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Any clip out there of him speaking or even reading japanese
Bet he sucks t b h

>> No.23377884

Is core 6/10k worth doing again?
I did it when i was learning japanese years ago, I took a long break and forgot a bunch.
I finished it but forgot a chunk of the words

>> No.23377887

yeah do it again then quit again and come back in a few years and do it again

>> No.23377894

fine, i'll bite. like history, finance, and already have up to n3 grammar? sure. otherwise, you'll hate life before you get very far. just mine the vocab for your chosen grammar resource, and choose a deck that everyone here recommends.

>> No.23377901

Join us in the chat

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>> No.23377908

>and choose a deck that everyone here recommends
Which deck is that?

>> No.23377911

wakarimasen lol. check resources

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>> No.23377957

No just start sentence mining and listening and reading

>> No.23378166

>ciaran who i am very similarly leveled with
LMAO probably the most delusional thing you've sad thus far

>> No.23378199

anyone posting after or before me is a dekinai

>> No.23378200

didnt qm start learning after ciaran already passed n1? really goes to show how insanely fast quizmaster learned now they are at the same level. almost as crazy as moe's progress

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great delivery on that one from both parties

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ill make a new one

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>> No.23378725

really gotta thank matto for spawning characters like karbin and animegodfather and keeping me entertained all these years

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>> No.23378728

may as well refresh this one while we're at it

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almost all my streamables are pending deletion what a shit website

>> No.23378804

thank god i wont have to see the same 30 clips being spammed

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>> No.23378833

so they're deleting them now even if people are watching them? wtf

also didn't there used to be a right click option to download the clip

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>> No.23378956

gaming is for retarded losers

>> No.23378960

>first planet is called preludon
fucking inspired shit

>> No.23378994

thinking about manko

>> No.23379042

thinking about mango, a great italian musician and singer who made some nice rock fusion tracks and unfortunately suffered a heart attack on stage and died

>> No.23379057

unfortunate bro

>> No.23379096

finished the first route of kkk and they don't even give you a credit roll it's straight back to the title menu. disgusting way to treat your readers.

>> No.23379174

sounds racist

>> No.23379226

By definition you can't be racist against subhuman species

>> No.23379250

fuck off pol cum slurper

>> No.23379540

fuck off back to /leftypol/
oh, that's right, it doesn't exist anymore

>> No.23379552

im conservative retardo, stay on your containment board

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>> No.23379779

anyone here even like what theyre reading
seems like everybody just feels some obligation to nihongo god about reading some hard shit just find something you actually like damn

>> No.23379798

the only getting separated is your moms 秘唇 (by おれ)

>> No.23379827

sometimes i do
sometimes i dont
for example i recently read a vn that had some 廃校 thing going on in the foreground which i didnt really enjoy that much with some relatively fun cute sol scenes in the background
in contrast, back when i read ever17 i didnt enjoy the tatusando stand thing or the shitty jokes but mostly because the main plot was actually good.

>> No.23379841

one piece is shit just like everything else ever serialized on shounen jump

>> No.23379874

whats some good anime then?

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