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I bet you're Beckii, aren't you? How did you get to /jp/ and why didn't you talk to the anon in this thread from your high school? Forshame.

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Part 2
I highly reccomend you not talk or get into anime when speaking with the Japanese. Most of the Japanese population doesn't really like anime. One Peice and Ghibli movies are almost the only thing tolerable in conversation. The same could be said for Japanese cinema. They know Akira Kurowsawa and Onibaba, but any of the Japanese studying abraud mostly will have only watched American tv and movies.

If you're going in completely blind to knowing any Japanese than you are bound to pick up a bit of the oral speach, but nothing in reading or writing. Your own fellow countrymen will be the only ones cordinating a plan to go with you to Japan. Of course the Japanese friends you make may meet you in your trip in Japan if you weren't a fucking autist Otaku.

Do some research on the history of Japan by reading. Read about the Jonon all the way up to 1970's post ww2 Japan. Watch a butt load of every kind of Japanese movies while you're at it. It will reveal part of their syche as a society to you thus making it easier to understand them and they you.The last thing is that Japanese women only date beta men. I'm not saying if you're not beta you xan't date them, but it is certianly a struggle of cultures more so than you would imagine. Beta white men that are either scrawny akward dorks or beta chubby balding dudes are more alpha than the majority of Japanese men. On top of that those men are more likely to have sex/date Japanese women than any handsome outgoing buff alpha white man. It's seen as homosexual to be strong in Japan not mention animalistic to be so alpha. Good luck. You will need it.

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