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Just started priconne
Should I save jewels for princess fes or just use roll now.
I got Makoto in the tutorial gacha and I don't really especially care for Re:Zero characters.

>> No.21519721

Save for summer cunny, if you want to drop $ on the game get the 500 stam daily pack so you can take advantage of the x2 drop rate right now.

>> No.21519725

Please play Toram.

>> No.21519773

Nothing, just use one girl for each stage, if you’re newer, you’re probably not going to complete it

>> No.21519798

>That enemy team
What the fuck am I looking at?

>> No.21519807

When is summer cunny?

>> No.21519808

princess arena

>> No.21519814

Roughly a month away.

>> No.21519815

>all that GFL drama

>> No.21519817

After Emilia gacha.

>> No.21519835

What happen?

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bros... why she dead

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she got cancer from your posts and died

>> No.21519863

then she only has cancer from >>21519851 and this post.

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there's been rumours about the director being scummy for ages and getting key original employees (artists and writers) to resign for being treated like shit (if i remember right not paying them and blaming them on delays when it was him who couldn't make up his mind on the direction of their game) and now they are actually leaving

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>still denying /mbgg/ roots

>> No.21519879

Va11ha11a collab I assume, a writer and artist quit after the collab was announced and was being worked on. Most people are now pointing their Fingers at Va11ha11a, calling the series "Venezuelan /u/shit" and blaming them on the loss of staff members
(This is all I could gather from a single post on /gfg/ don't look at me if this turns out wrong)

>> No.21519889

>Venezuelan /u/shit
Well at least they're calling us lesbians instead of the usual insults about always being starving and never having anything to eat which isn't wrong

>> No.21519896

So just Yuzhong being Yuzhong? That shit has been a news for months. t. /gfg/.

>> No.21519902

>and blaming them on the loss of staff members
But are they really at fault here?

>> No.21519988

Are venezuelans really dying or is it just media being media as usual?

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>Most people are now pointing their Fingers at Va11ha11a
What? How does that make sense? How would a game they're having a collab with effect the conditions in the office of the developer? Maybe if the valhalla devs were supposed to provide material or something for the collab and didn't do it on time and then the GFL devs took the heat for that from the higher ups but that seems like such an insanely convoluted chain for some retards on an imageboard to suss out and even then doesn't really seem like the valhalla devs fault and more like shitty management.

I've seen multiple venezuelan artists and content creators on the internet saying it's a total shithole and they're basically afraid for their life and would leave as soon as they can and that's why they're asking for patreon bucks so maybe they're playing up the victim card and it does kinda seem like that country is in the shitter.

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>What? How does that make sense?
Probably because it's the biggest load of bull an anon could think of and spread.

I don't think I've even seen a theory as retarded as that on /gfg/ - land of the brainlets.

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It's already 14k despite the campaign doesn't end until June 23.

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>still 1k gems in BGHS
I hate that the main gacha died right when it got filled with sets I barely care about or outright aren't my thing. Especially after all those super cute outfits they were releasing before, I'm still disappointed they didn't give out a single 10-pick this year.

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Oranges, tangerines and lemons have no place in modern cuisine

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Well, the game is dying after all. You could try holding out until they post something to twitter but it seems most JPs are attempting to get cards that they missed out of other gacha. I've been rolling any 25 gems I get in hoshimori gacha trying to get my two favorites out still.
I wish they had done the 10-pick too but kinda knew where the game was headed with how they were pushing the story and the birthday reruns.

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Yeah, sitting on 1500 here. I'd spend it on current Hoshimori gacha, but I mostly just wanted Anko and I got her.

Unless we get one more farewell gacha (not holding my breath, but maybe,) I'll probably toss it at ch4 for transform Anko or ch3 for extra swimsuits.

>didn't give out a single 10-pick this year.
I didn't ever really feel like they were frequent enough for me to start expecting them, so I wasn't too disappointing there.

More disappointed by the lack of 10-picks in Shironeko, since those were showing up more for a while. That, and because I never did manage to get who I wanted most out of them.

