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This thread is about tea, an integral part of Japanese culture.

What have you been enjoying recently? Are there any tea drinking experiences that you would like to share?

Tea FAQ: http://pastebin.com/hw8XXZV5

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not otaku

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We don't have a Japanese culture board, though.

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Welcome, new user to /jp/ - Japan/General! Hah, just kidding, this isn't Japan/General. This is Touhou/Visual Novels/Doujin Games.

If you want to discuss the different places you can visit in Japan, I suggest you go to /trv/ (though they also seem to hate Japan there, so don't annoy them too much). If you want to discuss the Japanese language, go to /lang/ (yes, 4chan has text boards!). If you want to discuss anime and manga, go to /a/ (some series that are based on light novels/VNs/games like Marimite and Higurashi can also be discussed in /jp/, it really depends, so lurk a bit to see what's acceptable). Finally, if you want to talk about Japanese history and culture, go somewhere else, nobody here knows or cares for that stuff.

/jp/ was created as a board to get rid of Touhou and visual novels from /a/, it was never intended to be a board about Japanese culture. Most of the users here don't care about Japan, we only care about lolis and doujin games.

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I've been drinking instant sencha that was on sale. It makes a quick and tasty cup but isn't as good as the real loose leaf. Not bad at all for what takes 30 seconds to brew. The one benefit is that I can take it with me in a travel mug when I go around.

I enjoyed it while watching the ocean today. Not much is more relaxing than watching the world on a cold afternoon with while enjoying a warm cup.

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>Flavored Water Otaku
There's no such thing, OP...


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I'm actually just drinking that hojicha genmaicha right now.

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>tea drinking experiences

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There actually is such a thing as tea otaku just as there are train otaku and other strange otaku. Do you really think there are not?

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There are train otaku and weapons otaku, and we have boards for them, which are /n/ and /k/.

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do you really need to have the tea thread up every day of the week

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>This thread is about tea, an integral part of Japanese culture.


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relevant discussion

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Please stop trying to derail these threads.

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I'm making a rules proposition which is directly relevant to this thread. It's in /q/, where it belongs.

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Please don't let the tea autists invade that thread with their proxies.

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I think there is something suspicious going on here.

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Please explain.

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Janitor a shit.

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Drinking a Snapple Green Tea right now. It tastes better than I expected it to.

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Has anyone tried the Arizona Green Tea yet?

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I can't even get started on how wrong that is. Even worse than drinking tea made with teabags and tap water.

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I have never really had tea before. What is the best way to find out if I actually like tea before I go and order a tea pot and whatever else?

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From time to time in the warmer months, canned or bottled tea is nice. It definitely would not replace any of my regular iced teas.

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How does the work out? Both have really individual tastes so I'm not sure how I'd imagine it to taste

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I don't really want to shit up this thread but I love that tea
Honey + Ginseng is the best

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I would definitely recommend instant sencha from o-cha or another high quality provider. It can be brewed easily without a pot and gives you an idea of flavor. It does not have the floral nuances that can be found in the real deal, however.

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Cool d00d. I will pick it up tomorrow.

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I like the new Red Apple flavor. Honey & Ginseng is nice, too.

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Fuck me, I found that Red Apple flavor once in a gas station 80 miles from home at like 3 am a couple years back.

It was so fucking good and i've never been able to find it anywhere since. I really don't want to drive around looking for it.

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Initially it's the roasted rice, and the aftertaste is the hoji. All in all, it works well enough. I bought it so I'd have something very, very low in caffeine to drink at night.

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I don't see how it's shitting up the thread. It's not like the hipster nerds are entitled to their organic and fancy tea.

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I assume you mean this? http://www.o-cha.com/instant-sencha.html

It is cheaper than I was expecting.

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This thread is for tea _otaku_, not unwashed retards like you who don't know the first thing about tea.

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I am sorry you are getting frustrated about me drinking tea. I hope we can get along from here on out.

