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God damn has this artist has gone down hill. Never any resistance or body control, never anything fun, just straight hypnosis. Peaked and that Sumi book way back when and has never once come close since.

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What the fuck is this hair.

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Hopefully she doesnt actually live off of nothing but junk food, otherwise her milk would taste pretty bad

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It was a joke.

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Those baggy eyes, that messy hair, that poor complexion, that slight slouch, that uncertain expression, that utilitarian cut on her bangs, my god she's so perfect!

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FUCK YOU! Now this thread is RUINED

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>Guy clearly doesn't know what he's talking about
>Makes a typo
>Every server blows up with "CANNONBALLER LEAK?"

Come on, you idiots.

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I have problems alternating my non-dominant hand fast and accurately

Is there a good way to practice improving this or does it just come slowly and naturally?

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Nobody agrees with you except for yourself

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O-okay, m-miss!

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Post Touhou related reaction images.
Hard mode: No chink Moko

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Is there a 2hu everyone univerdally likes?

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So is this board just /s4s/ touhou edition??

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This. I want a lean, mean Patchy. Not some provocative whale.

Also let's be honest, she's more likely to smack you with a book rather than showing you what's underneath those robes.

And if you already know what she looks like without wearing them, it ruins the magic.

>Why can't she fix her asthma
I'm sure there are spells she could figure out in order to cure that, along with her other health problems. But she's more interested in her pursuits of knowledge than solving personal qualms. They're inconveniences to her but they don't kill her, so she doesn't go out of her way to solve them. As long as she's able to read her books, it's not a crisis. She really is that lazy.

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I said aesthetic. I was remarking that they looked beautiful together because of how their designs are similar. Rinnosuke and Sakuya have a good theme going on. They have good similarities, and it's not just their looks either. They're smart people, so I think a nice relationship would definitely be possible for them.

Meanwhile, YuugixParsee is just impossible in canon. Parsee is two faced and weak while Yuugi is a confident person who likes strong people. It's just not appealing for them to get along. You might as well ship Yuugi with Kaguya or something if you want waif/amazon whatever.

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>Look in the mirror, they're you

Remember being in grade school, and the teacher would leave the room and give some kid a marker and tell him to write down the names of anyone who talked or broke the rules?

Remember what utter faggots those kids were? At least they were kids.

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No, she doesn't.

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I like how people would gladly participate in cute touhou thread but will bash thread like this.
Even though these aren't much different.

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Get back to work, loser.

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Is it ok to like Patchouli if I'm not a secondary?

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