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>> No.21001254

No, I really want to mating press Hime

>> No.21001267

It's too bad not more vtubers do it, it's a really good concept.

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>> No.21001282

It's honestly such an amazing concept, just scrolling around some scenery in some part of the globe. I'd also love to see some people do Geoguessr but that game is pretty damn hard to do without basic knowledge of most alphabets or just good intuition.

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>> No.21001298

Hoonie did that as well, but only to show the touristic sites in Taiwan

>> No.21001299

Isn't this one of their... I don't know what to call it, AR videos? Like the collab with Kaede way back when. But links anyways, can't go wrong with a daily dose of omega.

>> No.21001310

I want to go to Rako's birthday party!

>> No.21001313


it's a google earth video

>> No.21001314

but who showing her sexy tummy during the whole video?

>> No.21001325

It's shower time!

>> No.21001330

540 jpy

>> No.21001331

Do you have enough money?

>> No.21001344

I miss so much the Kizuna AI of these videos. Her voice was cuter. The Christmas Miracle was a mistake.

>> No.21001364

I gotta say, I'm glad Hololive took sakura miko in and saved her from death. It's not much, she's at 15k subs but it's something...who knows what they had to do to convince Hololive though

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>> No.21001377

Do you think Caroline could be a Hololive as well?

>> No.21001378

JAV code?

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Oh shit that's tonight

>> No.21001402

No idea honestly

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>> No.21001408

I don't know which one it is but the series tag is HLLV

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>> No.21001440

Hina's arched back makes my chuuba the big chuuba.

>> No.21001441

So is it a loop or not?

>> No.21001442

Is she gay enough?

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>> No.21001452

Smoking is bad

>> No.21001475

just kiss already damn, how long are they going to keep pretending they're not madly in love with each other when it's this obvious?

>> No.21001476

Talking about poop during lunch

>> No.21001492

I bet they already exchanged body fluids after one of their slumber streams

>> No.21001494

My wife Tamaki is so cute and nice

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Not him, but here you go

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>> No.21001530

Note that this was posted almost at 6AM

>> No.21001564

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BknPA_F94us morning choco

>> No.21001574

smoking is cool

>> No.21001576

Rad Angle...

>> No.21001585

morning CM

>> No.21001619

Maybe and like Choco, she has a tattoo on one of her tits

>> No.21001621

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjzksxtHL98 suzu life is strange

>> No.21001625

Highschool girls shouldn't smoke

>> No.21001636

Who cares it makes you look cool.
What, did you think life was a contest of who lives the longest?

>> No.21001661

Is Makea undergoing a virtual transgender surgery or something? Ever since he got that 'male version' CG of him, he's been using it more and more. Is he being asked by someone higher up to switch before certain things in store can start for him?

>> No.21001664

This is a boys only classroom, no girls allowed

>> No.21001694

Smoking JKs are my fetish, too bad cig smoke makes me feel nauseous.

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>> No.21001728

So he finally embraced reality?

>> No.21001760

Only if they put them out on my skin.

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