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arizona teas taste like piss
and they're not even real tea

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I couldn't agree more. I got a can because of how hyped it was and it was just sweet upon sweet. None of the proper tea taste, just packaged diabetes.

Nothing beats freshly brewed.

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30 grams for 13 bucks, not including shipping, is definitely not cheap.

By the way, these threads reek of autism, both parties involved.

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Step aside bitches, Assam coming through.

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get a load of these tea ELITISTS

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I had a really excellent Bailin Gongfu black the other day - very malty with some delicious caramel notes. Yesterday was mostly Jin Xuan milk oolong, really buttery and vegetal.

I have some Four Season oolong coming in from Taiwan too, that I'm pretty excited about.

Is anyone here on Steepster?

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I like high-quality (10€ per 100g) tea from china more than tea from japan. It has a calm yet strong taste. You can use it as coffee replacement but it wont tire you out, instead you will feel more energized and refreshed.

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You sound like some kind of energy drink marketer, fuck off.

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I still have some of this year's shincha. I can't believe I'm so lazy I can't even brew some delicious tea.

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I almost made a new thread after I saw that the old one fell victim to the get flood.

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10€/100g is dirt cheap dude. Not saying it's bad or anything, just so you're not having any illusions about the tea you're drinking.

I still have lots of it, mainly because I ordered way too much this year around.

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>10€/100g is dirt cheap dude
Also 100g last a long time.

On a sidenote, I am getting better and better with the zhong and getting the temperature right just with the sound of the boiling.

Does a zhong/gaiwan works for black tea, though ?
Also I read somewhere that for black tea, water temperature is around 80Celcius and the steeping time is 3 or 4 minute, depending on the tea.
I have no experience when it comes to black tea.

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Brewing time seems to vary heavily between 15 seconds to 1 or 2 minutes depending on your tea. 3-4 minutes could be for the 4th or so steep. The temperature seems to always mention 95°C. The place where you bought it from should mention the correct temperature and steeping time. Alternatively you could just google the name of the tea. Hojotea seems like a great source of information, too. At least it's very expansive.

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> 3-4 minutes could be for the 4th or so steep
Most black tea are only to be infused once, twice is the most that I've heard of.

Infusion time is generally longer, but the quantity of tea used is much smaller than for other teas..

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Eeeh really? From what I've gathered you can brew black tea even more often than green one.

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I keep making nothing but disgusting swill. I hate this. Why am I so bad at making tea?

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Get a thermometer, a proper electric kettle and a water filter.

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No japanese spirit = no tea

Don't try to fit in where you're not welcome.

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If you're the tencha guy then tencha is naturally harder to brew than other teas and isn't as common to find detailed instructions on how to brew it. This might help.


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Was it something stupid?

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The 10000000 get.

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Oh. No clue, I was asleep.

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artisticnippon has such beautiful stuff but it's all so expensive and the shipping fees are crazy ;_;

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This is not japan general anymore. Get fucked weaboo. Moot is ashamed of you and himself. Eat sage hellspawn.

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Honestly, where should japan general go if not /jp/?

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Stop arguing with him. Report and move on; the janitor will delete his post soon enough.

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Or this thread asswipe.

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Brough some tea from japan few years ago. It was all white and tasted salty.

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Oh my. Didn't know prostate was that close.

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Cup, saucer and cake plate in a set of two each $1,055 + shipping. Totally crazy.

I have similarly classy looking ones at my parents' place. I think I'll take them with me the next time I'm there.

Wow that is crazy expensive, considering that it's basically bagged tea. There are better ways to enjoy tea if you don't want to get into the whole teapot business.

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If anyone is interested, Hojotea has some really interesting brewing techniques:


Looks kind of excessive but he says he's getting 10-20 brewings out of this which means up to 2 liters of tea.

The site is generally very large on information regarding a lot of tea stuff, if you have nothing better to do at the moment.

