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Who is this Touhou?

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Yukari 'Eyebrows' Yakumo.

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Kaguya Houraisan

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Kaguya Houraisan

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I don't see any treasures, can't be her.

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No, this is Yukari "eyebrows" Yakumo, what OP has is shitty Kaguya.

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It's Mokou, you blind fucks.

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Obviously Yukari

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>Who is this Touhou?

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Can be, but what's for sure is that she's not is Yukari "Eyebrows" Yakumo like rabbit said.

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xD so fucking edgy let's mislead the OP into thinking its a character she isn't!

How about you fuck off, tell him the character and move on with your fucking lives so he can leave this shithole?

Kaguya Houraisan.

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The neat one.

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What the fuck? It's Kaguya, you idiots. Look:

Are we getting raided by secondaries or something? Jesus.

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/jp/ is serious business.

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what's the joke with her in all-star where she just lays down at a spell card?

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I didn't say it was not Kaguya, you ass, I said she's not Yukari "Eyebrows" Yakumo.

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But that's BORINGGGGG.

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the sleepy girl, who else?

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The name is in the image, dude. Spell card attack is her motherfucking name.

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It's Le Sleepy NEET

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>>10034794 :D

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le sleepy womyn

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Because she's a "neet XD".

That being said, why do 75% of the spellcards in that video look like something you'd find in either easy or normal mode? Even the one that could potentially be hard are made easy by the fact that the stage is 2x bigger than normal.

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Us Lunatic players, right?

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Please either shut up or stop acting like a douchebag.

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The NEET princess

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Would you say anything in that video looks hard? You don't even have to be good at the game to realize how easy most of it was.

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That can't be right, OP's girl doesn't have a hime cut.

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/r/ vector!

Not a Reddit one, an actual one.