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Do your moms have any similiarities with a touhou, /jp/? My mom is like Yuyuko. She is ditzy, eats a lot but never gets fat, and an airhead. I often find myself having to run errands or do chores she could easily do herself but is too lazy to. Its kind of cute and endearing. Even her hairstyle is the same as Yuyuko's and she also looks quite good for her age too. I love my mom!!

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i want to fuck your mom

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I want to fuck you guys while you fuck his mom.

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I wanna fuck you're mom.

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I want to fuck you while you fuck them while they fuck his mom.

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I'm gonna tell your mom you're having sexy lewd thoughts about her.

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Freud would be proud of you.

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I don't know if my mother is like any Touhou. She was always kind and understanding, but very quiet. She strongly believed love was the answer to anything and everything, she loved to use her mind in things that required a lot of concentration and always loved doing things for other people. The "everyone's best friend" type. It's hard to believe she ever had...that. she's was just to kind.

But she's passed away, so I don't know if you could say she's like any Touhou. Take care of your Mother and let her know you love her very much, OP.

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My mom is also like Yuyuko, because she's dead. Thanks a lot for reminding me, asshole.

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My mom is like Okuu because she's extremely beautiful, fit and sexy and has long dark hair.

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She is a bit like Yuyuko in that she is ditzy, has a similar hairstyle and is always making me do stupid chores that she could very well do herself but is too lazy to, and a bit like Yukari in that she is blonde and always pops out of fucking nowhere to meddle into my business. She is pretty overbearing and overprotective too, but I not sure what touhou fits this characteristic.

I'm not gonna lie, she is pretty cute for a 50 year old woman, but I'd not fugg her before anyone asks, you sick fucks.

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My mom has a blonde bob and a REALLY large bust.

She looks almost exactly like this picture.

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... ah, dear mother. Why did you let yourself go.

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Nobody wants to fug my mom? I guess nobody believes me then.

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Everyone here already has. We all just thought announcing it would be redundant

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does she also has this lewd expression on her face?

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My mom looks like an evil psychotic version of Ran that throws fits every 5 minutes and should have been fucking institutionalized a long time ago. I hate my mom, good thing i'm not living with her since being 16.

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/jp/ - Son/Pimp Culture

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You guys are fucking weird sometimes.

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My mom's here to fuck you all.

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>voice of new

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Loving your mom is weird? Do you have a bad relationship with her?

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Why is it illegal to have sex with your mom? I won't impregnate her, I swear!

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Don't worry, Anonymous.
I want to fuck your mom.

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voice of greentext abusing faggot

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Wanting to fuck her is kind of weird. Might just be that I can't relate to that feeling because my own mom isn't very attractive and frankly I'm surprised anyone fucked her at all.

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Are you at least attractive?

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I used to up until I was 18.

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Everybody wants to fug Okuu, dude. Everybody. If they claim they don't, they're lying.

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My mom is not like any touhou because she cannot take it easy AT ALL.
She's completely unable to spend even a single moment idle, always has to be doing something. It's really annoying.
At least I've trained her not to clean my room when I'm out. Still need to work on the entering without knocking thing, though.

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I do, but I don't want cancer.

So I don't.

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well if it makes you feel better no ones attractive forever, and I love you anyway!

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Whenever I get the chance I tell my mother how worthless she is. It's quite entertaining. Maybe it wont take much longer until she kills herself.
But don't get me wrong, she really deserves this.

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My mom is basically a NEET. She never leaves the house except to go grocery shopping or occasionally run an errand. She wakes up at 9, browses Pinterest and random blogs for most of the day, takes a nap at 4, cooks dinner, and goes to sleep around 9 or 10. She hasn't worked a job in over 20 years, and she's been living the same routine (minus the internet bits) for as long as I can remember.

