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Well...I suppose it might be nice...make sure you don't venture past my ankles, pervert. Stay focused on my sole, arch and toes-you better make them feel good.


Quiet, snot. I may be ancient, wise and beautiful, but I am not an old lady.

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You little brats. When I'm awake, I do things that are a million times more important than anything you do. When you get to be thousands of years old, you can spend a little more time sleeping too.

Now shut up and give granny a footrub-you could at least make yourself useful in that regard!

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You goddamn brats are making me tired! Grandma needs a foot rub! And make it slow and medium-strong! make sure you work between the toes.

And don't you say my feet stink! They don't!


I do not.


You sure like fighting with your grandma. You know, they say that boys tease the girls they have crushes on! Don't expect any chocolate from me on Valentine's day though, kid!


D-don't look at your granny like that...

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