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>> No.41847392

I'd rather be a slave to monster pussy

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Buying amazon slave gf.

>> No.41847431

I would sniff that amazon's breath

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it's tolerable, especially with the "two ranges of hearing" excuse
plus it's what Kemono Friends does and i like kemono friends

>> No.41847463

I also enjoy kemono

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anon, you forgot your reading comprehension
i didn't say "kemono" the genre of japanese furry art characterised by there being a lot of furry humanoids, i said "Kemono Friends" the franchise of human girls with animal ears, tails, wings, and other assorted parts, but unlike "kemono" the genre of art, none of the "Kemono Friends" franchise girls have fur on their faces

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strong wolf
powerful wolf

>> No.41847496

As long as I can grind my dick on her abs I'm all good

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can do

>> No.41847534

I refuse

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She refuses your refusal.

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where's the unedited version of pic?

>> No.41847633

tits not big enough, I can continue refusing

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would you like the colour variates too!

>> No.41847753

girls like her don't exist

>> No.41847802

yes pls

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Here's what monsters can't bring me: a big titty goth gf!

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How about medium titty goth gamer gf?

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>> No.41847852

They say "big sis is watching", but is she watching me become a rebel by fapping to maledom porn featuring high level girls?

>> No.41847866

How hard does she cry when she loses?

>> No.41847873

why would she? she'd send you a few high level girls with instalose fetish and make sure you indulge yourself plenty
she has nothing but gifts for her children, as long as they willing to give themselves whole to the pleasure and enjoyment of monsterfolk

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>One of three husbands to a monster
Absolutely haram

In regards to violence though, controversial take but I really think it can make a story a lot more engaging if done right. Raises the stakes, opens up more paths the writer can go down.
Conflict is the main element of literally any story, so having a conflict that by default has higher stakes can make a story a lot more engaging, and (hopefully) rewarding if done right.

Having said that, violence that's gratuitous or over the top for seemingly no other reason then edge value is just shitty writing. Have a point to it, and don't exaggerate it just for the sake of it.

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Also in blue

>> No.41847911

Last night, and night before, there was 3 women walking down the street that way. I saw em, I said, "hey you three women, why are y'all walking down the street that way? There's nothin' down there". And they flew away. I said "aww them were some birds"

>> No.41847933

She cries when she wins because she's worried she made the other person upset

>> No.41847945

I know that feel

I think deep down maybey I don't want to be happy.

>> No.41847963

deep down I just want to be covered in lolis

>> No.41847971

>Anon think he's being a rebel by fapping to monster girls losing to dick
>'Big sis' finds out about this
>He gets a message saying officials are on their way to him
>Anon makes a whole deal about not going down without a fight and all that stuff
>Several high level girls break in
>He... wins
>Surprisingly easily
>Breeds them all day long
>And the next day
>And the day after that
>After several days anon declares his victory and says he will keep breeding them to show how he will never be kept down
>Big sis is just happy she finally gets to work off that list of girls that wants a man that will dominate her

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>> No.41848031

I wish HDoom got updates again

everything is on fire, even the fire.

>> No.41848036

That one massive, ripped, intimidating Minotaur that's secretly into maledom finally gets the happy ending.

>> No.41848037

I remember when this girl was drawn as hebe, now she's all grown up. I'm so proud.
dumb humans need to learn you can't win against pussy

>> No.41848050

>dumb humans need to learn you can't win against pussy

>Even when you win, you lose

>> No.41848089 [SPOILER] 

Darkest Dungeon would've gone a whole lot differently if the Ancestor accidentally summoned a shog instead.
Like the Warrens getting turned into a massive brothel instead.

>> No.41848099

>Even when you win, they win

>> No.41848101

With how many porn mods there are for DD, it's not even that hard to make it a real thing.
So many fucking monster girl mods.
It's fucking amazing.

>> No.41848117

HDoom but with 3's atmosphere.

>> No.41848120
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For me it's

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>> No.41848194

Wish I saved all those screenshots of that one guy's modded DD that he posted here a year or so ago. Lots ofbscary looking monstergirls

>> No.41848201

The Ancestor is still a bastard, though his Shog associate (he refuses to call her a maid) keeps his more malicious ideas in check

The Farmstead is still an utter fucking mess, though. The Sleeper is a constant, no matter how much AU shit goes down.

>> No.41848203

Which mg is least likely to cheat on me?

>> No.41848207

All of them?

>> No.41848212

Farmstead is just Pandemonium

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