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does he get his money back? Who reimburses him?

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I farmed for 2 days until i noticed main drop rate isnt even buffed

no wonder its not dropping....im such an idiot

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I finally played a game with executions on and the first 2hu to be executed was a foreign Kagerou while she was pregnant with my rape-baby (event rape). I'm only on Turn 58 and 23 2hus are dead, most of them execution. (not including zombie Kagerou, revived by sacrificing Rin). I think only Murasa actually died in battle. These little girls don't fuck around.

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Just rolled for small yuyuko since i had enough dolls to max another sfes and now jp announces the EOSD cast... When will they come to global? I can't afford to spend 80 euros just to get a SINGLE divine doll

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I've played 2 games, 1 as a warlord in 12th century Europe and 1 in Gensokyo as an officer (Miko->Reimu->Remillia Poaching Event->Win).
In the first I got fucked by every country because everyone kept spreading rumors about me. I only held 2 cities for maybe 30 turns until I made an alliance with two other countries and started auto-donating to everyone. Good relations keep the heat off of you. Don't expect any significant gains like troops, economy or officers. You want to be on good terms so you can start Ceasefires and Alliances at your leisure.
Ceasefire lets you ignore a country you're bordering while you focus on another. Alliances allow you to deploy straight from your ally's cities, meaning you could attack a city you have no straight access to, an vice-versa. Order Surrender only exists so that you don't have to waste a turn and unit crushing a 1-city country and can just collect all of their officers if you want. Otherwise, donating anything other than sex or money is a waste of resources while Commands only really work when the country is on the brink of destruction or you've Nightcrawled the ruler into Submission. Even then the resources gained are pitiful, better than nothing I guess. You could train and poach officers but that's slow and and I've forgotten every time. I think I've only used Prisoner Exchange/Release prisoner with Specials, your officers with good stats won't be captured 9/10 times.
TL;DR - Diplomacy fucks you over if you ignore it, set Auto to 10-50 all and Demand Surrender from 1-city 2hus. Ceasefire and Alliance are useful but not necessary and won't work on rapists.

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I don't have any skills by which to impress my oshi.
I have nothing, absolutely nothing to offer.

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wasn't /jp/ made as a containment board for the dipshits that spammed garbage in /a/? wasn't /jp/ supposed to be an experiment where the condition to keep it around was that it couldn't become dominated by a single subject?
/jp/ used to be a ghost town, a joke, now it's still a fucking joke, but at least it's got some life. Also, we were happy with our handful of threads, you can blame the meidos for the thread spam, they are using this board as a bunch of guinea pigs

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Everyone's gone. There's no one left here. We're just crawling through badlands.

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I realize now that hololive will never bring me true happiness.

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Great, now we'll have to deal with rampant risutard spamming up the threads.

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That's it, I've had enough.

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>I will never have this problem because I look at other different monitors occasionally!
It almost sounds like you're convincing yourself

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I get what you mean. Not sure if the mobile vs. browser distinction is as big of a deal since they're at least comparable terms and browser games can be played on mobile devices. I'd say it'd be more like referring to a "car" as a "gas tank".

Why did it happen though? Most westerners in general used to hate mobile games and now quite a lot of them or at least enough for me to notice use a pretty in-depth loanword from japanese mobile games to refer to the whole "genre" or whatever you would call mobile games as a whole. I don't remember any recent games that hit big in the west that had a gacha and would've caused mouthbreathers to misunderstand the term.

I feel like I shouldn't be as sad about this as I am. It's like I'm forced to watch someone through a one-way mirror, happily eating shit in a soundproof room. I know what they're doing isn't right and it's not affect me directly but I feel like I should point it out but know it's pointless because it won't have any effect so all I can do is watch and be confused about it.

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>6 PM
From past experience that means 8 PM.

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I know this is the wrong thread to ask this but, how to I tell someone that they have shit taste in moon-runes?

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I recently got my N5 and i want to get an N2 or even a N1 and go to Japan for 5 years or more, but my college (meme 3D animations in a 3rd world country) doesn't have any scholarships to go to Japan (I should have stayed in Uni studying history, they had a scholarship to go to Chiba.)
Also, english is not my native language so i will not be hired as english teacher.
What are my options?

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>tfw you will never cum inside a girl a foot taller than you

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Happy birthday Jay Pee.

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>mfw this is going to be gf's forth sows account due to inactivity while under ratio

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DMM FKG has moderate server issues for a couple of days and sends everyone nearly a hundred different gifts as well as 120 Flower Gems. Days later, Nutaku FKG is voted in first on a site poll and the most they can cough up is 5 FGs as a thank-you gift. I feel awful for anyone who actually spends time playing that shitshow.

I shouldn't have expected any different from the company who decided to translate "Cactus" as fucking Cactace, though.

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