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>you two
Sorry mate, they're both just me. but yes that would've been the ideal route, wouldn't it. it was a weird double standard where the MC was perfectly fine doing the dumb thing and screwing his friend's girl but doing the dumb thing and screwing the girl that's all over him is somehow entirely off the table.

I guess they didn't want to commit to a game that could potentially make people feel ungood. With Ruri you can make her bf out to be a colossal prick so the reader doesn't have to feel anything worse than smug satisfaction; you can't do the same with...whatever her name was, the doormat with the tits. they can't let the reader feel bad by NTRing a nice girl(tm) and they can't make her actually be a bitch because god knows heroines that aren't perfect angels are the domain of only the most depraved of fetish games.

GH felt like the vanilla with chocolate sprinkles of porn. like they wanted to try some "darker" romance bits but didn't want to alienate the large and easily triggered moebuta audience so we got this watered down, toothless, mild bobby sauce shit.

Apologies for the rant, I really fucking wanted that Risa route and just remembering all that bullshit set me off. Maybe I'd have been less butthurt if you didn't have to turn down her advances like twelve dozen times for no discernible reason even though the MC fucks less attractive girls with even less provocation.

Ruri was good though, you put it pretty well. Two dumb horny teens discovering the sex appeal of making bad decisions.

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