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Heyy... Something is not right here... Janitors... They are trying to rewrite history! Of us all! Even their own. This cannot be forgiven.

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matcha iri genmaicha everyday right now.

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Do want.

>> No.10006344

White buds always look so tasty.

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That's genmaicha with matcha powder inside, right? How is it? I once put some matcha in my sencha and it turned out kind of meh. But the color of it was amazing.

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I can't really afford any up-scale greens, but I'm currently enjoying some Earl Grey with cornflower this season.

It's really not the same, but at least it's real tea.

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Are you sure? Check out Sencha Moe on http://www.zencha.net/products_yame.php
I've heard decent things aboout it and it's 13 bucks with free shipping and 100g lasts for ages.

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First to fourth brewing. I was actually expecting different results. Usually the second brewing has the most taste and is darker than the other ones but this time the color of the third was the strongest.

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Interesting... This thread is under janitor's special protection... Probably janitor is big fan of tea then.

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this bothers you?

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Gyokuro erry day for the next 10 days until I use up this 50g package.

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I wonder what caused that.

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Where did you get that Patchouli fig?

>> No.10008570


Too bad it's out of stock.

They had one some month ago but I bought it.

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My mother fucking Tencha ``green'' tea keeps turning up yellow. And I followed all the instructions with water quality, water temperature, water to leaf ratio, lid being on/off and all that shit. I also brew it in a clay looking authentic as fuck kyusu. Somebody better have a fucking explanation because I'm losing my goddamn patience.

>> No.10008682

Hm, in my experience most green tea is actually yellow. I know that matcha is green.

>> No.10008692

Have you perhaps ever came to the conclusion that you've been brewing your tea incorrectly the entire time?

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I was at this traditional japanese tea drinking workshop yesterday, because it's japanese culture week in my city (Ljubljana, Slovenia). I was also at a History of manga lecture today and there were these 3 japanese girls sitting in the back and one of them was kawaii as fuck.

>> No.10008706

Well does it taste good or not? That is kind of the point, no?

How much did that houhin+thingy+the two cups set cost?

Also I'm definitely gonna order some gyokuro, long jing and oriental beauty once I get rid of all my shincha. I want to expand my taste a bit.

How do you think gyokuro would turn out in a 360ml kyusu?

What did you drink and what other culture weeks do you have in your city?

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kool streh breh

>> No.10008721

Of course it didn't taste good. Why do you even ask that.

>> No.10008722

I was drinking sencha.
This is the only culture week I really know of, there are probably others but this was the only one to catch my attention.

>> No.10008792 [DELETED] 

Of course. Everything here disappears. So janitors can preserve their image. Even though they've been against these threads for a long time and haven't let weaboos to have their fun time. Now weaboos can have their weaboo time for all they like in here. In short this is buuuullllshit!

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You play Japanese games, read Japanese visual and light novels, probably collect Japanese figurines, obsess over Japanese characters and you call people who drink tea weeaboos?

>> No.10009111

Temperature too hot.

>> No.10009129

So you'd assume, but I brewed it at 55-60 C. That's definitely the colder temps. I'll try 40 C on my next brew but I sincerely doubt it's the temperature.

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What kind of tea do the keyons drink?

>> No.10009179

Maybe it's the water. Do you filter it? If not try bottled water and see what difference it makes.

>> No.10009195

My water has been carefully filtered twice and has no obvious taste.

>> No.10009210

Of course. I'd assume those who drink sencha on purpose everyday, are way more weaboo than anyone who play video games from Japan. Deduct why.

>> No.10009225 [DELETED] 
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Because you have the mindset of a retarded turbo faggot who can't get laid?

>> No.10009267 [DELETED] 

Probably more than you. If you are so into country that you begin to disregard its pop-culture and begin to seek refuge in its traditions. ((Meaning that you love that fucking country so fucking much.)) That's pretty wabiniolastic now isn't it. Almost 50% more ridiculous and pathetic.