She has no friends and doesn't talk to anyone outside of immediate family. She's kind of fat, but she was pretty cute and tiny when she was younger, and some of that shines through when she puts makeup on and dresses nicely. She listens to conservative brainwashing radio from the moment almost nonstop throughout the day, though, which is pretty annoying, but mostly sad because she is almost always talking about how Obama is satan and Romney is our lord and savior. Also, she's been an alcoholic for as long as I can remember, who drinks a whole bottle of shitty wine every night.

Basically, my mom is living the dream, and I wish I hadn't taken after her.

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Just a guess, but you probably deserve too.

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So edgy. I hope she takes you with her.

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Your mom sounds really moe. Think she would go out with me?

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I don't, I fucking hate Okuu
worst touhu

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Sounds like my aunt. Wants to take it easy and not have to deal with people. My grandmother is sort of the same way so I think I got my genes from their side.

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i want to fuk all of you're moms

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My mother is pushy and self-righteous as well as stubborn. She would be just like Kanako if she dropped 70kg.

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No, and I'm quite happy about it.
Depending on the kind of resemblance she'd have then (Especially the looks paired with character), I don't know if I could maintain my self-control.
As for personality, that wouldn't go well in combination with her appereance.

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>Ditzy Airhead

It's a facade she puts up to fuck around with others.

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my mom acts and looks like tewi since she's really short and weights about 105 lbs

she also acts mischievous and plays pranks on my dogs and me.

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Sounds like Shikieki to me.

Fanon Kaguya.

As for me, I guess she is like Shikieki/Yukari hybrid.
She bosses me around a lot, but she is very hardworking as well. She also appears unexpectedly most of the time, and she is kinda protective when it comes to me or my sisters.

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My mom is like Yuugi, she likes to drink.

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My mom is like Reimu because she's a bitch.

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I forgot to add that to my mom's description.
Is like her anthem is Vodka by Korkiplanni, or however you write that.
her favorite drinks have vodka.

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Does she ever play pranks on your penis?

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Maybe a fairy because she's really stupid

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Which 2hu would your mom fug?

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My mother looks pretty much like Katarina from LoL. With same type of personality... So...
I dunno. Probably Yuugi she loves to drink.

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I think my mom is bipolar. She's nice sometimes but can snap at a tick and get pissed off at pretty much anyone. Don't think she's like a Touhou.

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/jp/ - Freudian Culture

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which touhou is emotionally unstable, yells a lot, is insecure and has no empaty?

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I'm not going to talk about my mom, nerd.

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>emotionally unstable
>yells a lot
>no empathy

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Then you are a nobody. And a liar.

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None of them because they're not adult babies who absolutely have to marry someone (an abusive brute) in order to maintain a certain position in the female pecking hierarchy.

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I guess my mom isn't a touhou either.

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I shared the same bed as my mother until I was 16.

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Darn. Well, if my dad were female I'm not sure what he'd be either. Suika I guess? He's always drinking.

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Did you ever touch her boobs or accidentally take a big whiff of her hairy crotch while she was in panties?

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My mom is exactly like Marisa but without the burglar part.

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On a scale of 1-10, how badly do you want to fuck your mom, /jp/?


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Oh you guys have no idea.
I wasn't always like this. When I was younger I always tried to behave like a good son and live peacefully with her, but she ALWAYS ruined it. She always gave me the fault for everything that went wrong in her life and still does it.
Whenever something annoying happened to her in one of her relationships (some were violent alcoholics or Muslims) or at work, she screamed at me. Whenever she drops and breaks something by accident, she comes to my door and screams and cries and gives me the fault for it. Seriously, what kind of mom gives her son the fault IF SHE HERSELF breaks something?? She also screams when I don't clean the dishes in time while she makes an even greater mess in another part of the apartment. It's always like this when she is at home.
It's not possible to live in peace with her, it's also not possible to have an intelligent conversation with her since she has the personality and intelligence of a 13 years old redneck slut. Even though I'm the unemployed one of us two, only she lives in filth between beer bottles and garbage. At this point I only want to forget about her completely once I've moved out of this hellhole. I cannot love her anymore and I wouldn't care if she died. I really tried many many times to have a mature discussion with her but it's like trying to talk to a dumb child that throws a tantrum.

