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1. Vietnamese
2. Chinese (Cantonese)
3. German
4. Dutch
5. Arabic
6. Chinese (Mandarin + the other ones)
7. Hebrew
8. Turkish
9. Danish
10. The other Scandinavian languages
11. Korean
90. Hindi
91. Persian
92. English
93. Japanese
900. Portuguese
901. French
902. Spanish
903. Romanian
9001. All Slavic languages (Russian/Polish/Serbian, etc.)
9002. Italian
9003. Hungarian
900001. Finnish

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Finnish is truly the language of the heavens

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>9001. All Slavic languages (Russian/Polish/Serbian, etc.)
>over 900

My sides are orbiting the sun.

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Brazilic really is a beautiful language, OP.

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A te kurva anyád.

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1. Hebrew
2. All other non-Roman languages except Greek.
3. Spanish.

900001. Greek.

/jp/ - int culture

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>Romanian and Finnish are the best languages because they are the hardest to learn and some of the least useful! Look how 'obscure' and 'underground' I am!

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>greek think greek best

nope, greek sounds bad as well.

nipponese is best

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Finnish looks like someone sat on his keyboard

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nice copy-pasta from /sp/ op


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>900. Portuguese
>901. French
>902. Spanish

Good good, but why is Italian ranked as a prettier language than Spanish by thousands of places?

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I like how it sounds better than mandarin

Sounds angry but it can be cute

It sounds better than south asian languages such as Thai or Taglog

Prettiest language

Second prettiest

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Spanish is pretty ugly, it shouldn't be anywhere near French.

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älä kiusaa muita kieliä op

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French? What a disgusting language. It sounds like they're all trying to gargle a wad of mucus or cum while speaking.

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One of the Chinese ones sounds hella cute, but I don't remember which one. Silly, but cute as fuck.

German is good for music.

French is fucking awful for everything.

Russian and Japanese are the two prettiest languages.

Fuck my luck, I was born too late and didn't get to learn Russian because most of the schools here went from teaching Russian as a third language to German/French.

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>3. German

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>Prettiest language
That's not quite correct mon ami, english is 2nd.

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English is the most expressive and advanced. Therefore, it is objectively the best and most beautiful. This is also the reason it is the language used for business and academics.

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I'm not a big fan of Romanic languages, especially French sounds too flamboyant and nasal. Spanish is okay, Latin is great, though.

I like Swedish, Finnish, German and Russian. Dunno why everyone thinks German sounds angry. It's funny how the perception of the language changed over the centuries. Mark Twain complained that the language sounds too "soft". Dutch, however, is really cruel.

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What's wrong with Hebrew?


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Koreans speak too fast.
Japanese is easy for my ears for dem similar aiueo.
English depends on the speaker.

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>tfw I can write and read Latin

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Japanese is a beautiful spoken language. I'd even say its number 1.

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Quenya vs. Sindarin


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Is it actually useful for anything?

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Quenya was dead ages before Sindarin, so it loses by default

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Tal dansk for helvede!

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>English is the most expressive

Nope. English is actually pretty bland and dull. I guess one reason why English speaker curse so much is because you can't express your emotions really well in that language. Other language have particles to express your attitude towards the said.

English might have a huge vocab, but let's face it - most of it is archaic, obscure or dead. I'm always amazed about how few words English speaker use when they talk. The static syntaxs makes it pretty uninteresting in terms of writing style too.

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dunno, it's obbligatory in Italy. One thing is that after reading Cicerone and Seneca you write much better.

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Being pretentious.

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as a german i cant know how german sounds for foreigners who dont speak the language, but I wouldnt say its a ugly language. I guess it sounds very rough and hard to foreigners, but I think that most people who think about the german language just have some of hitlers speeches in their mind. Noone speaks like him now adays

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I wouldn't say it sounds ugly, but it is definitely hard.

One thing that seems to be common though is natives not being able to speak any other languages properly for the rest of their lifes.
It's like their tongues got fucked up after years of making those weird noises. Similar to french in that sense.

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>>10039837 I'm always amazed about how few words English speaker use when they talk.
Hope you aren't basing this on 4chan experience. Around half or more of the posters aren't even native English speakers.

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I don't know, it's the easiest to learn, to me that's not "advanced". I like it though.

