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Scholz released the Leopards

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>tank configuration automaton

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reminds me of my fic for the contest

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what are you writing about?

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go to the jungle in the amazon

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An order paladin brutally kills thousands of cu siths before the last one turns the tables on him and he gets hounded.

I'm not gonna say what I'm wriitng in case I don't finish in time

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There are rumors that sometimes it contains trace amounts of milk, but so far no one has been able to prove it.

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Why do kots loves waffles?

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They're an expression of love.

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What's this from?

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Hm, yes, cursedaircraftcarrier

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Maybe I didn't read far enough for the HFY cancer, or I was caught up before that happened. There was a bit of wank of course that comes with the subject matter, but I didn't remember it being unbearable. Or maybe it was, and we were a lot more tolerant to that sort of thing. Back then, people treated becoming an incubus as brain death and mamono winning as erasure of human culture. Almost every fanfic was guilty of weird cope around that.

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something is off about my wife today, but I can't quite put my finger on it...

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Must be pregnancy cravings.

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Life finds a way.

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Sure is dead in here.

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There's no point in having these threads anymore.

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But I like it here.

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Classic suffering fag that's just as desperate to be wanted and ogled, but with a kink for tragedy and being the object of sympathy primarily. The edgelordism/outward hatred for the very thing they crave attention from just plays into that. I'd know, because I'm also like that (fuck making cringy shitfics out of it though).

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sorry, went to watch Tomo
alright all 100 of you pack it up and let's leave
it's been fun

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and don't let the door hit your wife's giant ass on the way out.

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It's wednesday you dummy

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You bovine lovers don't know what you're in for.
A few pregnancies will inevitably lead to bakunyuu.

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I wish Selkies weren't just normal women in a seal suit. I know that's what they are in the irl myth but still.

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now that's a common problem for every monster lover

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Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

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it is when she can't run anymore without knocking herself out

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Yup sea seal are really cute and could be good pets. I would rather like a beast girls half sea seal and half humans.

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I haven fapped to anything else since finding that kej pubejob picture

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And then I'll give her even more kids and relish in the chounyuu

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>Back then, people treated becoming an incubus as brain death and mamono winning as erasure of human culture. Almost every fanfic was guilty of weird cope around that.
Yeah, lowkey hating monstergirls was ridiculously enough a fairly common thing for this place underneath all the comfyposting that 'all the cool kids' sorta did. I remember Europe's (first?) immigrant crisis going on at the time and drawing parallels between African rocket scientists and monsters was another 'deep' thing.
And that wasn't even all of retardation. Remember the bishieposting? The constant seethe of MGU refugees? Almost wish I gave all those faggots more shit at the time.

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>I would rather like a beast girls half sea seal and half humans.
I agree, if KC is going over older monster girls he needs to do that with Selkies.

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What did you consider the point of these threads?

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A lot of mamano are just normal women with animal ears so what's the difference

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I think my monster neighbor is broken. She keeps making this face when I do yard work

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>I'm just a normal woman with animal ears boy
>no need to call the paladins
>now whip it out

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