I want to be able to do some combos with Cirno and in Practice worked it, but it´s difficult with real person isn´t it?

>> No.10075163

Yeah, its hard to set up the opponent for combos if they're defending well.

>> No.10075183

sorry for the lag

>> No.10075192


I didn't notice too much lag. Just the delays between games really. Or maybe my combo-skills suck and I couldn't realize it was lagging. Was fun.

>> No.10075266

Can someone host a game?
I can't seem too get my port working

Tier: No Idea (Probably Shit)

>> No.10075381

Thanks! Do you think that is better to play with more options of characters and not only one?

>> No.10075387

Good games Crime. I personally think practicing one is better than practicing all, but right now I'm trying to get a feel of every character (which is why you saw me play almost all). I don't know which one I like to start practicing. My Marisa surprised myself though. I was comboing without knowing what I was doing.

>> No.10075408

At first I couldn't get it to work either. Keep trying!

Make it both TCP and UDP. There should be an option for "both" and if there isn't make two, one for TCP and one for UDP using 10800 port.
Start and End port should be 10800.
The IP address you put in the port foward settings can be found in cmd -> ipconfig ipv4.

And for hosting, give your ip (google whats my ip) and add :10800 to it.

I'll host probably tomorrow. The IRC might have more hosters.

>> No.10075818
File: 503 KB, 398x398, 1336089833844.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

US west/central, continental divide.

>> No.10075899

Thanks! One question: Do you use the keyboard? or... which configuration is the best?

>> No.10075923

didnt mean to steal your game. ill disconnect after this.

>> No.10075925

Ask IRC. I started playing this game with a PS2 style controller, though most of the better player I know of use keyboard. There are several things I simply cannot input as quickly as they do. Thanks for the games.

Rehosting: >>10075818

>> No.10075947

well shit. my melee button keeps getting stuck. serves me right

>> No.10076075


>> No.10076185

Good games Sillyhatandprofilename! Dem angles. Dat Patience. I love it. Were you the same one Styling on imidigit yesterday with the Yuyuko?

>> No.10076187

Good games and no, that wasn't me.

>> No.10076215 US East

>> No.10076227

Oh, shoulda known that was you earlier. Stylin as always.

>> No.10076229

Somehow, you seems to get bored..
Juliette thanks you for the games anyway.

>> No.10076238

Thanks for the games, Da Tiniest.

Thanks for the games, Juliette.

People kept reconnecting to me before I had the opportunity to thank them for the games and announce I am hosting.

>> No.10076242
US Gulf Coast

I do ok tier.

>> No.10076373

Hosting again

>> No.10076376

Good games, Da Tiniest.
You should use air dashes more often and abuse Suwako's low block. Instead of holding back to block, hold down and back instead.

>> No.10076393

I just learned i could abuse both last night. trust me im trying.

>> No.10076474

GGs, It's hard to play in that delay.

>> No.10076482

Youmu is hard to deal with..
Juliette thanks you for the games.

>> No.10076925

More like your Youmu is far from soft, and in fact Duckator level

>> No.10076989 [DELETED] 
File: 140 KB, 794x1060, 1d7908c2b24800e8ddac9589dc29271e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10078383
Northern Europe

Tier: No idea (Probably Shit)

>> No.10078809

But Muii is better than Duckator.

>> No.10078829
File: 384 KB, 646x324, CROSSSLASH.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10078834

ugh, text didn't post

"hey could we put this in the OP of these threads from now on?


looks less cluttered, threw in a bunch of stuff to streamline getting the game and learning"

>> No.10078865

>nine pages of links and explanations

>> No.10078870

> Direct Download in the 1st paragraph
> Nyaa all-in-one torrent instead of 2 shitty piratebay torrents

>> No.10079363

donde esta el nuevo hilo

>> No.10079400

será hasta cuando este hilo se hace

>> No.10079452

Do we have a new thread yet?

>> No.10079725

New thread: >>10079722