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give her plenty of affection

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adorable birb

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Yeah, she has a bird brain. But it's all just a part of her cuteness!

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Do not spoil the birb.

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That's what I'd do too. Great minds think alike, eh.

With your dick.

No toys, no substitutes. Has to be your penis, inside her.

It's the only way to properly satisfy her. Raven girl only wants one thing from you during that period of time.

In canon she's definitely a crazy dumbass, at least in SA. I don't see her as evil though, it's just that she has the intelligence of a child pretty much, and if some kid received crazy powers that made things go boom, they'd think it'd be wicked cool.

My body is ready.

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This one?

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So what's up with that gem on Utsuho's chest? Is it a super-boob? It looks glassy but I bet it's really soft...

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