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literally forgot TRUEST llst countdown D:
i blame shitty riru ;_;

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>Who the fuck is Rio?
how fucking dare you

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keep that parents-disobeying brat to yourself
she fucking mine-chan is fucking mine faggot

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sooo just finished watching Ebichu's Momoebi thing

loved it so very much. comfy and simple, just the way i like it. am really sad it ended. glad to finally meet the pre-2014 members
Ayaka was so weird, like, really weird lol
didn't like Reina
i feel bad for not feeling aything for Narumi. quickly forgot about her
Rio was my absolute fav omg why hasn't nobody told me she existed?? lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6vfDF9hXb8

feels weird watching ebisus now. really need more Rio. guess it's about time i check minitia bears...

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