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>It's JP primetime
>This is way early for Amelia's fanbasee
>It's with Mel, one of the lowest viewed Holos

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>everyone thinking Mori is retarded and can't read when all she has to do is make the VOD public within 24 hours

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Now this is some next level autism...

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Why the fuck is Mori in the same tier as Kanata, Watame and Roboco and a higher tier than Ayame, Mio, Mel and Marine? Hell, Mori isn't even a better singer than voice debuff Kiara, you guys really overhype Mori's singing voice.

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I think Marine is NGMI. Luna has the most SOUL in her drawing

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And lose gains on my archive reps? Fuck that

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>Blantantly ignoring that she immediately went on to gush about Gura and nohing but Gura after she said that

Ame's fucking horrible because all she did was try to throw Ina in to prove that she's unity but then didn't even say a single good thing about them. What she did to Ina is the equivalent of someone going "This is my poc friend!" And then saying nothing to them afterwards.

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You guys do know number declined worldwwide because Christmas is literally in one week right?

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Why do you guys like Numberfagging so much?

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>I don't like this car, it's too heavy
>Commandeers a fucking garbage truck instead

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I take back what I said about this chicken being based.

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Now you guys understand why Kiara had to force conversations in the PPT collab. This is what would have happened if Kiara wasn't a part of that collab because the only other person who's not socially awkward is Amelia and she's having an addiction relapse.

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I take back what I said about this collab being based as fuck.

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I get that some of you don't like what other people like, but must you keep repeating that you don't like something to the people who like said thing? Kiara isn't or everybody and that's fine but we don't need or want you to interject everytime we folks who do like Kiara talk about liking Kiara.

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She has a good design too bad the person behind that smile and laugh is a nationalist who won't even acknowledge her non-JP coworkers despite the many times they try talk to her.

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Are you serious?

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>almost 600k
>collab in less than 3 hours
>might even get it during it
Rev up those arrows, lads.

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>What's that blue thing he's holding? Oh, a phone. It had kind of a lewd shape
>"If it's Senchou then inserting even a phone is not a problem"
>Stop it, I won't insert one!

I love how she often reads the most outrageous comments.

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