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OP is not real Ken-sama, he died ten years ago.

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sorry. realized that after the post thanks anon

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He opens his eyes.

His surroundings are a murky green, light enough to see the color, yet dark enough to have no idea as to my location. The warmth slowly creeps back into his arms, and the gentle caress of his surroundings begin to embrace him.

His pupils dilate. He is underwater. Rust clings to a nearby metal frame, and he seeks around to find its source. As he swims, his kimono flutters gracefully as if a deer were to silently frolic among the meadows in the Summer. The light becomes sharper, enough to make out the rusted metal frame of a set of swings. He gasps briefly as his memories come rushing back, like the very torrent of water that claimed him. Water floods into his mouth as he splutters, but then finds no difficulty breathing; He is quite comfortable underwater. Except for his memories.

He remembered the overcast day and the cold breeze of the morning wind beckoning him into wakefulness, the warm smiles of the elderly couple downstairs, warmly eating their breakfast. Looking back, he could feel the tension in the air. It was cloying, nature's destructive force, beautiful and deadly like that of a venomous spider spinning its silken web, only to devour the flesh of those that would seek its beauty.

He notices another structure some distance away, the rotting timber of a park bench where he once rested on a morning walk. His heart feels light, before it is torn to pieces.

Caught under the bench is a body. The corpse of a child, dressed in white with pastel yellows and pinks. She is missing one shoe, and her hair is buoyed in an unnatural manner by the murky green water. He chokes back a strangled sob as the green of the water, in his eyes, is tinged red by the fury that he now holds in his heart. He recalls the screams of the children as they fled, the girl he now sees not knowing what to do and staring up with an innocent fear at the looming wave, one sock pushed down and her pastel pink skirt muddied from playing on that cold morning.

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On that day, Ken truly past into the Dark Forest, only to emerge as a man of granite, an avenging angel wrapped in a simple kimono, carrying simple weapons made with the love of a blacksmith dedicated to his craft, their steel folded over one thousand times.

He would truly protect Minna-San, even if he had to die to be re-united with her, he would keep his promised and avenge her death at the hands of Moot.

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You'll be missed...

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Not cool, man.
Not cool.

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Was Ken-Sama from /a/ or /jp/? I always liked his japanese spirit...

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>shacked up
that's not funny ;_;

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we hardly knew ye ;_;

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someone post Ken-Sama

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