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I am of anon's opinion, massive hips and ass for the goddess of fertility

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Truly she is the touhou for the high-test

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Yuuka motivates me like nothing else

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She embodies all things natural and healthful, perhaps even being mother nature herself. Her sheer feminine grace is without equal in this franchise. She's wise and intelligent, but she's not a schemer nor is she an obsessive academic. She would be incredibly loving to her little sunflowers, but she would also teach them to be strong and self-reliant. She's very playful, not overly serious but at the same time carries a lot of pride. A healthy amount of pride that would make her strive towards being a perfect wife and mother to those she loves. As she tends to her flowers with an extreme amount of patience and attention to detail, so too would she nurture her family with the same level of tireless care. And any threats to the family would be ruthlessly exterminated, I can't imagine any NTR scenarios whatsoever regarding Yuuka. She is extremely slow to open up to people, so whoever can take her heart would likely be met with a storm of bottled up emotions that would not settle until the end of their human lifespan. It is far more likely a weaker man wouldn't be able to handle such insane passion, but I am not afraid at all. I could be with Yuuka every single second of every day.

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