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Clusterfuck got me to look into to what the hell is this hololive stuff and I dont like what I found.
These are fucking twitch whores , like what the shit? Something not even /v/ would tolerate and now its overtaken /jp/,
This is the fucking simp board now?
When did this happen?
How could this have happen?
What could we have done to provoke this?
It's no longer enough to try to find some quite corner and do your best to not bother anyone else?

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Honestly I can't even read through that doujin a second time. It legitimately makes me sad, like I'm watching someone I really love suffer. Anyone that likes Touhou and doesn't feel that way is either mentally ill or lacking in autism.
Depends who killed her.

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I want to tell Marisa about European witch hunts to try and scare her.

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Or what?

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That's a pretty bad adventure. Maybe Marisa shouldn't go on adventures after all.

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