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Like I said, that doesn't seem middle-aged to me.

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Mine is better. Too bad the little girl in the pic is Lera Bugorskaya aka LauraB from Candydoll. She looks WAY better here >>10040511 , free of artificial normalfag shit.

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I know, I'm going to fucking hell!

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Mine is better.

Too bad the little girl in the pic is Lera Bugorskaya aka LauraB from CANDYDOLL. She looks WAY better here >>10040511 , free of artificial normalfag shit.

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>It grew and grew instinctively, because it's damn fun to have the whole class or even half of the school against a kid you resent. It's evil, yes, but aren't all kids little monsters? Just give some angry kid a shitty motive and a lot of power and see what happens. He can't control himself, I guarantee it.
You are objectively and absolutely wrong. I can't even remember when was the last time I've seen this much clearly malicious projection. People like you are the reason why I don't hate society - there has to be some mechanism to weed out illogically destructive individuals.

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>implying he is still an asshole
>implying most kids aren't evil assholes

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>It's evil, yes, but aren't all kids little monsters?
Writing something like that is completely unacceptable. That's exactly the kind of crap abusive people spout.

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Little girls are starting to act like the girls on the left. They're growing up too fast, it's disgusting

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this generation is truly the worst

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I think he's right on some level. Evolution has benefitted that kind of behavior, and it has thus become ingrained in our genes. But in the long run, it benefits the human race more to rid ourselves of those tendencies. That is, however, something we have to be taught.

Although some are most likely less naturally predisposed to one or the other.

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Shut up, drama whore.

Any kid can become a monster who bullies other kids. They can be incredibly cruel if they have the chance.

Adults can be either evil the whole time or just humans.

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to be honest, I don't know if I would enjoy spending time with the one on the right..but I certainly wouldn't like to interact with the one on the left.

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Hormones in the food and Disney shit.

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What's the latest she's done? I have 34 and she looks older... I hope she stopped. It was a shock to open the folder and see her like this.

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Would you be bored? Or just don't like little girls in a romantic/sexual sense?

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I may have snubbed potential friends, but turning the whole class against one guy? That's taking it too far.

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wait a minute

I know the little girl on the right is lauraB, but who's the one on the left?

You're not fucking serious, are you? They can't possibly be the same person.

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What age range are we talking here? I can see it for 5th grade girls and up. But I find that 3rd graders and often 4th graders still fit the bill.

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you had your fun and he had it rough. that's it. stop regretting it.

but don't get a wrong idea-it was 100% your choice

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I didn't say it was the same person. In this set (numbered 34) she looks older and less cute.

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Is it really that hard to believe?

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It's a sad world isn't it?

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You mean her 34th video or something?

Anyway, she stopped. Lera is now "rich" compared to other poor kids and her beauty is stunning. I don't know if she's 10 or 12 years old now, but she certainly looks beautiful.

Oh boy.

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why are you lying to me to sick fucks

do you find pleasure in telling lies over the internet?

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Crayons and milk.

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Most of this is really biased but I don't feel like arguing over this so I'll just say that most of the adult problems can be fixed with etiquette classes and in-depth skin care management.

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I just assumed they were sets. The lower the number, the younger she is. The highest I have is 34 and she looks a lot older than the others. This is from 23.

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slavs are so fucking ugly

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Why do you say this?

I find their dresses like

To be very cute.

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LauraB is still kinda....slutty.
Y u no use AliceL?

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>Y u no

Kill yourself out of /jp/.

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Do you think everyone is upper class? Most people can't afford to go to etiquette classes or a spa.

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>Y u no

Why do people do this? How difficult is it to type properly?

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It was just too easy. I didn't even try to turn the whole class against him, they did it themselves "for my sake". I obviously knew they didn't give a fuck about me, but at that time I just wanted to kill that asshole (I don't remember why the hell we were mad at each other, but it was probably a stupid reason).

I lol'd hard. Thanks god they aren't the same person.

Hm, thanks. I just feel bad for the loli. And because the guy became a gothic. A ridiculous one.

11yo Lerusya far away from Candydoll >> 8yo LauraB

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Y u two no take it easy?

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>Shut up, drama whore.
Why am I not surprised?
>Any kid can become a monster who bullies other kids. They can be incredibly cruel if they have the chance.
Well of course. That's an obvious truth.
When an ordinary child _actively harrasses_ his peers for _no obvious reason_ he is exhibiting exceptionally antisocial behavior with real consequences. If it happens, it happens, and that's what's important.

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More like the opposite.

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I think she's really cute.

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>they make the girls act like sluts
>they make them dress like adults
>adult BDSM clothes, adult shoes, adult... everything
>kids bored as fuck, I'd rather fap to them playing in a swimming pool

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When you put makeup on a little girl it ruins cuteness.

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That's what pedos what Candydoll to believe

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That's what pedos want Candydoll to believe

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You have to put on makeup if you work with professional camera crews. The lighting alone would make you look terrible otherwise.

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>biased as fuck
>not a pedo, just a butthurt normal who hates sluts
>videogames this, videogames that, oh shut the fuck up
He is right, though.

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Why is that? Little girls don't have bad skin or anything of the sort.

And hell, if you really need makeup to work with professional cameras, then use normal ones. What's the point of the whole thing if you turn the kids into adults full of makeup?

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For what it's worth, the camera and lens in both those pictures are the same, it just seems like one was lit with a table lamp or something with focus on her chest, and the other with focus on her eyes (as it should be).

>> No.10041963

Are you a photographer? You seem to know a lot about this.

>> No.10042029

I just enjoy cameras and pictures. I'm that guy who posted before about getting hung up on stuff like this.

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