>> No.10009275

>e. I'd assume those who drink sencha on purpose everyday, are way more weaboo than anyone who play video games from Japan. Deduct why.

Don't forget JDM parts, shipped overnight yo.

>> No.10009288 [DELETED] 

Yeah, surely no one drinks it because it tastes good or anything.

>> No.10009299 [DELETED] 

Presumably it tastes even better when drunk from a Japanese teapot into Japanese teacups as part of a Japanese tea ceremony.

>> No.10009303 [DELETED] 

lol @ le this guy

>> No.10009336 [DELETED] 

I don't see how it's any of your business where people drink their tea from.

>> No.10009556 [DELETED] 

Get a life loser.

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- A clear plastic guard is placed over the tip of the Kyusu spout to protect the spout from breakage during transport. Before use, please remove the plastic guard.

Who keeps the plastic guard on here?

>> No.10009594

I did for a while but I put it off a few weeks ago.

>> No.10009611 [DELETED] 

Fuck you. I live more in one night than you live in 20 years, American dream bitches 20k grand. Anyway, I'm going to dig up dead cats tomorrow if this thread is still up. I swear and it will be fun. Oh yes it will be.

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You're silly and I want to laugh at you for actually using it with the plastic guard on.

>> No.10009617 [DELETED] 

>20k grand
>20 000 000
i jelly

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Talking like a black person from the ghetto doesn't make you sound richer, you delusional middle class scum.

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Please do not insult my African heritage you ass ;__;

>> No.10009719 [DELETED] 

Cute reaction face dude, I bet you're really refined.

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Try brewing with bottled soft water like Volvic or Naya, or buying something to soften your tap water with. Also, tencha is more of a 'yellowy' sencha, if you want neon green, look for fukamushi sencha.


There are Japanese people in Slovenia? There are Slovenians on /jp/?


If you made gyokuro at full capacity, you would need like... half a package of it for 360ml of tea. Gyokuro is generally intended to be drank in very concentrated, small quantities. We're talking like, 100ml or less.


The original tea threads were generally able to keep away malcontents because people didn't take the bait they offer for their endless cyclical arguments. If we can go back to ignoring them and letting the janitors do their job sweeping the threads clean, we can have nice threads again.


Take the plastic guard off, definitely, but don't lose it. When you're transporting teaware, it's very easy to scratch that part of the pot without the guard.

>> No.10009878

Have you read yours today while drinking glorious tea?

>> No.10009883

>If you made gyokuro at full capacity, you would need like... half a package of it for 360ml of tea. Gyokuro is generally intended to be drank in very concentrated, small quantities. We're talking like, 100ml or less.
No, I just meant in a 360ml kyusu. I wouldn't be making silly portions. Just that I don't have anything smaller.

>> No.10009894 [DELETED] 

Reminder that on 2012 /jp/, SICP and programming threads are routinely deleted, but threads about Chinese beverages are okay.

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I haven't, but Mythical Man-Month is on my backlog.


That's fine, then.

You've also reminded me of something, an experiment I tried today. Ordinarily, I do not blend teas in any way, shape or form, but I was inspired today to do something new with the package of gyokuro I just opened. I tried mixing gyokuro with a cheap 'daily' sencha, and the result was surprisingly enjoyable. They compliment each other, with the robustness that gyokuro doesn't have, but adding the richness and umami that the cheap sencha didn't have.

I think that this is actually how I'm going to use up the rest of that package of gyokuro.

>> No.10009930

>Mythical Man-Month

Different kind of book, nerd.

Though it is interesting if you're into software engineering.

>> No.10010003 [DELETED] 

Come hang out with us on /g/ programming threads.

