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>"You look so cute right now. But I bet I can make you even cuter."

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This is how that goes down
1.She blushes.
2.She realizes I'm trying to get her embarrassed.
3.She gets even.

Hopefully she pulls my pants down between 2 and 3. I'm running out of pants.

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>There are Anons itt that think Hellhounds are the best

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>"You worry too much, you know?"
>"Things like that are bad for your health."
>"Oh, you look so pathetic, I just..."
>"Here, let me help."
>"Just relax for now..."

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>I want to wake up some time later, and try my best to salvage dinner with her help.

>"Oh, don't worry about me, I got more than my fill."
>She pats her abdomem with pride while you try to look away and focus on your cooking
>Sensing your inattentiveness, her toothy grin widens as she formulates a little trick
>She silently floats up behind you, before plunging a goo-covered finger into your mouth with a soft giggle
>In your surprise, you lap at the intruding digit. Shame, and other, stranger feelings, wash over you as you swallow without thinking
>Her giggle develops into a chuckle, and then a full laugh
>"Hehehehe...just lie down for a bit. I said I'd cook today, anyway. Hehehe...and don't be shy about requesting any... special ingredients."
>Her stalks swarm about, drinking in your every movement and expression as you reel back in a stupor, head spinning as you make your way to the couch.
>You collapse on the couch, barely able to focus on what the show on TV is saying. Her laugh is still ringing in your ears.
>Oh wait, that's because she really is still laughing

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That's a very nice chastity belt
Unbreakable, yes?
And only you can remove it?

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