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I think we should have a thread for the greatest and most motherly touhou and share how much we all love Ran.

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*whips out dick*

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Ran had to adopt Chen because she's barren. Discuss.

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I like Ran.

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Fuck yeah Ran thread.

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Ran is a pedophile

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Nah, I dont think Yukari wanted her to get impregnated by filthy human scum, so she let her adopt another youkai instead.

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Yukari had to adopt Ran because she was barren too. What a coincidence.

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Raising your kid to be a slave wouldnt be so pleasant.
Then again, Yukari would care, probably.

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Fuck you niggers.
You don't make your kid your shikigami. You get an already powerful being to be your henchman.

And maybe Ran just thought Chen was cute and adopted her. Maybe one day she will have her own children.

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Keep em comin. Anyone got some wallpapers?

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Yukari adopt Ran because she is a fucking powerful...
Ran is like a big trophy that only the best Youkai can have.

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Why does Ran fit so well into so many stereotypes?!

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Wait a sec, are you trying to trick me into posting pregnant pics?

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yiff yiff >:3

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Here you go.

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Yeah, just like some people will adopt a cute looking stray cat.

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I think about her a lot.

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That's not Yukari.

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Ran should be my trophy wife.

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Yukari? The most motherly touhou?
You trippin bro.

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She's the only way I can fall asleep comfortably at night.

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Why do you think Ran is such a great mother figure? Someone taught her.

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Well, actually, its inverse. Instead of learning how to be a shitty mother like Yukari, she learned how to be the opposite.

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She's the reason I got into touhou.

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Why does she wear a diaper on her head?

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I don't see why people think she's motherly. Please explain.

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I'm so confused. I want ran to be my mommy, but also my wife and my sister. I sometimes think I want to be Ran.

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Panties chase

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Was it the streaker jokes?

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Because fanon.

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I always picture Ran as being exceptionally vicious

I guess I've just had bad experiences with foxes

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Yeah, I think it would be this.

My mother told me that her parents were pretty shitty and said she learned everything about what not to do when raising a child.
My mother is very kind and nurturing and I love her.

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Yell me about your bad experiences with foxes.

Tell me more about how Ran comforts you at night.

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No. It's because she's gentle, smart, and I love her design.

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Well, Chen depends on Ran to some extent. So its safe to think that Ran takes care of her as if she was her child, or at least have a emotional bond.

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I have soft fuzzy blankets that I place over pillows that I arrange to be body length and width. Then I pull my featherbed over it and then get under it to be warm, and hug the pillow blanket imagining its Ran. I put an arm and a leg over it so I don't let ran go, and I kiss the top of the pillows thinking its her head and fuzzy ears. I have to fill in our conversations with simple things like "I love you so much anonymous, you complete my life" and I tell Ran "I would die without you Ran" and then I continue to fondle my pillow Ran and imagine stories of myself and Ran doing things at home like cooking or drinking wine during cold winter nights.
Something I wish I could do better is when I slide one hand under the pillows and hold my other hand, so I can picture the bottom hand as being Ran's as I hold it. I even have a few old rings I put on that hand so it can feel like I am holding her hand that has her engagement and our wedding ring.

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I always thought she would be treated more like an apprentice than a kid. She hangs around and learns how to be a servant while being a servant herself.

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You should try sitting on your hand long enough that it falls asleep and you temporarily lose feeling in it, and then try holding it.
This way it will feel like someone else's hand.

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Even under those conditions, they probaably share emotional bond.

Also, I like fanon Ran over canon Ran, so my opinion is biased.

Nope, you will just end with super awkward hand movement.

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brotip: Chen is a vicious little fuck who only calm down in the house because the big bad fox would bitchslap her if she messes too much.

But ran love her anyway even if she is a mean little girl.

Yukari on the other hand raised Ran like she was her aunt or something and then proceed to explore sexuality with her when puberty hits the fan. (Surely on a warm summer festival night after she drank a little bit too much of sake)

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Ran is pretty sexy

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You described Chen as a normal cat, the most probably approach to her.
Good job, Anon-kun.

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I want to feel her fluffy tails all over my naked body.

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You'll be with her someday, anon. I promise you.

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>You described Chen as a normal cat, the most probably approach to her.

Orin bringing dead things home has never made so much sense!

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She was built for naked apron cooking

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Anon in the other thread got his dick literally boiled because he was half naked in the kitchen.

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I love the hands-together pose.

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Me too. Turn of the century Chinese kind of classy.

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A casual Ran is fine too.

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No. We must have more 19th century Chinese Ran.

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Mama Ran

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Some things must be kept 2D.

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what the fuck

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So tsundere~ <3

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oh boy do I luff me some ran shama

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I want to smell every part of her.

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She needs help.

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If it has animal ears and a tail, it's furry.
Enjoy being banned, idiots.

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Baby Ran is cutest Ran.

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We arent posting porn, dummy.

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Because she says stuff like:
"So, you're the one who annoyed Chen? Well, she is a lot stronger now, she'll kick your ass!" etc.

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She could have at least tried to do the pose right

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I want to fuck her in that couch.

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Back to /v/ with you.

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every step you take
every move you make
shiggy diggy doo

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[x] touch fluffy tails

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Her tails work as a good hiding place.

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But I'm not from /v/...

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You are now. Chop chop.

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Who did her voice in the manzais? Her voice was heavenly.

