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I would honestly be happy interviewing just the Myouren Temple group. Ask Nazrin and Shou about their lives before Gensokyo, ask Byakuren if she met a certain goddess in Makai, make Kyouko echo an obscenity as I leave, that sort of thing.
It would be be a lorefag's dream come true. Plus if I played my cards right I could pass myself off as an intern working under Akyuu or even the Bunbunmaru.
>Eiki's the definition of a Lawful Neutral, she doesn't care about "good" and "personal issues" and more about what you should be doing as a human and whatever occupation you have.
I feel like Komachi could give good personal advice and would be easier to approach.

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has anyone ever done a minimal remix of a 2hu song? because im curious if they exist

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Kappa's Shaved Ice

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Ah, memories of sneaking into big brother's room and playing that flash adventure game over dial-up.

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