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>it's the easiest to learn


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>Static syntax
Nope. You want static, look at languages like Nipponese. English can have nearly as much variation as anything without losing meaning. Now, we've come to a time of shorthand which is giving further variations, even.

Most everything in English has implication, which can be used to express more than what is written. In speaking, the same can be said, and it's much more complex than the way other languages blatantly state what is intended.

The easiest computer languages are also the most advanced.

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English is easy as fuck to learn compared to any other language, dude.

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What's the easiest then. It was really easy to me, in fact i didn't even tried, i just started using it because of video games and internet forums. I can't do the same with japanese, for example.

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Well, obviously, it's gonna be easy to learn if you're always exposed to it

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>900001. Finnish

Finnish is lowest ranked on an ugliest language ranking... what?

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Your native language is Romantic or Germanic. Japanese is only difficult because of Kanji. Spoken is very easy.

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No, in real life.

>Noone speaks like him now adays

No one really ever has. He spoke a lovely variant of German called "Kasernendeutsch", which sole purpose is it to sound rough and commanding.

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Spanish is ugly, french makes you sound like a fag.

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It's just that most of spanish speaking countries are ugly and can't use it the way it's suppose to be used. Spain spanish is quite cute to me.

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kiuj esperanto tie????

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>You want static, look at languages like Nipponese

What the fuck are you saying. Japanese has a very elaborate case marking system, you can shift the segments around however the fuck you want without obscuring the meaning. An English sentence is mostly subject-verb-object and is not correct if you move one of these things out of place.

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Spain spanish sounds the ugliest of them all.

I just hate how they pronounce Z.

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You call your language expressive and it can't even convey a sentence of "I wonder if I should sit down for a while" with just one word.

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Well, it's funny that the most simple is the most advanced then. But it makes sense i guess.

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German is expressive. English is utilitarian.

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Yeah Spains spanish is alright. But the south america variants are really bad...

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ITT OP attempts to convince everybody that his shitty, obscure and utterly useless language is actually the best

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I don't like the sound of English.

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Japanese sounds too simple and artificial, I don't like it.
I prefer German and Italian.

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There is not even a word for the state of "not being hungry". What a primitive, barbarian tounge it is.

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Isn't "full" or "stuffed" enough for that?

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Those Z on girls turns me on. It's lewd rather than cute.

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Spain is ugly too though.

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They can have other meanings.

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Well, not as ugly as South america to me, i'm in Argetina now, and i've been in Spain. Not related though.

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Everything in Japanese is known. Nothing is abstract, what is seen as abstract is known to be implied a very specific way. It is a declining language. English, on the other hand, continues to grow as the world adopts it.

"I wonder if I should sit down for a while" is a thought. We don't think that way. We think with objects. That is a poor example. The use of multiple words and phrasing in English allows infinite expression. There is a difference between "I wonder, should I sit down for a while?" "Should I sit down for a while?"[implied thought] "Should I sit down, I wonder, for a while?" etc etc

English is so advanced that hunger has many, many meanings. Are you referring to hunger for food? Hunger for blood? Hunger for sleep?

And these can be implied through context.

In Japanese this would be "Stomach empty" "Stomach full". It's much less expressive and specific.

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A single word having multiple meaning is not a good thing.

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I'm going to do mah French reps once my Japanese becomes decent enough.

Then I'll sail to Normandy with a tailored jacket and gifts for the locals.

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And then hit on some foxy bambinas, amirite broseph?

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Why not? I see only advantages for a fluent speaker.

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>Everything in Japanese is known.

That's not what I was talking about, though. Also, it's completly wrong. Japanese, like all east asian languages, is really fuzzy. And I fail to see how that's a good thing.

>In Japanese this would be "Stomach empty"

That's just the common way to express it. There are other words for it.

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No, I'll go hang out with old people and we'll shoot shotguns.

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That sounds fun too.

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>The use of multiple words and phrasing in English allows infinite expression
Doesn't change the fact that it's bloated.

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>რაც გულისხმობს საქართველოს არ არის ყველაზე ლამაზი ენა

გასინჯვა ჩემი ძმა დიკ

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>ajbobx3j r0do dds coo3

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English is a language fine-tuned by exposure and dominance of the world. We are influenced by every culture. It is the ultimate heterogeneous tongue. We can be fuzzy or clear or both and further all of it through context. It's much more advanced than nipspeak, or any other language.

