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unexpected KEK

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>Sees that Nozomi and Aoi Ibuki has the same header photo of them together.
>Remembers that the duck and Oka Erina also had matching header photos
>Realizes that the inexorable march of time will inevitably destroy everything I love and care for

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didn't Nozomi had fling with Sora Shiina some time ago?

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>download KT-602, KT-606 and KT-610
>KT-602 is blurry, watermarked and offset audio
>KT-606 and KT-610 are good quality (for being so old)
>still no KT-611
>apparently some site JAVfull.pro has a page for KT-611 (and KT-602)
>access denied
>no idea if it's a streaming only site, premium links or not even a piracy site
After the second part of DDT-319 finishes downloading (at least 10 hours left), I'll need to try that site with a VPN. That's the reason why I started typing this post, so I won't forget. Also turns out I really already had KT-606, but only in 240p so this 480p is a significant upgrade. Unfortunate about KT-602 audio being out of sync as that's worse than the blurry quality and watermark, but I didn't find any other way to pirate it, so it'll have to do unless that JAVfull.pro site is a free piracy site and has a better copy. I really hope so.
>download SNI-11
>watermarked and a bit blurry
At least the watermark is small and transparent and looks like it may be an official marking and not an added watermark (I could be wrong), so it isn't bad, and the quality is good enough.
>download WBTK-01
>a bit blurry
>slightly corrupt file (choppy with audio cutting out when skipping)
Good enough, at least it isn't watermarked.
>download GSKD-001, GSKD-002, GSKD-003
>all have annoying watermarks
What is it about BDSM fetish JAV that attracts watermarkers the same way like Chinese watermarkers? The more extreme or unique or "experimental" the BDSM is, it really becomes exponentially more likely for watermarks to be on it. Are the uploaders so deep into a BDSM lifestyle that for them even piracy is a form of fetish, that they get off thinking about how only they have clear copies but pirates don't? If so, that's very cringe. Is it the same for Chinese watermarkers? Those who upload premium only links too? Must be some form of narcissism. I'll never understand it, but we all have to live with it and at least these are better than those big Chinese watermarks everywhere.

I'll also mention, Yamiwo has one of the most unique faces of any JAV actress. Pic related. So, finally after over a decade having all of her (credited on JAVlibrary) JAV in full and clear enough quality is an improvement for my life. I wish she had done more than these types of fetishes, because to my knowledge no other JAV actress looks even close to her and I'd fap to her in vanilla JAV too. Searching the archive looks like nobody has posted about her here at least by name, but you all may have seen one photo of her in disinformed contexts. If you haven't seen it, I'll link it but be warned that if extreme BDSM is not your cup of tea, it's probably uncomfortable to look at:
Do any other sirs remember seeing this photo all the time when it was circulated on social media with obvious fake stories? Three specific stories I remember:
>as a Christian Saudi girl tortured by Muslims (sometimes they instead said she was Iranian)
>as a Chinese girl tortured by her ex or cops (some instead said in Russia)
>as a child trafficking victim from whichever country they heard
Even with proof telling them she's really Japanese and it's just BDSM fetish and a JAV actress, they refused to believe. From the photo it may be unclear that she's Japanese, but at least East Asian and clearly an adult, so the religious story and child trafficking story never made any sense how anybody could believe them. The Chinese story, I suppose it could be believable but, because it was the least "outrageous", it wasn't as popular. I wonder where the stories originated...

In any case, if you know another JAV actress with a similar face, I'd like to know. The first time I saw her, it was in a short clip from one of those JAV that I now have downloaded in full, and aside from that clip, most of my faps to her have been that famous misattributed photo and few other photos. From now on, it's going to be a different world. Pirating some older JAV can be much more difficult than when they were new, even impossible, but clearly in some cases like these, it also can be easier.

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Nah that was for youtuber synergetic reasons. Nozomi has since turn her focus from her own youtube channel to doing radio shows/Fanza house and Shiina has gone radio silent.

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come on, don't you think our smug boy-breathed tomboy didn't tried anything with Nozomi...?

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>JAV Thread #844 featured a squared crop of Japanese Adult Video actress KOYOI
>JAV Thread #844
>OP waited 58 fucking threads to get his revenge and closure
Jesus Christ KEEK

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She must've been born with a tail

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Should come as no surprise blacked scat jav is a thing.

