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>I doubt many people even read the readme files
I do uwu
My advice is to add linux support and instructions.
It should be nothing particularly hard to do, you could mention on Linux you can run the games with Wine and you can run the PC-98 games with Neko Project II Kai.
thpatch has some problems on Wine but the version you included worked for me, just mention that to run a game through a .lnk link via Wine you have to run it like this:
"wine start th15.lnk"
and if you are using an absolute path with frontslashes like this:
"wine start /unix th15.lnk"

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I know that feeling too well anon...
I have 2 years of files in a mess of multiple disks and various directories messy structures. It's more than a year that I tell myself I'll fix it.
I can't...
After sometime it becomes so messy that I have to create more random directories which makes it even more messy.
They'll never leave us alone.
>tablet and drawing
I just said fuck it and started playing osu! with it.

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Human sacrifice experiment. Hopefully you don't mind?

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