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poor KKS...

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>et tu, ogiyuka

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What can I say, I don't live in japan

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best girl

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translate onegai.

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I checked it yesterday, and these members liked Kitarie's tweet.
>AKB48 - Ayanan, Kiichan, Manaka, Megu, Moekyun, Naachan / Team 8 - OdaEri, Harupyon, Ikumin, Rissen, Shiorin / NMB48 - Nattsu / HKT48 - Maria, Mikurin

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>otosan is sick :(
>so is my doggy :((((

Pretty much what it says right?

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She's really bad at lying, isn't she?

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>I am not involved, I just happened to be sick, please believe me

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>I'm not involved
>Police checked my phone
? ? ?

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Why'd she make that other post with a different reason for not posting then?

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Management hiding behind the girls again?

>> No.20620348

This is the official good girl list.
Are you sad about you scandal whore Niiga? Get your new oshimen from this list!

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Because she is lying, just like ayakani

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Was about to post this exact same thing, lol.

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> Bunshun scoop cleared the girls name
> suddenly they started tweeting again
Once again, what a load of bullshit

>> No.20620362

SO Maho and 5ch made it up and WE LIVE IN A WORLD WERE EVIL DOESN'T EXIST

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Do these bitches really think nobody knows you can delete texts and contacts from your phone??

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*to steal other girls' stories as her own for pity points

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Because one of them was manager-san. It's remarkable that Rika, Gatanee, and Tano all posted suspiciously cowardly bullshit around the same exact time - we know management has access to their accounts.

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This is what happens when old farts who don't understand how internet works try to do damage control

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New >>20620378

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Black is white
Cats are dogs
Up is down
Rika is good
Bunshun unscandals girls

It's a crazy time

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Maho and 5ch are the evil ones who want to harm innocent girls

>> No.20620386

Too early. You have to wait for the image limit to be reached before making a new thread.

>> No.20620387

Ogiyuka is a good girl, Maho is just so angry at Ayakani's betrayal she can't see straight.

>> No.20620388

Funny how ayakani and gatanee’s posts literally have the exact same writing style and were released within hours after bunshun said they were innocent...
How ducking incompetent is ngt management?

>> No.20620390

>implying niigata police has a cyber crime department that can recover deleted data from devices

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>no update news
fuck off op race autist

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she was the only reason i cared for nogi

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I’m saying both of them said “oh we went to the cops and showed them our phone”. Well who fucking cares, you had days to delete everything from your phone so the cops wouldn’t find anything suspicious. Do they think Japanese people are so stupid they don’t realize this too

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Read Bunshun's story before you sperg out. She borrowed him a pen in school.

>> No.20620408

>a different reason for not posting then?
EOP-kun... that post was making excuses for missing the anniversary event. It even says エベント in plain katakana so you really have no excuse.

>> No.20620416

Learn some grammar

>> No.20620417

But it was reached...

>> No.20620422

so she's innocent after all
I'm relieved

>> No.20620439

You made the thread before it was reached. Otherwise you wouldn't have been able to link it and post an image.

>> No.20620456

Oh I see, so 299 images is way too early now??

>> No.20620486

you always find a way to push sakura into this huh

>> No.20620529

>Freedom has to be earned
that's it arbeit macht frei

>> No.20621356

they didn't force her, they wanted to invite her.
maho didn't hear them out, she just started screaming immediately, didn't you read that post?

>> No.20621499

>Sakura still has made no comment on Maho
>Sakura is quick to appear when there is money to be made
>such as HKT concerts, despite a rule to only appear with IZONE
>Sakura keeps silent

Sakura does not speak up about Maho

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we got 'em, bros

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who claimed that Rika scandaled?
none other than bunshun of course
we already know that the bully clique hates Rika and are in a position to provide the needed information and set up to stage those pictures
all you need to do is to take a look at the relationships diagram that bunshun published to realize that they are fucking liars
I have also always insisted that Naanya did nothing wrong and it looks like that may be correct

>> No.20623640

I'm really getting sick of this.

Not the idol shows: they're still fun. But of being truly in love and comitted with some finally calculating cold little bitch. I don't want this feeling of betray anymore.

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