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Mokou's theme tells a story with emotions the melody leaves impressions with.

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Yeah, it's true.
Mokou's backstory is pretty tragic as well.

>For the first three hundred years, other people hated me, and I was a sad creature who only caused trouble to myself and those around me if I didn't stay in hiding.

>The next three hundred years I spent harboring a grudge against this world, and was able to preserve the faintest sense of identity by immediately dispatching anything that crossed my path, youkai or otherwise.

>For the next three hundred years the youkai in the area couldn't hold my interest anymore, and I lost all motivation towards anything, living out a boring existence.

>But during the next three hundred years, I was finally reunited with my immortal archrival, and we discovered the joys of killing each other over and over.

Let's not forget the fact that she killed the honest man that saved her life, Ihakasa, the day she became immortal, out of greed and lust for revenge.
And of course, her immortal life.

>The youkai of Gensokyo also lived long lives. There were quite a few who had lived longer than I had. However, they were fundamentally different from me. No matter how long they might live, they would still waste away in the end.

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your hot, want to stick it in my pooper?

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You're welcome.

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Mokou isn't a slut, and those pants are full of win.
She's a forest guide and an exile, and with that she isn't even interested in socializing. Of course she wouldn't wear something so girly. She'd rather show off experience.

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