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reary omgggggggggggggggg

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ahhh leech had to ruin it

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Sakamata's stinky pants...

>> No.42474478

Twap lopve....

>> No.42474479

I lopve Towa

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smart twap

>> No.42474485

Towa sounds extra dumb today

>> No.42474486

Towa is so ____

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>> No.42474488

Towa sounds extra dumb when she is trying to communicate in English

>> No.42474489

Twa sounds so smart...

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I was looking forward to see how a retard like Chloe defeat ender dragon and get elytra all by herself...oh well...

>> No.42474492

>eat oe die!?
>if you hungry
>you die
>done die
Who the fuck said Kaela is boring, lmao.

>> No.42474493

>eat oe die?!

>> No.42474494

Towa is smart...

>> No.42474495

Towa knows how to spell delicious

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>those gurgling nasty giggles
Towa is a pig

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>> No.42474499

Kaela's massive autism is endearing and how can you not like someone that streams 15 times a week

>> No.42474500

Twoh yes...

>> No.42474502

Twapi is an uchi...

>> No.42474504

OH yes~

>> No.42474505

My feelings towards Towa

>> No.42474506

Kaela is very boring alone, she's like iroha.

>> No.42474507

I think Towa had a stroke...

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>> No.42474511

stop evading my filter kenzocucks

>> No.42474512

we only love Holos that don't stream

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>> No.42474514

I know, she's like, perfect to tune in at any given time regardless of your situation. She can be boring because she streams so much and is autistic, but that's because of the volume, she still has lots of moments for sure and like you said, is endearing.

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>> No.42474517

Kenzoflips fuck off already

>> No.42474519

I want Twao to rail me while saying sexy things in Twinglish...

>> No.42474520

Towa is Kaela wife..!?

>> No.42474521

Twa is special

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>> No.42474523

Nenene got NTR'd...

>> No.42474524

Bros why is Towa interacting with a side branch..

>> No.42474526

married life...

>> No.42474527

shut the fuck up Towa
please just shut the fuck up

>> No.42474529

Towa is brain damaged

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>> No.42474532

Twap is laughing at how dumb Twap sounds...

>> No.42474533

This is comedy fucking gold. Thank you Kaela.

>> No.42474534

Do you think Twapi was like this offline when she was doing stuff with the ENs too?
I can just imagine them going through town and her going nuts like that

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