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then enjoy your b&

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By the way if anyone wants to download a lot of stuff with her:

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I love little girls.

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Why is this thread full of fun and love while my Rika Nishimura thread a long time ago was filled with racial hatred?

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Thank you.

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Where the janiturd at?

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her feet are fucking big for that age.

also hiw is the lawsuite with these kind of pictures OUTSIDE of japan?

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I remember watching a Jr Idol video years ago that was like a pretend POV date to some hot springs.

Need to get around and find more of that stuff.

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Aww. Feel free to start posting pics about her, I didn't know her before and I'm interested.

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Because it just didn't work out?

But they have a point about Western girls.

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Sounds pretty good.

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ohhh rika nishimura.

Goddammit and I already masturbated today. To bad shes just too pretty. Time to give my dick a good chafing

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She has big shoulders and feet for a girl her age...

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I really wish I wasn't in the UK so I could share my imouto.tv folder safely. I got over 104GB, up to April 2008.

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Actual Child Pornography.
You sick fucks never cease to amaze me.

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Dunno, I think that makes her even cuter.

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Do you think she knows WHY men want her pictures?

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Nudity =/= porno.

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dem fucking gooks man

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>In Japan, a junior idol (ジュニアアイドル junia aidoru?), alternatively chidol (チャイドル chaidoru?) or low teen idol (ローティーンアイドル rōtīn aidoru?), is primarily defined as a child or early teenager pursuing a career as a photographic model (this includes both gravure and AV). Child actors, musicians, and J-pop singers (whose musical genre is often termed idol pop) can also be considered junior idols, and are often featured in photobooks and image DVDs.

Not too interested in the modeling aspect but who are some good junior idol musicians?

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>downloading actual childporn to your computer

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Kyary and Kashiyuka both did it when they were younger.

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Here comes JANNY

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I wouldn't expect you to ruin the fun of others. Since you're so open-minded and strives for a /jp/ full of freedom and happiness, the least I would expect from you is to bully other's contents just because yours was banned.

>> No.10460622,5 [INTERNAL] 

We can only have a /jp/ full of freedom and happiness when the janitor is gone.

Furthermore, the only ones truly capable of bullying other's content are janitors and mods. Blame them for deleting it, not me for reporting it.

>> No.10460622,6 [INTERNAL] 

Way to deflect responsibility, shitlord.

>> No.10460622,7 [INTERNAL] 

You don't seem to understand what I'm trying to do. Oh well, hate me if you must.

>> No.10460622,8 [INTERNAL] 

You're trying to bring back Saten threads by making a huge fucking deal every time anything happens that isn't 100% by-the-book because you're a disgusting shitposting faggot.

>> No.10460622,9 [INTERNAL] 

>huge fucking deal every time anything happens

Whoa there, what's this? What do you mean "every time"? Please expound!

>> No.10460622,10 [INTERNAL] 

>Please expound!
You're trying to bring back Saten threads by making a huge fucking deal every time anything happens that isn't 100% by-the-book because you're a disgusting shitposting faggot.

Try reading the entire post next time.

>> No.10460622,11 [INTERNAL] 

Way to deflect my question, shitlord.

I am still curious as to why someone would say I do this "every time." Have I done this before?

>> No.10460622,12 [INTERNAL] 

I don't know if you've posted in /q/ before, but you probably have. Even if you don't, you certainly do whine about it here.

>> No.10460622,13 [INTERNAL] 

the 2020 Olympics will fix this

>> No.10460622,14 [INTERNAL] 

olympics can't exterminate pedophiles

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says who, people during the renaissance and colonial america had loli wives

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Skimming over this thread, everyone keeps talking about pedophilia but this girl looks like she's at least 15.

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shits old yo

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she's old enough to flip now

>> No.10460622,22 [INTERNAL] 

she is so cute

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nice pit

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