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>This logic doesn't make sense. We are all going to die one way or another, but I'm sure you wouldn't want to die while some fat sadic rips off your toenails one by one.
We are still animals and we eat meat.
I bet no one wants to get eaten - animals or humans, but it doesn't matter what do we want or not. It just happens.

Cannibalism is also incredibly common in any situation when there's nothing else to eat: see sailors, soldiers, civilians at war, etc.

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how is that you being kinky

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Everyone knows that you are ~25-27 years old autistic fatass who lives with his mom. You have no education, no job, no relatives, no friends, absolutely nothing except your outbursting autism.
You are typical subhuman and it's a common pleasure to polish my shoes of your face. :D:D:D:D:D::D:DDDDDDDD

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You mean at first raise Hitler together with murricans to let him fight against Soviets, then suck his and Stalin's dick.
Except murrica of course, they've earned a lot of money from WWII and I'm not even telling about their comedic fights in Normandy and Pearl Harbor.
After all Murrica never was be able to fight and win vs legit enemies without extremely heavy losses (Normandy, Vietnam, etc). They suck even fightings versus sand niggers like Afghanistan and Iraq and only know how to bomb Japs, Serbs and Libyans.
Y, you start the war against Iran and your funeral agencies will grow fucking big eventually.

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I died 5 years ago when I became NEET-Hikikomori.

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More like Owned Alliance

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