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>> No.40292518

So in Gou's Oni arc if HS doesn't exist anymore without Satoko injecting people. How the hell does K1 start hallucinating at the end of the arc where the nurse has to stop him from scratching his neck? Isn't that like a major plot hole.

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Yep, it's really weird. I can't see Tomato just forgetting that after keeping track of smaller details.

Maybe it ties into whatever is the reason Tomitake hasn't gone back to tell Rika things worked out.

>> No.40292598

I assumed it was just a bullshit misdirection. Like doesn't the nurse say "does your neck itch at all" or something like that? Then he touches his neck and it ends.
If there isn't an actual explanation it's not the only time Gou outright lied to us

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In the anime he touches his neck and yells with the camera zooming out so we don't see anything, but in the manga he's outright shown scratching his neck.

Satoko injecting him this time is ruled out already, but there might still be some Tokyo stuff going on this time considering Tomitake's disappearance.

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I think it's more likely that Keiichi was just stressed the fuck out when the nurse started asking about his neck, remembering what happened with Rena.
Unlike the blood from his confrontation with Rena, it's also not colored there, so that might be a hint that the blood is only imaginary.

>> No.40292732

Or maybe Satoko's magical mystery injection was still in Rena's blood and got into Keichi like some sort of murder STD. Can HS be sexually transmitted?

>> No.40292778
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>Any contact with bodily fluids will cause infection.

Although this is for when HS is working normally.

>> No.40292843

So the blood orgy was a vital part of the story!
Always remember to use protection when you give a girl the clock.

>> No.40292884

>contact with bodily fluids will cause infection
Fucking 28 meeps later

>> No.40292892

Makes me wonder how the fuck HS didn't become an outright pandemic.

>> No.40292912

>contact with bodily fluid causes infection
>Rika is the source of the infection
I knew it, that dirty slut seducing all those old men!

The town bicycle can only go so far.

>> No.40292930

It's possible that whatever they told those teams is complete bullshit. Could be lying or just incorrect information. Takano has done both

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Rate Shannon as a character
I give her 4/10 for being intelligible around George and can't stop being flustered
(Yes I am at the beginning of Ep 2, Rose Garden, fuck, this is pretty dragging)

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6/10 for being fine with Battler touching her boobs.

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I think it is only really contagious like that within Hinamizawa's region somehow. It still survives when taken outside, but doesn't contaminate others as easily. I just reread that report to see if it talked about how it was an endemic disease, but nope, no comment on the area issue.

Also, I guess "Queen Carrier" is the legacy of the Hinamizawa Ants from Bus Stop. (This isn't the same report from before, this one was written by Hifumi during the war).

>> No.40293306

she sucks and i can't say more due to massive spoilers

>> No.40293429

All of the characters in Umineko are great.

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she sucks and is boring and this never changes.

just tell him the truth bro, you're just prolonging his suffering

>> No.40293444

Nah, not all of them

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What's bugging you?

>> No.40293797

I disagree

>> No.40293811

Well there's only one of them so that's not much of an opinion.

>> No.40293821

I don't know why you're asking for ratings so early on in when we can't elaborate on them if you don't want to be spoiled

>> No.40293966

I just rated her based on what I had seen and heard from Ep1 until that point
So far she's been a liability
Noooo redeeming quality other than MAYBE she can do her job when not flustered and her big twin bazookas

>> No.40294031

New fragment

>> No.40294039

I give her a 0/7

>> No.40294231

Mion is only super popular among poll enthusiasts

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Witch Satoko shattered all inhibitions people had about fucking Satoko like an animal.

And that's a good thing.

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>her big twin bazookas
about that

>> No.40295035

Satoko turned me into a degenerate, it's her fault.

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Having lewd thoughts of Satoko used to make one feel guilty. Not anymore. Now we can be more honest. Satoko is for protecting, witch for sex.

>> No.40295134

Satoko is to marry and fuck, and keep fucking, and keep fucking. You protect her by pure lust because there's no way she's getting out of the bed anymore.

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When she grows up? Absolutely. Adult Satoko is for marriage and love.

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Satoko's birthday this year was much more focused than the last, mostly media posts. In 2021 it was heartwarming to see the massive number of posts just wishing her happiness, but it took a lot of time to go through all that and pick up the new art.

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>> No.40295282

I don't recall if last year there were many satokos in the days before her birthday, but this year it seems most people decided to just hold out on it and release it at the event. There was a very noticeable lack of satoko fanart

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Yeah, you could see some artists prepared for it for a long time. There was also plenty of birthday cosplay unlike last year.

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She was still averaging a couple dozen new fanarts per day at the time.
But those 10k birthday tweets came as a total surprise. The vast majority of them was just text or screenshots, with "only" a few hundres pieces of new art.

>> No.40295375

This was orchestrated by Sony

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And here's a partial collection of Mei Satoko card 2022 birthday voices.

>> No.40296395

It seemed like a simple misdirection in the anime, but it's more prominent in the manga. If natural HS doesn't exist anymore, then artificially induced HS can probably spread through blood contact.

>> No.40298779
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One more for Satoko's birthday & everyone's happiness! Until next time!

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