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>ego face
>ryoha body
>suda legs
would be the ultimate idol

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consider your imagination privileges revoked

>> No.21001338

but ego's body is better than her face

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>yuzupo body
>yuzupo face
>yuzupo hair
>yuzupo laugh

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No SSK is a win for the environment

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AKB itself dying would be a bigger win for the environment

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Why's it so dead on a Friday night?

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Inapooh and Ogiyuka's sex sessions

>> No.21001445

you should be happy she got into cm senbatsu

>> No.21001463

It's the middle of the day, saturday man
Try to keep up

>> No.21001466

Busy with our girlfriends

>> No.21001471

Nightshifts are pain in the ass

>> No.21001482

no ssk no motivation

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Everyone's at akushukai

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Even ngt?

>> No.21001539

shinshin needs to stop doing that hair style

>> No.21001543

I hope you aren't saying she should change to something that hides the soft spot behind her ear lobe

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I wanted to see more sampless

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Mostly, yeah.

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all she needs to stop messing with her beautiful, natural teeth

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this pain won't go away

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KKS aren't allowed to switch hairstyles in the theater

>> No.21001606

That bun is one of my least favorite looks of hers

>> No.21001632

it's my favorite look of hers, it makes her look the youngest

>> No.21001639

amimaru legs
kadowaki voice
momone teeth
sakura hips
kano ears
swamp thing from saga eyes
megu tits
emiri skin tone

>> No.21001642

this but wakapon everything

>> No.21001643

you started out so well

>> No.21001649

So she's stuck with it until the next anniversary

>> No.21001651

the right face is obaface

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what a dumb rule

>> No.21001668

I don't actually know if this is a 48G thing but it's a thing in Namba, they talked about it in one of the last Yattandei Tuesday episodes

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Why is she doing this? The nostalgia hits me hard and really makes me sad

>> No.21001679

KKS rules are global

>> No.21001688

everything nagi

>> No.21001691

like biting into a marshmallow

>> No.21001709

The short haired sailor moon cosplay was so nice, feels like it'll be forever till we see it again

>> No.21001717

onishi waist
megu everything else

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Nice pose. It would be a shame if someone with X-ray vision passes by honhonhon.

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