>> No.42482654

Haven't seen any. Some of you are doing the usual bullshit baiting.

>> No.42482733

>I've never seen it therefore it doesn't exist


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oh no they dragged poor magnum into this

>> No.42482794

The fact he never talked about this in his interviews solidifies he wants to bury this chapter of his life.

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He'll be okay, it was fig paste anyway.

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Tsukasa Aoi is a magician.

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for me its only if the whore has vulgar outie labia. alas since this is JAV manko's are censored and I will refrain from mentioning western whores
Anissa Kate

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I betrayed myself, and more importantly I betrayed the hagchads. All along this week, with every fap I fought against my eyes and gut feeling and even googled for an answer and looked on Dogma's official site and found no indication but, I KNEW my eyes and gut were right. Yet, I chose to be catastrophically wrong because I thought "I really must be face blind after all" as I admit, my ability to tell people apart is not consistent and in some cases relies on context. However, many lookalikes to me don't look like lookalikes, so it goes both ways. Make-up and style can confuse me, so often with women I might think "make-up is really this powerful?" and don't want to conclude "this isn't the same person!" even if I see obvious bone structural differences. The flip side is, with some people I can't tell them apart at all without contextual factors. Because ethnicity or "race" is not a notable factor, and in some cases I even don't recognise friends or mistake strangers for friends, maybe it's autism or such.

In any case, let me embarrass myself before I make an apology to hagchads and everybody else who may have taken my posts at face value. At least I know I'm really not as face blind as I already began to question, but at what cost?

Here's what happened. I'll explain the timeline as it unfolded, and it will be painful to read. I fapped to PTKA-002 like many times before, cooming to the part where Shiina strap-on fucks Rei Mizuna. Then for whatever reason I skimmed some of the making clips at the end. Seeing Tsukika (who directed it) with minimal make-up acting like a nice lady, I realised what a hag she is. To be clear, she's very sexy and I aspire to become a hagchad, so that isn't a bad thing. My epiphany was that, if this is only one year later than PTJ-004, in which she appears alongside Fuuka Nanasaki with heavy make-up, even if the guts lesbian's make-up actually is more than it looks, it's impossible that she's Tsukika because she would look much older. I found a good frame and looked at her face thinking, "this can NOT be Tsukika" and googled again about the cast of PTJ-004. Of course Fuuka is mentioned everywhere, Tsukika in many places, but that's it. "Could a person really be this face blind?" I thought, knowing it can't be true. So, I skimmed the making scenes at the end until I saw her. There she is, Tsukika the hag! Yes, she doesn't even look at all similar to this girl. Seeing them next to each other made me wonder, how could I possibly think this could be the same hag? Well, the power of make-up and facial blindness is what I thought, but that's wrong. But, there was no information about any other actress in this JAV than Fuuka and Tsukika anywhere that I could find. So, I skipped around the video until I found the credits listing the cast:
>a guy
>a guy
Who the hell is Lucy? Could Lucy be the guts lesbian? I start to google, didn't see anything relevant for "PTJ-004 ルーシー" (I will get back to this). You can see for yourself what just "ルーシー AV" gets you, so that avenue was even more hopeless. I added more terms to narrow it down, "ルーシー AV SM" and more. Nothing, until I think "what if this Lucy is Shiina with the power of make-up and facial blindness?" so I google "ルーシー シーナ" and there it is! A relevant page! An SM wiki. A mention of the two in the same context, so again I was able to relax "I'm not face blind" as this confirms they are not the same person. So, who is this Lucy? I googled the initial "PTJ-004 ルーシー" again, now looking at the image results. There she is! The photos are on some blog, which lays it as plain as can be: Lucy is the guts lesbian. I then looked at the site results again and saw that I had missed that exact blog post among the first results...

At that moment, I had another epiphany. Can you guess what it was? A brand new level of retardation had certainly been reached because all along, it could not have been more obvious that this is not Tsukika. After all, she doesn't have Tsukika's tattoos. She has tattoos, yes, but they're different. I've seen Tsukika's tattoos enough times to know that these are different, so why didn't that erase any doubt? How could I look at this girl who doesn't look like Tsukika, is probably half her age, and has different tattoos, and think it's her? Of course the reason is that I saw only Fuuka and Tsukika as cast and when it's such a prominent scene, you'd expect her to be credited (as she is in the credits roll), but this really shows how incomplete online databases can be.

