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Naisu Hime...

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>> No.41846368

Luna big pog face

>> No.41846370

Luna w

>> No.41846371

My indies... thanks for these, though

>> No.41846372

Luna doesn't sing western songs to hype herself anymore
I blame her mane

>> No.41846373

Next thread will be mommy Fauna.

>> No.41846376

speaking of that. I haven't heard much about Kanata these days. Is she doing okay?

>> No.41846379

Eddy* thread

>> No.41846382

just some boring streams no new content

>> No.41846383

Next thread will be a sexy adult princess

>> No.41846384

Kanata's soft, bouncy ass

>> No.41846385

Stalking Luna and having Luna on her baseball game team

>> No.41846386

She's a lion?

>> No.41846388

I am not heimin but she has been busy with 3dshit and her manager is being an autistic retard with streams trying to maximize viewership

>> No.41846389

She hasn't had any new holo or trend to leech off of so she's been quiet

>> No.41846391

blacked holo when?

>> No.41846394

this but Subaru

>> No.41846399

next thread will be anon

>> No.41846400

As long as she is happy and not pushing herself too hard then I can put my worries aside.

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>> No.41846402

next thread will be cum

>> No.41846404

Speaking of Kanata, it seems like there's something going on with her Kson and Lamy? I don't know but there were a bunch of people attacking Lamy for saying something

>> No.41846409

Based Heimin

>> No.41846413

next thread will be Ayame's feet

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>> No.41846415

Watch out Hime

>> No.41846418

Noel and Marine

>> No.41846419

*cums on the next thread*

>> No.41846420

Lamy tried to rape Kanata but Kson found out and slapped Lamy in front Yukimin, leading to Yukimin shotting up a gay bar

>> No.41846421

Friend, your singing reps...

>> No.41846422

Hime is very cute today

>> No.41846427

In her latest stream lamy was talking about bunch of random stuff and just happen to mention kanata and how supportive she is but wondered if she's alright and who supports her. Then said she has her "friend". That's literally all

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>> No.41846449

Botan keeps stealing all the girls from me

>> No.41846452

Fuck Friend

>> No.41846453

next thread will be a sheep thread. がんばれます!

>> No.41846456

Make the next one a Kanata

>> No.41846458

The next thread

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>> No.41846462

Akai na...

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>> No.41846465

fubuki needs a gacha luck boosting original song.

>> No.41846467

towa smells bad

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smile & go numbers...

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>> No.41846479

Aqua loves Suisei.

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