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I would but I'm kind of dying

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/jp/, I got it. I just fucking got it! How I will get a maid.

Lately, I have been mulling over the similarities between maids and nurses due to the influx of Eirin threads. I mean, nurses can totally be caretakers, and many of them are to older or disabled people. Some normal people employ nurses after they have a serious injury and are recovering.
It finally hit me, nurses are pretty much the modern maid.

They are pretty much educated maids, many get training and education on how to take care of people. They can look after your nutrition and help you with anything medical related. Many nurses wouldn't mind the life of a maid and they are also burdened with huge amounts of debt from college.

My plan, if I ever get rich (which I now have motivation to do so), is to search Universities all over the country to find a cute nurse with huge amounts of debt to be a caretaker at my house after she graduates. I will offer to gradually (preferably over a large amount of time) pay off her debts and offer her a full time position after it is all payed off. She will be tasked with stuff like looking after my health, monitoring my nutrition, taking care of any medical related issues, and cooking me healthy meals. If she doesn't know much about cooking, no prob I will teach her. She will also have some cleaning duties and I will slowly introduce more over time, probably with more pay or reward or something. Of course, she will have to wear a cute, frilly outfit. Hopefully I will be able to win her over to stay with me throughout out time together, maybe with the promise of career stability as my maid as well.

It's crazy enough to work, /jp/.
Wish me luck

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Imagine this
Your favorite Touhou meets you. However, she thinks you're an enemy, and beats the shit out of you. Excruciating pain, near dead, until she snaps out of it and realizes your feeble attempts at standing or even dragging your blood soaked body away from danger is fear of death, not an attempt to throw her off.
She immediately begins to apply first aid to you, and once you're stable, she brings you back to her places and over the course of a few months, nurses you back to health. You share a few stories and talk to her, giving her nothing but forgiveness when she cries at what she's done. She eventually falls in love with you as she brings you back from the brink of death.
Which touhou would you want to share this fantasy with?

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Sometimes that happens. If it continues for a few days, see a doctor.
Don't worry, being a NEET isn't that bad. If it does bug you, you should look into job training for something you like to do. What do you like to do?
Is it a female? If so, next time you hear about the abuse, call the police if you know where they live.
Have you tried an online grocery store? Some stores deliver perishables like milk to your doorstep.

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