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What's so good about Touhous? Why you all love them so much? Is it a meme? They are not even big in Japan any more.

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Everyone's just trying to fit in.

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It's a meme, this board is actually about K-ON but post-/q/ janitor wont allow anything except 2hu.

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The games are fun

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>They are not even big in Japan any more.

Excuse me, how much of Comiket 82 was Touhou?

How much of Comiket 83 is going to be Touhou?

Is Reitaisai still going on?

Yes, it's still big in Japan. You know nothing.

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The stupid get shit is over, so you can leave now.

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Not all of us like it, dweeb,

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>They are not even big in Japan any more
An entire fucking row.

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Some times it's good to question yourself. All this time on Touhous is wasted in our fast paced world. Are you sure that you want to be posting that much Touhou?

Touhou is declining. I am sorry to inform you.

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Its is declining but it is still extremely big.

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Thank god. They should just merge Touhou with /mlp/, they're the same audience.

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It's fun. It's fun. No. "They" never were.

The get is over. You can go back to your board now.

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I thought the rate of increase was just slowing.

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Just because you say it, doesn't make it true.

Let's wait till Comiket 83 and see what the layout for the convention will be. It will probably be more than 70% Touhou material.

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This time next year will be far fewer Touhou than now. The rate is increasingly dramatic with each day. I would not be surprised to find half as much Touhou in six months time.

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So you have given up even doing direct replies with your trolling

We can move on now

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numbers where

captcha is "fact mnchek", close enough

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zun's cookin' up 2 new item for the touhouverse.

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Even if you're right, who cares? Eventually content will stop being made, but there's still a shitload of content out there to enjoy for years.

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I hope magical mahjong lesbians becomes popular instead.

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