>> No.10010050 [DELETED] 

   ( ´Д`) <I piss on ur board
  /    \
  | l    l |     ..,. ., .,
  | |    | _|。.:_::゜。-.;.:゜。:.:;。
  ヽ \_ .。'゚/   `。:、`;゜:;.::.。:.:。
   /\_ン∩ソ\    ::..゜:: ゚。:.:.::.。.。:.
.  /  /`ー'ー'\ \  ゜: ::..゜:: ゚。:.:.:,。:.:.
 〈  く     / / ::..゜:: ゚。:.:.:,.:.:.:。:.:,
.  \ L   ./ / _::..゜:: ゚。:.:.:,.:.:,.:.:.:,
    〉 )  ( .::旦旦旦旦旦旦旦旦旦旦旦旦旦旦旦旦旦旦.
   (_,ノ    .`ー'旦旦旦旦旦旦旦旦旦旦旦旦旦旦旦旦旦旦.

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Bai Mudan (white peony). It really does have the scent of peony.

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Drinking constant comment as usual

>> No.10013223

This thread needs some BLACK TEA GENTLEMAN.

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>> No.10013245 [DELETED] 


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File: 38 KB, 639x505, sissy faggot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10013253 [DELETED] 
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>> No.10013259 [DELETED] 

>Cum Guzzling Sissy Faggot
Sounds like the average 2hu playing NEET /jp/

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This brewing tastes a lot better than any other so far

That could mean one of three things:

1) My pallet has adjusted to further appreciate the flavour.
2) I brewed it properly for a change.
3) The tea from this middle area of the bag is of better quality.

Either way, I'm liking this

>> No.10013681

Maybe going for Tencha was a little bit too experimental for a first time.

>> No.10013703

What the fuck? Is there another guy who has issues brewing tencha or are you mistaking that guy for me?

>> No.10013709

Oh, sorry. I thought you were that guy (>>10008655)

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It's genmaicha, the type with some matcha added. Nothing too challenging, it's just that I don't have a "water boiler" or a thermometer .

>> No.10013823

It took you half a package to figure it out ?

Well, I guess some people learn faster than others; it can take some time to nail it down, depending on the tea and teaware.

>> No.10015372

Are those kappa? What are they doing?

>> No.10015408

yes, and they are trying to steal something....

>> No.10015423

Well, I have never had it before so I have no idea what it is actually supposed to taste like. I just figured that's how it tasted and it was over-hyped a bit.

>> No.10015989

Non-Directional do you still IRC? #teahou is sill alive believe it or not.

>> No.10016319


Nah, I don't think I've been on IRC since except to download things from fservs. It's neat to see channels I build up lasting months or years after I depart.

>> No.10016478


Ah I see. Well it's still as quiet as ever so you haven't missed much.

>> No.10016484 [DELETED] 

Why the fuck did you hurt Robert you stupid whore?

>> No.10016498

Still trying to find a good cheap bamboo mug/cup. Everyone either looks ugly or is hideously priced.

>> No.10016584

grow a bamboo plant and cut off your own

>> No.10016667 [DELETED] 
File: 1.60 MB, 320x224, 1346636124431.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, how could you! poor Robert. He never deserved any of that!

>> No.10016695


Of course, why couldn't i think of that before

>> No.10016695,1 [INTERNAL] 

anti-bully meido !!

>> No.10016865

I'm serious by the way. I've got one and if I wanted I could have about 10 cups from it

>> No.10018847

>an integral part of Japanese culture.
This is Otaku Culture, not Japanese cullture you fucking moron.

>> No.10018873

/a/ is not about Japanese culture either. Stop redirecting people to the wrong boards please!

>> No.10018890

There are some cute teacups on Etsy that are made in Japan for cheap relatively compared to tea sites.

>> No.10018912

Not bamboo ones, though. You might be able to message one of the bamboo crafters and get them to make you a bamboo set.

>> No.10018969 [DELETED] 
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>> No.10018969,1 [INTERNAL] 

fug :-DDDD

>> No.10018969,2 [INTERNAL] 

the whiny /q/ueers win again