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>one sexual encounter with the touhou of your choice

I can always make it as something other than an artist, but I wouldn't have the chance to have Keine again.

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I don't really participate in these threads, but I will agree with this logic whole heartedly.

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You do so. The eggs are pretty good, although you wish you added more pepper and cooked it a bit more. Ah, well, can't be perfect.
As you finish your sumptious meal, you hear the main door opening and closing. Footsteps resound in the hall, coming closer. Keine is probably home; and now that your throat is feeling a bit better(Your nose feels a bit stuffy now though), you could probably ask her more questions.

[ ] Wait silently.

[ ] Approach Keine with a cheerful "Heya! Who are you?"

[ ] Respectfully approach Keine. "Hello."

[ ] Try and escape out the window.

[ ] Put away your dishes.

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((Storyteller-kun may have to depart after this for the night, guys.))
After drinking some of the cold water, you slip out of the layered sheets and out of Keine's bed. You decide if you're going to explore the house, it would be prudent to get dressed. You do so; your clothes are freshly washed and smell faintly of soap and lavender.
It's rather pleasant.
Quietly, you look around for your shoes and socks. You can't find them, and the wooden floor is kind of cold. Ah, well. You exit the room and find yourself in a hallway. There appears to be some form of living room to the left, the right is a dead end. There are three other doors in the hallway. Where do you go?

[ ] Living room.

[ ] Door #1

[ ] Door #2

[ ] Door #3

[ ] Head back and sleep.

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