We stand as supreme until another culture conquers us.

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I like georgian

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Shut up, sandmonkey

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You're hopping from one point to another. Is it safe to assume that you're simply trolling?

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so many hearts :3

lol wtf. ok it's an english board but damn

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Why English is so superior to his brother, German?

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Finnish is fucking awful. Looks like someone just rolled their fist around on their keyboard and added :DD every few words.

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Eat shit mongol

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why isn't your country rangebanned yet?

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I'm sure most of us get English entertainment and such.

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Because every time you think it is a finn trolling it is really a fat american with no job.

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anteeks mitä helvettiä tuli just sanottua?hei älä ala jätkä mulle aukomaan päätäs kuule pistän sut pakettiin alta aikayksikön. Soitin jo mun otakupossen pesismailoineen paikalle joten ois parasta valmistautua turpasaunaan tai juoksuun ne mukiloi sut armotta saatanan jenkkiläsö.

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I'm not trolling. There is a reason all great linguistic advances have been made by English speakers in recent years.

I'm not sure what your point is, you're saying that Japanese has a more advanced case system, which is only one aspect of a language and a very minor one. It's not terribly more advanced, either. I can say "I went to the store and bought cow milk" and can also say "Cow milk was bought at the store by me" in English. I can change the grammar, although not pretty, and in some context it may be useful to express something.

I don't see the use in a case marking system like that, anyway.

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>Americans are the ones forcing the ``Americlap'' shit

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Illya-chan isn't finnish.
Please stop degrading her.

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Someone call the Finn Killsquad
I can't take it easy with this scum on /jp/

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pls no bully

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თქვენ რა მათე?

Georgian is ლლPrettiest Languageლლ
And Georgian likes you too.

საქართველო ევროპის!
მდებარ თქვენი, დედა თქვენ ხართ თურქეთის ნაბიჭვართან

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Siisti kielioppi.

>> No.10040220

Finland is Sweden's colony.

>> No.10040212

She's slavshit, she can't be degraded any more.

>> No.10040213

I know you are all little weaboo. But.

Did you ever think that Japanese sounded aggressive? Not beautiful at all.

Be honest, please.

>> No.10040217

I don't like the thought of so many Europeans being on 4chan. I miss when it was just a stray Britfag here and there.

Can't you guys just... Go away? I'm sure by now you each have a chan in your own barbaric tongue.

>> No.10040221

I have to say, the Georgian alphabet looks awesome.

>> No.10040224


Finland strong against dark forces of cultural marxism
Sweden already conquered

>> No.10040234

>There is a reason all great linguistic advances have been made by English speakers in recent years

Like what? And how does it influence the way the man on the streets speaks?

>you're saying that Japanese has a more advanced case system, which is only one aspect of a language and a very minor one.

You picked that point out and argued against it. I didn't say it's a big point, but it ensures a more personal style of speaking. Everyone speaks the same way in English.

>I can say "I went to the store and bought cow milk" and can also say "Cow milk was bought at the store by me" in English

That's not the same sentence.

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those look like Y U NO hands

>> No.10040232

It can sound many ways. Just like every language.Except German.

>> No.10040241

I'm australian with a native english tongue but I've always liked the way hungarian sounds.
Why did the turks want to ruin it's sonic beauty?

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>> No.10040236

>baaww leave me alove ;_;

>> No.10040248

Fuck off berlin gook.

>> No.10040262

Round here the Finlanders live around cold ponds in the forest.

>> No.10040263

Czech is the best language. It combines the perfect South German accent with the superior Slavic vocabulary. Plus it has neither language group's awful fixation on redundant phrases.

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There are so many now it's ridiculous.
And the fact that nationality comes up in so many unrelated threads bothers me.

It wasn't always like this, I miss when 4chan was mainly Americans with a few British and other anglos as well. And they would keep quite and blend in too.

>> No.10040275

He looks like a fucking hellspawn. Maybe race mixing is perilous.

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What I'm saying is, someone with very deep understanding of English will have a very deep understanding of language itself. It is a very high level language.

>Everyone speaks the same way in English
Do you even know what niggers are?

>Not the same sentence
That's why English is so advanced.

