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So it's shitposting if it's funny or witty, and it's dumb if it's not? I was under the impression that shitposting is pretty dumb.

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Purge system pisses me the fuck off because I can't get it to work.

I hold a shoulder button and flail the controller around like a goddamn spastic, and they don't take off their goddamn clothes, this is exactly like real life.

Now I need to buy a new controller to see if my motion sensor is fucked.

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wat the fuck does "ore wa osuka desu ne" mean?

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>Thought F/SN was a dating sim

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Have you worshiped your goddess and savior today?

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No way am I paying money for this goon shitpile.

Delete this post.

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Mighty Shoko taking over this thread!

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>White Ren !YLuFFdRcFQ

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I would like to talk about figurines and such with you.

I wish I had someone to talk to in the first place, it doesn't matter. I will talk about anything.

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so was

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>my face when weaboos called others virgins

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Good job being a faggot for so reason, fag.

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Japanese girls have a reputation as the ultimate potential wife or girlfriend, and for many reasons. To love, cherish, and dedicate themselves to their chosen man is a quality instilled in many Japanese girls.

Asia has an array of beautiful Asian girls that melt the hearts of many western men who have decided to search beyond their own backyards for their soul mate. Traditionally, Japanese wives are known as the women who walk behind their man and shadow him to ensure he does not go wanting. As a loyal husband you first need to earn the respect and trust of your Japanese sweetheart before she will walk behind you. And to earn this dedication you must first show her you are deserving by taking her on many dates until a reciprocal pattern of love occurs.

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dude, you're leaking your MAD everywhere, why so mad? take it easy!

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Sup /jp/, I arranged a date with this Japanese girl I've been talking to for about a week over MSN, she's here to study the language, and she insistently asked me to meet up so she could practice the language or whatever. Since I don't know much about Japanese people except stuff I learned from games and anime, I've come here to ask you, are there certain topics that should be avoided? Questions that may offend a Japanese? Places where a Japanese might like to go? Should I offer her a drink or something or do they prefer to pay themselves? Other stuff?

Please share your knownledge.

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Bunbunmaru sent me

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Kagami is pig

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