At times like this I envy you guys so much for having intelligent and emotionally strong parents. That's something I've never experienced in my life and never will.

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My Mom is in a bad mood all the time and takes it out on other people.

Probably not a very good Touhou.

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Mine too.
I want to strangle her.

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She sounds like Reimu.

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My mother is the most kind-hearted and loving soul in the whole world. Every time I used to go crazy or depressed through getting bullied at school or through stuff going wrong she was always there with kind words and comfort. She likes to improve her health and has always fed us really well with good food and because of that I'm in much better shape than most NEETs.

My dad beat her and psychologically abused her too but she ended up forgiving him (she's like that) and now he lives back in the house as a deadbeat leeching off her for the past 6 years. I think I'm going to kill him in his sleep and free my mom from him forever because she's getting really stressed out with it all.

I don't think she's any touhous that I know of.


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>I think I'm going to kill him in his sleep and free my mom from him forever because she's getting really stressed out with it all.

why, do you want to get him out of the way so you can have a monopoly over your mom's lewd sexy body?

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>It's not possible to live in peace with her, it's also not possible to have an intelligent conversation with her since she has the personality and intelligence of a 13 years old redneck slut.
>I really tried many many times to have a mature discussion with her but it's like trying to talk to a dumb child that throws a tantrum.
I've recently started to wonder if my parents did it on purpose. If they did, they went too far. When I moved away their tone changed surprisingly quickly.

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Well, that's still a harsh thing to say about your own mother. Even if she is a terrible person, you only get one.

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Some get none. A mother is a mother.

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Is there any 2hu with two PhD, three Masters, spends most of the time doing research but also tries to give love to everyone? I guess not.

My mum is awesome.

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>tfw she's like yuugi
>tfw everyone in my family benchpresses moons
>tfw I can only benchpress suns
>tfw swedish/russian

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Explain the moon and sun thing. The sun is more powerful than the moon so you should better than the rest of your family.

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I don't know. But when she was alive I wanted to fuck her. From age 11-16.

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How old is your mother? 300 years old?

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Your mother seriously needs to rethink her research career if she got two PhDs. Unless her awarding institution awards "Dual Degrees" for certain programmes (an abomination in itself), or your mother actually has a PhD and a Habil. or a D.Litt

Also this entire thread is disturbingly freudian.

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Whoa your mom sounds like a nerd!

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I love my mom!!

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Thanks OP, you reminded me that my mom is Yukari with dark hair.

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Wait, I thought Yuuka was the default mothery figure

Just me projecting, huh? That's fair.

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Does anyone remember taking showers/baths with mom?

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No, but I did take baths with my siblings.

One time I took a dump in the tub mid-bath, it was funny to me at least.

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that's my mum

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my mom is like wriggle, because she has a penis

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>also tries to give love to everyone
So, a slut? How much does she cost?

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My mom is a petite Filipino woman, but she looks more Chinese. In her late 30s. She's not even 5 feet!
Too bad she works 12 hours a day so I never get to see her. She's really nice, and I really love her.

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oops. Forgot to mention she has a Youmu-cut and is really hardworking.
So Youmu (with black hair) it is.

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your mom is a fucking dork, turbo nerdo XD

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Strangely far fewer /jp/sies were systematically abused by their mothers than I would have thought. Did your fathers rape you instead?

>> No.10004694

I never knew my father.

>> No.10004695


My dad wasn't there for most of my childhood.
So I guess he raped me by not raping me.

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My mom refuses to go out in anything but a ridiculously colorful dress. She's also short and is a masochist.

tenshi mom
kinda feels bad

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I was expecting at least one person would say "Your mother felt young when you were inside of her, make her feel young again /jp/"

You've all disappointed me

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i dont feel like getting murdered

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Do you eat her peaches?

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I wanna fuck your /jp/'s touhou moms. I'm pretty jealous.

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i know that chair bro

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My mommy reminds me of Byakuren.

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