>> No.10040274


Around here Finns don't live long at all before being skinned alive and hung up in the trees to keep other Finns away.

>> No.10040280

Did they comunicate or what?

>> No.10040282

Why does this thread have 100+ replies?

>> No.10040283

All the foreign mainstream chans seem to revolve around their own random boards with their minor boards remaining unused/stagnant 1-3 posts per day state. Plus the underground boards are either barren or 10 person circlejerks.

>> No.10040287

Inbreeding is actually a serious issue in Finland

>> No.10040288

I don't think Finnish is that great to listen to, OP. I agree that Hungarian and Italian are pretty nice, though.

>> No.10040292 [DELETED] 

only good mongol thing

>> No.10040297

>What I'm saying is, someone with very deep understanding of English will have a very deep understanding of language itself. It is a very high level language.

And that's why every anglophone speaks at least 2 other languages, right.

>Do you even know what niggers are?

Is that really your standard?

>That's why English is so advanced.

That's why it's bland.

>> No.10040305

We've always been here. I blame /int/ for making it popular to constantly call attention to your nationality while shitting all over everyone.

Also, is there an image for "ignore X threads, don't reply to X posters" for Finns?

>> No.10040318

well fugg

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>> No.10040329

>And that's why every anglophone speaks at least 2 other languages, right.
One is enough for everything that we need. We take what is found to be inherently good from other languages and incorporate it into our own.

>Is that really your standard?
Ok then, compare one of Obama's speeches to one of David Cameron's. Then compare those to a speech by Churchill. Tell me they all sound the same, please.

>That's why it's bland.
I would call it objectively beautiful, as I did. To me, Japanese is bland. The only part I like are Kanji. They're cute but undeniably archaic.

>> No.10040330

English has such a polluted namespace.

>> No.10040359

>One is enough for everything that we need. We take what is found to be inherently good from other languages and incorporate it into our own.

One language is always enough to get the job done. It doesn't even matter what language. Except maybe for some mumbo-jumbo bush language.

>Ok then, compare one of Obama's speeches to one of David Cameron's. Then compare those to a speech by Churchill. Tell me they all sound the same, please.

They use different words in the same grammatical pattern.

>objectively beautiful

There is no such thing as objective beauty.

>> No.10040365

ur ip has been recorded enjoy ur ban

>> No.10040387

turk here

-you wot m8?

>> No.10040389

I'm guessing most of these people criticizing other languages don't even have much experience learning different languages further than required HS level shit.

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filipino not being number 1?

bullshit list.

>> No.10040411

They use varied patterns, not in an extreme way. The context created by each speaker is very different. It's not about sentence structure. It's about the way that things are stated. It's much more complicated than just swapping around a few words. I don't see why you can think that any less bland than how Japanese give speeches.

Japanese does not use extremely varied sentence structure either, though it can, it would be strange. There are ways that things should be said or a speaker will find you very strange.

>No such thing as objective beauty
Objective beauty is that which is most perfect.

>> No.10040415

I wonder why SE asia sounds so horrible. It just feels like ear rape.

Chinese can either sound beautiful or like SE asian ear rape.

Korean, I dunno. I'm indifferent. It sounds like Japanese, but sometimes the way Koreans speak kinda pisses me off with the whole whiny sounding thing.

Japanese - Well, we're on /jp/ We're all used to it here.

>> No.10040422

>Objective beauty is that which is most perfect.
I'm sorry, but Esperanto doesn't sound particularly pretty.

>> No.10040428

Korean is too nasally. It ends in too many hums.

>> No.10040451

That's why English is used instead. Esperanto is shit.

English # 1.

>> No.10040456

Asia language ranking


>> No.10040459

American English sounds like dogspeak, not particularly pretty either.

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>அவர் பழைய உறவுகள் பண்டைய மொழி பேச முடியாது!

>თქვენ რა მათე?
>Google Translate
>You what mate?
I suspect not.

>> No.10040465

I see Japanese put on top or near the top in these rankings a lot, but I'm not sure if it's the weeaboos or if people genuinely think Japanese sounds pretty or something.

>> No.10040467

Basically, the browner the skin, the worse the language sounds.

>> No.10040477

That doesn't explain why Cantonese sounds a lot worse than Japanese.

