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9488157 East Coast USA


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9266730 EST NA

Derp-tier. Let's have at it. Just another day, right?

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All organization vanished. The government crumbled away. Decrees and proclamations were useless when the men who made them and signed them one moment were dead the next. Nor could the maddened millions, spurred on to flight by death, pause to heed anything. They fled from the cities to infect the country, and wherever they fled they carried the plagues with them. The hot summer was on - Jacobus Laningdale had selected the time shrewdly - and the plague festered everywhere. Much is conjectured of what occurred, and much has been learned from the stories of the few survivors. The wretched creatures stormed across the Empire in many-millioned flight. The vast armies China had collected on her frontiers melted away. The farms were ravaged for food, and no more crops were planted, while the crops already in were left unattended and never came to harvest. The most remarkable thing, perhaps, was the flights. Many millions engaged in them, charging to the bounds of the Empire to be met and turned back by the gigantic armies of the West. The slaughter of the mad hosts on the boundaries was stupendous. Time and again the guarding line was drawn back twenty or thirty miles to escape the contagion of the multitudinous dead.

Once the plague broke through and seized upon the German and Austrian soldiers who were guarding the borders of Turkestan. Preparations had been made for such a happening, and though sixty thousand soldiers of Europe were carried off, the international corps of physicians isolated the contagion and dammed it back. It was during this struggle that it was suggested that a new plague- germ had originated, that in some way or other a sort of hybridization between plague-germs had taken place, producing a new and frightfully virulent germ. First suspected by Vomberg, who became infected with it and died, it was later isolated and studied by Stevens, Hazenfelt, Norman, and Landers.

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Oh splendid. That's one thing I absolutely love to see first thing in the morning.

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You bring tears to my eyes and they aren't exactly of joy.

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Sorry about that, everyone. Somehow, China managed to get on my computer and make a posting. Disregard what she said; everything's fine here.

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Man i remember when i posted Sakuya rapes chine pictures in every Hong Meiling門門 thread

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>Are you maid?
>Even the pad ones are FUCKING HORRIBLE

And anything by VanillaWare: Odin Sphere and GrimGrimoire. Seriously, I loved GrimGrimoire to death.

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Go away! stupid China!

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Wake up China!

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God damn surprised China! I bet China was surprised when Tiber wanted independence...

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"You cheated me?"

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Too bad her assistant is geting dominated.

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In your dreams

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Right now i wish i had a picture of China doing this to Sakuya

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Not really

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This sees more repulsive >>93057

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