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It's written at the end of the video.

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>>thinking I can read and type in Chinese so I can find other things she's done voicework for

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藤宮 ゆき
fuzimiya yuki

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Ranold Weasley.

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>not installing IME, anthy, mozc, or a simliar utility
>not using Japanese locale
>not doing your reps
>not using tagaini jisho when you're uncertain

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Her blog claims she's doing work for M-1 GranPrix 7. I thought 6 was the last one since Yellow Zebra disbanded?

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When I think of Ran, this is voice that is always there.


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the number 7 is made for Team Shanghai Alice

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Why do people treat Ran like a mom? Chen isn't part of the family; she doesn't even live with them. Ran spends most of her time with Yukari or doing Yukari's bidding.

>> No.10015282

It's said that Yukari leaves most of the work for Ran.

This probably means that Ran animates a bunch of paper shikigami and have them do the chores while she does something more productive with her time, like figuring entire new branches of mathematics.

But fans like to imagine her in an apron, doing boring domestic stuff by herself.

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Do Yukari and Ran fuck and cuddle all day long while chen is left outside the house in the canon?

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Chen is waiting for her turn.

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The biggest pumpkin in Gensokyo.

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CUTE pic dude

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I can see Yukari doing domination play with Ran, but her true love is Yuyuko.

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spunky athletic ran~

>> No.10015632

id ran my spunk in you if youre picking up what im puttng down

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How mean! She literally subdued her, discipline her, "raised" her and all she can think of is fucking her because of boredom while loving another woman!

Like it was said in another thread women really are disgusting as human (or yokai in that case) beings.

>> No.10015723

No way! Yukari loves more than one person. She loves everyone equally. Both Yuyuko and Ran. She loves all of gensokyo.

>> No.10015761

That's why you wear the apron!

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It would be bad if she burns her dick!

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File: 327 KB, 867x613, 1d895916408c9029ddb61b60febef609.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


It would be bad if she burns her dick!

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where the hell can you buy this figure from, anyway

>> No.10016058 [DELETED] 


I wouldn't be surprised if that one was actually an antropophage youkai.

>> No.10016075

Is this canon?

>> No.10016130

That's why the apron covers her all the way down to her knees!

>> No.10016146

Why is Alice dressed like Ran?

>> No.10016195

She has HUGE tits

>> No.10016226

I'm okay with busty Ran.

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Yes it is secondary.

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Just seeing pictures of her makes me happy. She brightens my day in a way nothing else can.

It's probably a good thing she doesn't exist. I wouldn't even know what to say to her.

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It is, secondary.

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Cute profile, George Miller.

>> No.10016706

I know how that chair feels ;_;
That's not nice, did you do the same thing to me when I linked something on IRC a while ago?

>> No.10016752


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Do you remember back when /jp/ had good memes?

RanSmirk remembers.

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Wasn't me.
Be more careful when posting links. You can cut out most of the link and thereby not share your profile.
That is unless you want us to know it, Miller-san.

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>> No.10017344


Kill yourself.

>> No.10017352

Someone is trying hard to fit in.

>> No.10017560

I'm not him, but someone else also found my account name from a link I posted.

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Ran teaching Chen proper trigger discipline

>> No.10017915

translate it weeaboo

>> No.10017925

"Fakku da porishi"

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My favorite Ran picture.

>> No.10018916

nobody can translate it?

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What do you think about this?
I think Ran's body is wonderful!

>> No.10019769

Seen better images.

>> No.10019776

not motherly enough

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>> No.10022561

What is she eating?

>> No.10022567


fried tofu

>> No.10022585

Stuffed scotums.

>> No.10022647 [DELETED] 

Is nobody else bothered by how big and dark her hands are in this picture? It's like she was trying to teach Chen how to wipe after she poops, but they were out of toilet paper, so she just scooped out her butthole with her bare hands and then didn't do a very good job of washing them afterward.

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Young wife tohos are the best tohos

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>> No.10022892


Yurk !
3dpd pls go

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I would kill the whole world just to rest in her lap

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with 800 years old, Ran technically is a old hag

>> No.10023254 [DELETED] 
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>> No.10023340

I almost did and realized you weren't Arisu.

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It may be 3D, but I still want more of her because she's dressed up as mai waifu

>> No.10023868

But she's so ugly. Her face looks like a fish.

>> No.10023896


So what are Flan and Remilia at 500 years old?

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I want to help her with the housework. I'll try really hard!

>> No.10025684
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Too much tofu

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File: 1.29 MB, 2000x2200, 31384775.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Another fun day at the Yakumo residence.

>> No.10027781

You guys should be lewd like your Japanese counterparts:

>> No.10027790

looks like semen

>> No.10027792

whats the name of that artist?

>> No.10027828

Why should we?
If you want to masturbate that badly just go to a booru of your choice

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>> No.10027947

I don't know whether to save this or not. I really like the style, but then there is that disgusting yukkuri.

>> No.10027959

Oh I didn't even notice that, must be the automatic filtering in my eyes.

>> No.10028018

Thomas the train?

>> No.10028036


>> No.10028058

My cousin is actually diagnosed with autism unlike you fake meme spouters, and he loves that show too.

>> No.10028066

Thomas the Tank Engine is my favorite 2hu

>> No.10032738

same goes for my younger brother

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Ran had enough of Yukari so she gor adopted by another family. She is now called Ran Hatsune.