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Frickin maintenance....

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FUCK I forgot subaru is in 10/11 as well

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trying to 徹夜 to fix my messed up sleeping habits since i've been waking up at like 2pm every day for months now

made it through the night (the easy part) but i still have to make it through the day

give me some fun nihongo shit that i can kill the next 12 hours with pls

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are there any vtubers who don't just play 話題 of the week online games and dumb lolsorandumxD meme games ad-infinitum?

it's so hard to find anything where they do an actual let's play of a game with a story.

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Matt intends the deck more to replace Tae Kim, etc. than Core.

Well, I guess it's intended to replace both really. As a drop-in replacement for Core though, it doesn't work since you have to do it as a sentence deck (due to how Matt has formatted the fields), whereas Core is a vocab deck.

The fact that it's a sentence card deck really knocks points off it as a beginner resource if you ask me. As a beginner, you want your transition to reading real Japanese to be delayed as little as possible, but because sentence cards take a lot longer to review, you have to go through the deck at a slower pace, meaning you're stuck in beginner land for that much longer (probably at least twice as long as someone doing all of Core 2K, so about 6 entire months, which is completely unacceptable, especially when you factor in the delays caused by >mediation and RTK that MIA demands on top of that). There's also the problem you mentioned that a lot of the cards just have English loanwords, so you're not even getting any new vocabulary when those come up.

I was curious to see what these decks were like, but after seeing them I still think Core 2K or VN Core + simply reading Tae Kim or Sakubi is the (much) better recommendation.

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What are the best japanese classic rock artist out there? Is there any rockabilly? Post moar '70s aesthetic plox.

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Truly the worst. No other idol ruins her whole gimmick just by being an idol. The saddest part is that it still works since some people are just that blind.

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Then why would anyone care?

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who u quotin'?

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>30+ second intro
No thanks. There's a reason credits are put at the end. If I like your shit, I'll bother to care about you.

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People exist who don't exclusively use 24 hour time?

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no it ain't

there's no such thing as a tru miracle

and frankly i'm sick an tired of believing

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Mio because she has sexy long guitar fingers.

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As if I would be friends with a virgin nerd who browses /jp/.

Get lost. I don't want to be seen talking to you.

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``perfect otaku'' mary sue shit

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Time to sleep... I still have to finish some hard parts. The "endings" and some rough edges.

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>and not disgusting pig-beast sluts

It hurts to read this. I just want to be the slutty mesubuta.

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It's free. That's a nice advantage.

And before anyone says ">2012 >not pirating": enjoy not being able to publish your work and your trojans and your malfunctioning software.

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I couldn't even finish the first episode. It's generic shoujo shit with sparkling blonde butlers and everything.

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