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>if everyone sits at home, it just means a ton of jobs and businesses will disappear
Well economy is living thing so when some kind of business model stops working or stops beign profitable enough, since people dont move that much there will be other models that will become more wanted and viable profit wise most likely. But then again we already have too much people in world and not enough jobs and while tech gets better there will be even less jobs when big companies just automate things when its possible. It is complicated matter indeed.

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well again in orginal argument we didnt assume that child starts with good circumstances and those circumstances can also change, also invidual who been living most its live in good circumstances is also really easily broken and most likely death when situation worsens, ultimately living is suffering in sense that there is always hardships but there is also lots of merit in living and i guess when good times hit after those hardships that have been endured it makes living so much sweeter, also if this afterlife exist we can maybe also make tiny amount of logical leaping assuming that people not alive exist there (or atleast their souls) instead of well here alive or well one can atleast hypothesize that but yeah its just hypothesis.

also all of that is only assuming there is afterlife, maybe afterlife is just another live in diffrent body on earth, naturally you cant recall you earlier life since your memories die with your body and so on.

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well power can be magnet and books contain knowledge, and knowledge is power.

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>get into hololive
>watch them for a month
>realize it's just the same streams over and over again
>lose interest
I have no idea how these fuckers can keep watching these bland streams for almost a year. But then again look the rest of /jp/.

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Does this help?

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>It's not fun when pet kills everything for you.
I built my character around that and I disagree.

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