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the rtk based

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Fat is what gives meat its flavour. And fat isn't bad for you.

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roboco towa korone bros gmi!

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Almost four months. I am trying to read, but it's not working out for me at all. I barely have any comprehension. Tried to watch anime instead but it's the same there. Basically nothing I try to do helps.

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She's right. You never know.
Also keep this in mind - when you see a really hot girl and think "i've got no chance" just remember that 9 times out of 10 she's wearing 10 kg of makeup and she isn't actually that hot, she's also probably really insecure and wondering why guys don't approach her.

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reading a kowai hanashi and some 2ch threads

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I love my fatty lamb. In fact, imma go make some shepherd’s pie as soon as the grocery store opens.

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just keep doing it lol
i just watched this one youtuber every day for a bit and 4 months later i could start understanding everything he said
read some 怪談s as well

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The R is for ルイ.

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>4 months
have you been listening and reading every day for 4 months?

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its not, esl

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based and correct
takes a while, have you tried doremi/hukumusume? i also didn't understand anything at the start
think you already saw the block of text about zipfs law, you have to immerse A LOT
also time is immaterial, hours immersed is a better metric, if your 4 months is 30 minutes a day thats nowhere near enough
you need hours and hours and hours at least at the start, every day, i did anyway
cute! well okay!

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yeah dont listen to that retard but on the topic of reviews taking a long time. it's a very easy problem to solve. you see a card, and if you dont know it within a few seconds you fail it. it's irrelevant if you would have remembered it if you sat there and pondered for 10-15 seconds because the total time waste of spending an hour+ on anki per day makes the juice not worth the squeeze. when i used to do anki my per card rate was like 2.5-3 seconds. when you get more advanced you'll be able to more quickly judge if you know a word as well.
im gonna assume you do like 1-2 hours per day? that's like 200 hours total. this shit takes thousands of hours bro. you need to adjust your expectations.

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wow they really stuffed all the ecchi in Mei's route into chapter 8 and onwards. it works well for her though. I was not at all expecting her to be the most innocent/sex-shy girl, rather I had the opposite impression. and I like her a lot more than I expected.

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the better you are the less you give advice
meaning all the "advice" above has been written by noobs

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using a midget to remember it will cripple you later since you use 低い for heights of people

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thanks for the advice noob

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pretty much what >>42480028 said
if I could go back and fetch my anki stats from 4 months in when i'd sit there scratching my head to eventually arrive at the answer, they'd look very similar to yours
Comprehension is a whole other thing, the only thing that can help wiht that outside of the basics of grammar is immersing
i used midgets for it because midgets have a brief lifespan compared to real people

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you are welcome but you don't have to sign your posts

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>i used midgets for it because midgets have a brief lifespan compared to real people
almost as convoluted as wankikani mnemonics, i kneel

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i wasn't talking to you

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most people here suck so if a post is popular that means its not good
longer than 3 lines - trash post
has more than 3 replies praising it - trash post

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yes you were

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Why you oafs keep assuming beginners can read and understand spoken words? No i wasn't there is no point. I do it more now a little bit, but i still am focusing on vocab and studying grammar and making notes. Can't watch anything because I don't understand.

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nuh uh

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real thread

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and that is why you've made such little progress after 4 months, retard-kun

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he was trying to bait me into giving him a reply because his post was 3 lines long
not falling for it I've grown up

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stranger danger

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>Can't watch anything because I don't understand.
so look stuff up while watching? are you fucking stupid

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why would anyone pretend to be me

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yeah going with this one
thanks bro

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schizo bet you think youre being gang stalked too

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no but i do think you're exceptionally stupid

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youre quite the silly billy yourself :)

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works on my brain lol

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Today I feel way better than yesterday and I feel like I absorbed more stuff than the day before.

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we've already established you don't know much about me

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the voices in your head dont count as other people dumb dumb

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don't repeat what your therapist told you

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>n-no you
weak and pathetic
if we are having a back and forth i expect bleeding edgy quips otherwise its no fun

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you only get what you give in return

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did my reps
did my writing
did my grammar

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this but also unironically

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doing none of that
already made it

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>Towa OP
Good thread.

Is it cheating if I don't remember what something means in isolation, but do understand what it means when used in a sentence?


From the sentence I figured it means to be given, but couldn't have gotten it from the word alone.

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