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So, when is Touhou going to get an anime? I imagine ZUN has enough funds from this series I'm assuming is still relatively massive in Japan, and if he doesn't, there's no way a studio hasn't approached him about adapting it.
Imagine a new storyline created between ZUN & another good writer, or even something that fixed up the game plots so they'd be ready for TV.
I'm sure everyone on /jp/ would love this.

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Except the man who killed her son was her husband, and her husband was also at one point Chang'e's husband, according to Eirin's account of events, and Chang'e supposedly had "an evil gift.".

Though impossible to know for certain without more information, it's fully possible Chang'e, knowingly or not, at least inspired the man to kill the child he had with Junko, in much the same way some stalkers might try to assassinate a public figure under the delusion that it would impress the object of their obsession.

As Junko had already killed her husband for his betrayal, is it not only logical to then go after the one responsible for him going astray and triggering the complete collapse of her life? Assuming Chang'e truly had no direct role in what happened, Junko's anger would genuinely be misplaced, true, but given the tendency for Lunarians in general to be a bunch of arrogant, manipulative assholes? It's not unthinkable that Chang'e might not be entirely innocent.

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