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You might say it's too generic to be a fetish, but most people don't like it the way I like it.

In Nasu's words, it's on a completely different level.

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probably not as good as anally violating her

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>Plus, the girl( or guy) can't orgasm from butt plugging so it's a self-indulgent practice that doesn't take the partner's pleasure into consideration.

That's an inherently flawed statement.
Some people will derive pleasure from anything. There's always going to be a quirky girl who wants it up the bum because they enjoy it more.

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If you can hit the prostate.

As far as I've done it, I've never been able to tell if I have.

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There is such a thing as "bi"sexuality, you see. Liking both? As I clearly ENJOY both.

I lack trap images, though. I think I have a few but I don't want to leave my comfy youkai folder for now.

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