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All these recent ((((((((((fansubs)))))))))) hurt me physically.

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I'd like to hurt you physically.

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Nogibusu vs Hinatabijin

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hahaha you don't know what you are in for,
> deadlifts 400 lbs
it has not even started

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What will you do when you realize she likes feminine skinny guys like most Japanese girls?

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My dream team

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she has stated in nogichuu her type of body for her boyfriend is like Matsumoto

Plus in her initial nogi dokko quest she said her fetish are strong biceps.

Check Mate

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Where is everyone?
66 posters in this thread?
Feel like 5 anons arguing with themselves here.

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66 IPs, not 66 posters.

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So someone's swapping IPs to post here?
What the fuck?

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I go through about 15~20 IPs per thread. Not always intentionally, mind you.

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If you are on mobile data you probably tend to swap a couple IPs along the way without noticing

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not you

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Is it me you're looking for?

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Hi. How are you?

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Hello Techi!

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>you will never make Manafi smile
i'm crying

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I'm in the library watching some javs and posting here

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Chocoman of Hinatazaka

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isn't Chocoman an alleged bully

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Yuipon is the bully, she did it all to get Zuumin out of the picture.
This post has the same amount of credence as any other rumored member.

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Don't say that, they were good friends

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he was clearly poking fun at Bunshun's legitimacy, Pon would never

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Cool, any sakamichi lookalike?

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I want to watch Kakegurui for Sayuringo (and later Marika). Should I watch the first season, read the manga or just jump right into the 2nd season? I'm not huge on Japanese drama so the first option seems the least appealing to me.

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Just watch it for Hamabe shes the cutest

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Fmecha, derpy, DSboy, create new thread please, I'm feeling lazy.

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or maybe whalerin, if you are lurking here.

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can't believe yoshimotozaka's new single has the same centers as the first one, hope keyaki sues them

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>The unit with the highest sales will present the main song of the 3rd single.
Next single will be a Marikorin center.

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In Japan, there are 3 ways to say “I love you”:

You say “Daisuki (大好き)” for the friends and person you like,

you say “Aishiteru (愛してる)” for a more serious relationship,

and you say “Koishiteru ( 恋してる)” to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

And they follow this rule. They preserve the meaning of ‘I love you’ and never lose its essence unlike us.

Aishiteru, Tamami-san.

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And you also say Sayounara (さようなら) to your wallet.

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can they send her to nogi i don't care if she's like 30

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Tamami is a good girl.

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She reminded me of a younger Tani Marika

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new thread

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Oops, didn't mean to quote that second post

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Any pics of Ikuta's big veiny tits?

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