Hagchads, please don't judge this as a mistake that blocks my road to becoming a hagchad. It clearly means I'm not ready to truly appreciate the hagness of even somebody like Tsukika as hagness, hence being fooled into thinking this Lucy is that sexy hag despite not even being a hag. So, I have a long way to go as a hagchad.

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Hell, I had a new-ish SAS SSD just decide it was done with existing. No controller can see it. Checked with a multimeter and it's still drawing power, controller is powered, controller don't care. It was in RAID0 and I was using it as a scratch drive with its twin. Lost "everything" - read:nothing - kept using the now lone drive as actual storage. It's been 3 fucking years, the 2nd one is still fine. And THAT one was heavily used when I got it!!!

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She got blacked its over for her.

>> No.42483236 [DELETED] 

Everybody knows you never go full retard.
Remuposter, MinamoSir, Cropbro, AromaChads, JAVdirectorbro: they act retarded, but they are not really retarded. Autistic? Maybe. But not retarded.
But you went full retard, sir. Never go full retard.

>> No.42483442

Yes, I went full retard on at least three factors:
>doesn't even look like her
>has entirely different tattoos
>missed result when googling
In my only real "defence" I'll say that because it turned out I was right all along, the retardation ultimately was self-aware. Though, maybe that only makes it worse...

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Sir, why did you delete your post?!

>> No.42483462

I remember that FLAV episode, she was so good in this.

>> No.42483491

Aimi, retired

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well, anyone happens to have the code? or is it an amateur personal project?

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i thought i sounded too "mean" in that post, i didn't want you feeling disrespected, sometimes people don't understand silly banter and take it seriously, so to avoid misunderstandings i deleted it

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Don't mock Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
Damn madhouse used to make really good stuff

>> No.42483774

another beatufil good morning sirs. Please enjoy japanese breasts today.

>> No.42483799

>chad mentality on 4chan
I kneel

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There's a certain lack of kimono / traditional themed porn in general

>> No.42483894

You're not looking hard enough.

>> No.42483914

Seems like nude gravure

>> No.42483925

sir are you ok? sir?
please enjoy japanese jav harder and you will find kino men

>> No.42483949

Check for onsen themed titles they always wear kimonos in those, now if you're looking for oiran themed, that's hard, probably as hard as oyakodon

>> No.42484028

I'm not saying it doesn't exist, just it's not very popular.
Coming of age ceremony was a few weeks ago, and barely any release at that time with that theme.

Yeah, there's quite some onsen stuff.

>> No.42484436

How the fuck do you get size mogged by Asians?
You know they had an actual chance to make some IR that wasnt bland, american fantasies and have him play some little black runt who has to try and convince racist asian girls do give him a chance. He would fit that role much better than trying to play a black "chad" when he is like, 4ft 8, bald and obese. from whenever you see his fans on here speak he is apparantly a nice guy IRL so he might have even enjoyed that role more.
I just cant take his videos seriously, he fucks like a girl and I am too used to rape ogre performance levels when it comes to the humiliation genre, the genre was not a good fit for him.

>> No.42484489

there isn't enough nig for demands

>> No.42484530

they have a guy who is a better fit, you seem his releases pop up now and then. its not like they make much "blacked" jav to begin with, surely they could just use him or hire a new guy.
Anyway I am not a fan of the "blacked" thing anyway I think its overrated unless you have the fetish to start with and if I want to see the total destruction of a japanese woman I can watch a baby entertainment title.

>> No.42484542

Magnum is likely the one who's easiest to work with. Remember actors live and die by how they also act behind the sets.

>> No.42484690

What's your favourite video of her bro

>> No.42484850

nta but she did a lot of PRANKED stuff; it's always kino

>> No.42485115

Yuri Honma(sexo) might also scratch that itch, she has slightly softer features than >>42481646 owing to her slight chubbiness but in some ways she reminds me of the slutty dark elf deuteragonist in hentais/doujins

>> No.42485221

I love how assertive she is in her movies.

>> No.42485280

Yeah, just checked again, like I said is only gravure with some of them nude despite every article saying JAV
But maybe after being fired she'll go full jav

>> No.42485363

>I dont remember the code but he facefuck Alice Otsu until she throw up
NO WAY you gonna leave me just like this!

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new thread

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anyone have any good JAV where the actress plays an imouto role?

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