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Done with Ayase's route. It's nice that she never loses her character and even the ero takes that into account, which is unfortunately not a given. It's in theory longer than Nanami's route as well, but ultimately that doesn't matter much. To me the route had no ending. Why do moege always fuck up so hard with "plot" at the end? Riddle Jokers actually wasn't too bad with that stuff for the most part, but for the end of this route, probably because it's the main heroine's route or something, they just did the typically overly exaggerated plot you better just ctrl through to not ruin everything before. But, that's Yuzusoft for you. I should've expected it, even with the signs before kinda speaking against that.

Playing this however also reminded of something. When Nanami becomes the girlfriend in her route, she loses part of her character which is unfortunately close to all that she had in the route making the following rather uninteresting. That didn't need to be though. Nanami is supposed to be an Otaku of sorts who likes to cosplay. I totally forgot that, even though that should be a major part of her. Think they touched upon it in her route? Hah! Well, maybe in the omake ero, haven't checked those, but that'd not help.

Next is the sub-heroine, after which I'm done. Not going to play the other two main routes. This could've been pretty good, but in the end they once again tried more than they really should've with the "plot". Aside of it just being more messy than it needs to be.
They need to coordinate their scenario better. It can't be that you get essentially the same scene but with opposite information, just because it's common vs. some character's route. This isn't new for them, so I feel it's high time they tackle that issue. Can't be that a character running in common route is not getting out of breath and gives a background for why that is, and then you enter some route and that very same character is now out of breath. It's minor, but these things add up and perhaps that's also what caused Nanami's route to have the problems it has. At least I didn't get the same feeling like in Senren Banka, where I felt that the heroines are better outside their route. (especially Yoshino could be quite fun outside of her route..) So in some way they improved..?

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