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>no argument to prove me wrong
>just a vague "dude, that's not canon"
I'm so sad for you, you try so hard to be relevant, but you don't have the capacity to join in a discussion, so all you can do is pointing out the obvious and hoping that's enough. That's extremely sad that the only thing you noticed with a post discussing an alternative interpretation of a character is that it's just fanwank.
Now, can you go away and leave the adults together? We were enjoying this discussion before you barged in and started accusing people of not sharing your cool opinion.

Nice job figuring out that most of my post was supposition and interpretation when I said several time that it was how I preferred Byakuren, not how she was really like. The other nice job you made was the huge "moving the goalposts" thing, as you went from "you made her a run-of-the-mill sadist" to "this is your fap fantasy".
But I guess not everyone has the intelligence to understand what a fan discussion is.

Good bye kid. See ya when you'll learn when canon is relevant, and when it's ignored.

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