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Oranges are great

>> No.21521044

7 hours of deadly sins rerolling and 2 SSR total. Good night my blog

>> No.21521057

When are they going to give free 10-pick again in Shironeko?

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>As explained previously, Terra Wars will play differently from the Terra Battle series. While Terra Battle had players drag character icons across tile maps in order to attack enemies, Terra Wars plays something more similar to Clash Royale, with three main units on the field and summonable pawns that help attack enemy units.
I can't see how this could possible fail.

>> No.21521133

I enjoy rerolling in a bizarre way.
Its the most I ever get to roll the gacha.

>> No.21521145

It just makes me think of how the game will be actually playing it.
>600+ rolls for 2 ssr
>that's years worth of gems as f2p

>> No.21521153

>I didn't ever really feel like they were frequent enough
You can't even say that, since there was only one. And since it was for anniversary, another anniversary seemed like the best chance for it, with how stingy BGHS is/was after they killed guarantees.

Shironeko seems kinda different to me, since they were always random with them. Collabs, CharlotteFes, anni, more various opportunities they used. And yeah, I hope they're still saving a few 10-picks when anniversary hits for real, they stopped doing them for collabs too so there wasn't one in a long time.

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I was thinking there might have been two or so, but my memory's not great. Maybe I was combining it with those character-specific tickets.

But yeah, that's kind of my point, the lack of repetition made it not stick in my head to hope for or be disappointed about. That, and I think the one we did get wasn't as memorable for me since I think I got a card fairly low in my 10.

And unlike the Shironeko ones, BGHS has given enough reruns that it didn't really strike me like a last chance at anything. Whereas there's no way I'm ever getting original Mireille unless we get more of them in Shironeko. Or unless I start eventually spending real money on them, if those ones are still available. So those ones catch my attention better as a result.

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I never understood why people reroll for hours if they're not sure whether they're going to enjoy the game.
As for me, I only reroll if I know characters beforehand and have a specific one in mind. I don't care about their viability rating. I believe if a game doesn't allow you to play properly with any characters you get from the starting roll it's a bad mobage.

>> No.21521264

>Managed to get 1k gems
>Spent them trying to get Yuna AS since her field effect could be useful for the boss
>Didn't even get any 4.5*
Fuck. I wish Jewflyer isn't so stingy with free gems in Another Eden. Only 30 gems everyday is ridiculous considering the gacha rate.

>> No.21521289

Gives you a better feel for the gacha rates and what's available, so you can decide what you want to aim for as you go along. And in games where the intro makes you pick a starting character/faction/etc, it's more room to experiment with that stuff, too.

And if you don't know if you're going to enjoy it, that reroll spam may end up being the most fun you get out of the game, anyway.

I'll usually only reroll until I get someone cute and high enough rarity, and settle with that to try out playing some more. Then depending on how I feel about it, I can either stick with that, go back to rerolling some more, or just drop the game.

>> No.21521336

Nothing special with the current King's Crown banner. Time to uninstall again.

Reroll for limited instead of wasting your time with standard beginner gacha of nothing.

>> No.21521341

They keep trying, it's not like you will proceed to drop dead and kill yourself when you fail your test once.

>> No.21521344

Which character should I roll for on the global version? I already have Mariel and I keep hearing every chars AS form is superior and necessary to clear late game.

>> No.21521354

Except that that's quite literally how it works in business. Fail enough times you go under and it's not like their shit has been a cracking success in the past.

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Look at the time I made that post and consider my electrical power just came back but my internet didn't (have to post using mobile data). These outages are a daily thing so we usually spend 12~ hours without power and/or internet or more on bad days. If I didn't entertain myself with grindy kusoge then I would simply just go crazy here.
A lot of people do try to play the victim card a lot and take advantage of the situation to get money from others with sob stories on public places like reddit which sours it for a lot of us and gives us a bad image but it's true that most of us (including myself probably) are dying a slow death over here.

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>tfw I rerolled for TB 2

>> No.21521470

Why did you call Wrightflyer as Jewflyer?

>> No.21521475

>slime collab

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holy shit man, thanks!

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