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Funny thing how two 'different' shitposters show up at the exact time, huh?

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Depends on what they do and how extreme it would be, but if its nothing I wouldn't do, I would go along with it happily.

>> No.21001499

Why do you guys hate Praise Be Alchemy?


Nobody died, nobody was told to die, and even the alchemist said that the drug convert mamono energy into spirit energy, effectively turning daemons to much purer, less magic realm-ish creatures.
Though the delivery was slightly cringy.
Overall, not a bad read.

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I was only pretending to be retarded!

>> No.21001506

Honestly sounds like a dream come true. Foxes are pretty high-tier on my waifu listing. Why would I complain if they are the ones coming to me and are the ones who want to initiate a relationship?

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Jesus, this is getting really low-effort.

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I'll take back my claims in >>21001425
I'm an uber retard and didn't connect the Tranny thing. The more I think about it, my already shit defense begins to crumble, my bad.

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>Depends on what they do and how extreme it would be
They're going to take turns riding you cowgirl style while holding your hands and gripping them tightly when they're about to cum.

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Take your shitty story back to where it belongs faggot.

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>Get cursed sword
>Living the dream being a badass
>Hit a girl
>sword won't come out
>sword and girl fuse and now wants to fuck you
>can't use the cool ass cursed sword anymore

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Who the fuck do you think you are?

>> No.21001528

Resign myself to my fate

>> No.21001531

who cares about using a cursed sword when you now have something to use your meat sword on.

>> No.21001533

I meant like, almost every loli femdom doujin i've seen like start like that, has just been CBT, bondage, piss, and other sort of shit that I'm not okay with.

That said,
Yes please.

>> No.21001556

The problem is that monsters stand for advancement of humans and mamono mana can do a ton of things human essence can't, the author clearly takes a lot of stuff too seriously/literally if they are calling monsters sex-crazed in general.

"Pure" is a rather loaded term too. A being of human mana can be just as impure as one of mamono mana, and vice versa.

The author is clearly uninformed as well if they think the chief god is male.

And that's just from a quick look at the first chapter. I do not intend to read further.

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Well I mean, they might try to get some money out of you as well or raid your wallet before they leave, threatening that if you don't have more money tomorrow, they're gonna pull the alarm no matter what you do.

>> No.21001561

You were right though

>> No.21001565

Cbt and bondage are kino though

>> No.21001568

Good night anons, take care and don't burn down the thread.

Instead, remember that shortstacks are for snug, even if they're something like a jinko.

>> No.21001579

Also, is there any explanation for why alchemic mana can't be eroded by mamono mana? That is literally an intrinsic trait of mamono mana thanks to Lilith outright bending reality to change the world's settings.

The author seems to think it only does this to normal mana, but World Guide 3 has clarified that it does this when interacting with any other type of mana.

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Eat shit alpfag.

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Its all fun and games till that weird devil next door dresses like a gay cowboy.

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Why the hell would I open the door to these two?

>> No.21001640

Because they're cute and seemed innocent.

>> No.21001647

because the creator hates MGE? he is just trying to pretend he isnt.

>> No.21001650

But they’re not and they obviously don’t.

>> No.21001678

>People are STILL trying to act like there are monsterboys in MGE
Why do these people exist?

>> No.21001701

>tfw no shortstack russian jinko who thinks she's every bit as intimidating as a normal sized jinko

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>letting groceries go bad

Crimes like these make a man sick.

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She will show you the strength of the motherland.
No, stop. Don't pick her up!

>> No.21001725

Does she blush when asking you to pick her up for standing sex?

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cunt and boob torture?

>> No.21001758

Cock and balls torture

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"I want you to hit me as hard as you can."

>> No.21001827

w-where though?

>> No.21001839

Ball shots would be interesting with demon silver gloves... Also, ryona would actually make sense.

>> No.21001842

your arch-nemesis vampire must be defeated at her castle but her minions block your path. what monster bosses would you encounter at your vampire nemesis's castle?

>> No.21001853

If you wouldn't be a punching bag for her you don't love her

>> No.21001862

Start with younger sister, then older sister, then twin sister dhampir blocking the final entrance.

>> No.21001876

Liches, Zombies, Werewolves, etc...
I will all make them into orgasming messes with my demon silver whip and preserve my virginity for the mighty Vampire lord who turns out to be a stacked shortstack. What happens next is up to you to decide.

>> No.21001883

A giant bat, a medusa, mummy twins, a gremlin, and....

No reaper girl yet. Think a nightmare would work?

>> No.21001888

Her maid, who would probably lead me to my nemesis' room if asked politely.

>> No.21001891

Anywhere as many times as she wants.

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An apophis, so I can forget about the vampire and wife the grapesnake.

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