>> No.10040486


The context is created by a different choice of vocabulary, not by grammatical features.

>Objective beauty is that which is most perfect.

How do you define "perfect"? It has neither a logical grammar, nor a logical spelling system. I'd like to hear what exactly you like about English so much, because no feature of English strike me as anything significantly outstanding. .

>> No.10040496

To be fair its far better than all those honking, clicking languages. Even chinese sounds ass with its FU WANG MONG HANG CHI-N horseshit. I think to a person who doesn't understand any of them, japanese would have to be the least irritating to listen to because of all its "hard" kind of sounds...

>> No.10040499

have some greek!

>> No.10040502

It can be accented in so many different ways that it will appeal to most everyone when spoken by someone or another. French accented English is orgasm inducing for me but Alabamians make me cringe. All these accents make it all the more varied and complex, allowing for beauty in artistic work. Imagine hip-hop if we had no Brooklyn accent?

>> No.10040522

>Objective beauty is that which is most perfect.

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No Doubt

>> No.10040551

This list is dildos.

>> No.10040558

Case structure is used to create context in English. Look at how Obama addresses the US colloquially. It should be plain to see.

I would define perfect as complete. English is the most complete language. It is the most evolved, most complex, and most useful.

>> No.10040598

>Case structure is used to create context in English

Way more limited compared to almost any other European language.

>I would define perfect as complete

You're not answering my question.

>> No.10040623

I did answer your question. I don't know what more you want.

What language is more complete than English?

European (Slavic) languages come very close. European (Romantic/Germanic) are inferior to English in that English is an evolution of both.

>> No.10040627

When will the US adopt English as their official language? I'm tired of shitty spice that don't try to learn living hear.

>> No.10040697


No, you don't. "complete" isn't answering what exactly makes it perfect or complete.

>European (Romantic/Germanic) are inferior to English in that English is an evolution of both.

That was 1000 years ago. Those languages didn't freeze in time. And in case of English, it wasn't a mingling of languages, but often rather a replacement of vocab. English lost much of its old Anglo-Saxon vocabulary in favor of Romanic expressions. In many other languages, both native and Latin terms exist still to this day, creating a more versatile vocab.

>> No.10040840

French has a way bigger vocabulary than english ,deal with it.

But who cares ? A language is only a way of expressing yourself. If you feel restricted by the language you are using ,that's just a poor excuse for not knowing how to speak

>> No.10040860


"The statistics of English are astonishing. Of all the world's languages (which now number some 2,700), it is arguably the richest in vocabulary. The compendious Oxford English Dictionary lists about 500,000 words; and a further half-million technical and scientific terms remain uncatalogued. According to traditional estimates, neighboring German has a vocabulary of about 185,000 and French fewer than 100,000, including such Franglais as le snacque-barre and le hit-parade."

Robert McCrum, William Cran, & Robert MacNeil. The Story of English. New York: Penguin, 1992: 1

>> No.10040891

>le snacque-barre and le hit-parade
Fucking Reddit.

>> No.10040916

Sounds good, IMO.

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But OP, Japanese is a beautiful language.

>> No.10041038

Liberals hate white people and western civilization so probably never. Whites will be a minority by 2050.

>> No.10041163


>> No.10041188

le 152 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click here to view.

>> No.10041321

I-is this what they call "language beauty otaku"?

>> No.10041332

Am I the only one who finds japanese more pleasing than english?

Although I think that may have to do with the way japanese (and especially seiyuu) tend to manipulate their voices more than the sound of the language itself.

>> No.10041357

I would be willing to bet you don't even speak Japanese.

>> No.10041749

I have some rudimentary knowledge. I don't really see your point either, there's thousands of people who go on and on about how france is so great when they don't know a lick of it. It being hard as dick to learn doesn't change the fact that it's so pleasant to listen to, and even my old japanese teachers would raise their voices like 2 octaves when speaking japanese for some reason.

>> No.10042032

anime japanese > standard english > standard japanese > anime english

>> No.10043299

what's wrong with hitler's speeches? if you actually listen to them with subtitles they are really good and moving.

>> No.10043333

The fact that they were made to masturbate emotional people kind of undermines the enjoyment.

>> No.10043352

>Prettiest language

Pirate language that people can't ever get right, thus butchering a perfectly nice language.